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Year 6

Finley and Owen - for working well together researching one of the states in the USA. The boys were finding out information including location, climate, biomes and physical and human features. Good work boys. Well done.

Finley and Preston - both boys made an appealing, juicy, fruit kebab for a healthy heart. Finley was good at organising his equipment, preparing the kebab and tidying away. Preston cut his fruit pieces into heart shapes - very creative. Well done.

Emmanuel - for his super-fast sprinting in athletics on Tuesday.  Mr Newton showed Emmanuel how to use his arms to quicken his pace. Well done Emmanuel.


Georgina - for her long distance running in athletics on Tuesday. Georgina paced herself and did not start off too quickly so that she could increase her pace and sprint over the finishing line. Well done Georgina.

Oscar - For his excellent manners. Oscar always says please and thank you. He is polite and helpful - he will ask if you need any help. He will respond maturely, for example, 'did you have a good evening too?' 'did you have a good weekend too?' rather than just answering yes or no when spoken to or asked questions.

All of Class 6 are stars this week for working and approaching the tests with maturity, determination and perseverance. Well done to all the class - we are proud of you!


Special mention - Lilly for her attitude towards the extra booster classes and trying her best all the time to improve her learning. Lilly has been motivated and eager to learn, including asking questions in order to understand more. Well done Lilly.

Rosa - for being 'on fire' with her maths learning about area and perimeter of rectilinear shapes! Rosa was able to explain her methods for working out the area of some unusual shapes. Well done Rosa.

Rosie and Bryony - for their effort, enthusiasm and team work skills in the football workshop on Tuesday. Both girls went with some other pupils and Mrs Pearson to Retford Oakes to take part in a variety of activities run by Worksop Town.

Harry for his enthusiasm and eagerness to learn and share his knowledge at the Holocaust Museum on Tuesday. Well done Harry - you listened very well and answered some very tricky and thoughtful questions.

Freddie - for his increased confidence in maths. Freddie is excited by his maths work and enjoys seeing how he is improving. Well done Freddie. Keep up the good work.

Zac and Jesse are stars for their skills in volleyball on Tuesday with Mr Newton. Jesse was serving well, high over the net and Zac was moving quickly to the ball and following the ball with his eyes in order to return the ball to Jesse. Well done boys!

Louie and Samuel for their letters to Anne Frank. Both boys wrote a letter to Anne Frank, describing how her diary entries made them feel and what aspects they could relate to. Well done - super writing! You both showed emotive language and good vocabulary!


Edward  - for being engaged with his learning and putting his hand up more to offer his thoughtful responses and ideas in class. Well done Edward - keep this up. You have some really great ideas that you need to share.

Eva  and William  - for competing in the Boccia tournament against other schools. Both Eva and William tried their best, persevered and thoroughly enjoyed the event. Well done.

Jacob G and Zach F:

For their written postcards based around the film Goodnight Mister Tom. The postcards were written in a formal style from the characters in the film. In class 6, we have been using dashes to separate main clauses and to use as an afterthought and also semi colons to separate main clauses and to use in lists. Both these boys thought very carefully about the written style needed and what to include in their writing to produce some lovely work.

Lilly T- for working hard at home accessing learning on Google Classroom so that when she returned to school she was able to keep up and continue with her learning. Well done Lilly.

Caitlin -  Caitlin has demonstrated some super work in maths when adding, subtracting and multiplying fractions. She was able to show each step clearly in her working out with high standards of presentation. Well done Caitlin!


Harriet H - for being one of those 'always', 'always' children. Always being polite, kind and friendly. Always listening and working hard/trying her best. Always thinking about what she needs to do for her Year 6 job. Always being sensible, helpful and responsible. 

She is a super person to have in the class Harriet. 

Well done Harriet.

Edward - for the excellent way he has settled into Year 6(such a smooth transition) and also for his contributions during RSE lesson about forgiveness. Well done Edward - you expressed your own thoughts about the different scenarios despite the fact that some other children had a different opinion.


Owen - for persevering with his story plan and working hard to add detail to describe what is happening in a story.





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