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Year 6

W/E: 18/11/22

Lily- Grace - for her attitude to her 'Remembrance' writing in RE, making careful notes and using them to structure her writing. Lily-Grace worked hard and concentrated well, persevering to complete the task given.

W/E: 11/11/22

Lily and Jessica - both girls contribute enormously within class by asking and answering questions, thinking deeply and sharing their understanding, strategies and opinions in discussions and supporting others who need help. What fantastic role models they are. Thank you girls.

W/E: 04/11/22

Sam - has been chosen, in part, because of his attitude towards the school trip.  He bravely stood in at the last moment to be the child who was 'caned' for throwing a book across the classroom.  He thoroughly enjoyed his day and I have no doubt, that he will retained a lot of knowledge about what it was like to be a child in Victorian times.  Not only that, but in Science yesterday Sam amazed me with his use of super science words when he needed to explain the properties of materials to help answer a question.  He used the word absorbs accurately.  


Edie - like many of the class found our trip rather nerve wracking.  From the moment we arrived at the Victorian Classroom our teacher, Miss Sharp, was in role.  In order to create a wonderfully immersive learning experience for the children she was extremely strict.  I have chosen my star because I was proud of her for the way she persevered with the day.  She communicated her worries to a grown up which is a really mature thing to do.  As a result, she was able to enjoy much of the rest of the day.  Well done Edie, I am very proud of you for overcoming your fears on Wednesday!

W/E: 04/11/22

Zachary and Theo K for their creative models of the adventure activities at PGL. Theo made the climbing and abseiling tower out of wooden lolly sticks and other materials and Zach created a working model of the zip line out of Lego.

W/E: 07/10/22

Shreya and Mabel - for throwing and catching accurately and successfully and under pressure in a game. They were making good passes and linking a range of skills together with fluency. 

W/E: 30/09/22

Dionne and Beatrice - for using their designs to make a cookie box. Both girls measured, drew, cut and fastened carefully to construct their 3D box ready for their cookie. Well done!

W/E: 23/09/2022

Charlie and Daisy – both worked so carefully to gather their ideas for their calligram poems.  They were thinking creatively to come up with some fabulous vocabulary.

Scarlett – for settling well into Class 6, making new friends and joining in as if she has always been in Class 6.

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