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Charities we support

We support a number of charities over the school year and the School Council decide upon these. Events range from sponsored events to dress up days or can be through the actions the children carry out. In the past, there have been cake sales, sponsored skips, sponsored swims, pyjama days to support both local and National charities. 

Over the years we have collected money in a variety of ways to support COMPASSION and similar charities.  We ask that children bring any spare change you may have lurking at home into school throughout the work and put them in the collection boxes that can be found in each classroom.  The School Council members will then collect the money every Friday and take it to the school office for counting and banking. 

Your donations every week can also go towards other work the charity complete such as providing qualified teachers, Bible studies, health screening, community service opportunities, educational materials and handiwork skills training and also child care education for the parents of the children.

We hope that by supporting others we can teach our children how we are able to make a difference to children who are not as fortunate as them.

Thank you for your continued support.

Charities we've supported