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Year 6

W/E: 14/07/23

Milly - for the enjoyment she 'oozed' and for her enthusiasm and love of the Y5/6 production. Milly sang her heart out, acted well and enjoyed every single minute of her role in the school production. She beamed and you couldn't help but beam back. Well done Milly.

W/E: 07/07/23

Dionne and Daisy: Both girls worked hard researching information about and producing healthy heart leaflets. They had to include information about food/diet, water, exercise, rest and lifestyle in their non-fiction work as well as thinking back to our work during the DAaRT programme.

W/E: 30/06/23

Henry and Laylafor composing and performing a heart rap. They had to use the idea of the heart beating to create their own performance poetry. Both worked really well together thinking about rhythm, rhyme, beat and body percussion. Super work!

W/E: 09/06/23

Shreya - for her thoughtful and considered responses in RE about how the bible teaches us about our responsibility of stewardship on Earth today.  The work links with our theme of 'respect' for this half term and 'stewardship' which we talked about in worship on Tuesday when we looked at plastic pollution and caring for God's world.

W/E: 26/05/23

Hollie - for taking a lead in her group during Computing this week. Hollie was able to use the skills she has learnt to calculate data in spreadsheets, apply formulas to cells and duplicate them. Well done Hollie!

W/E: 19/05/23

Kayleigh - for her effort in the writing tasks this week. She has listened carefully and offered some good ideas for story settings.


Kaja - demonstrated some excellent hand eye coordination when striking the ball in cricket.  This was noticed by both Mr Newton and Mrs Kirkham.


Ethan, Max and Mabel - For the way these children worked with a partner to work out maths arithmetic questions. They communicated extremely well with their random partner, listening, supporting, encouraging and teaching as they worked out a variety of calculations together. They asked me for help if needed to clarify their understanding - this is always encouraged. Well done.


A special mention to all of Class 6 who have approached their SATs this week with such a positive attitude showing perseverance, resilience and stamina. Well done for your concentration, hard work and for trying your best. We are really proud of you.

W/E: 05/05/23

Jessica, Seren and Isabelle - all of these girls have the Y6 role of 'Secretary' where they have jobs to do including collecting and taking information and letters to the office. They do this several times every day without being asked or reminded. They are responsible, reliable, patient and trustworthy on a daily basis as they move around school and visit the classes. Thank you - you help with the smooth running of the day.

W/E: 28/04/23

TheoFor his excellent speaking and listening skills this week, particularly when we had our visitors from the 'Big Talk' and Outward Academy Portland. Theo listened carefully and answered questions in a mature, polite and sensible way. I was very proud of you Theo - what an impression you made.


All Year 6

This week, Class 6 have been busy with their 'MOCK SATs' and we are very proud of the way the children have approached these practice tests. It has also been a week of visitors in school: the 'Big Talk' on Tuesday for RSE and Outward Academy staff from Portland on Wednesday. The children listened very well to the adults and each other and asked some fantastic questions. They really did 'ooze' the St Anne's 5 golden rules.



W/E: 21/04/23

Caroline For a great start to her drumming lessons. Caroline thoroughly enjoyed her first drumming lesson on Monday and she picked the learning up really well. Well done Caroline.


Lily-Rose - For her perseverance completing her sewing to make a World War II 'scrap bag'. Lily-Rose enjoyed sewing and she helped others who were finding sewing buttons on tricky!

W/E: 31/03/23

Bedhirhan and Zachary Both boys are working extremely hard at home and studying to improve their learning and understanding. They have demonstrated through their responses in class that they understand and remember a lot more, particularly in maths and grammar. Well done boys - keep up the good work.

W/E: 23/03/23

Seren, Kayleigh, Scarlett for their enthusiasm, team work and super organisation when preparing for the DAaRT graduation and for how lovely it is to see their confidence shining through.

W/E: 10/03/23

Mia - has demonstrated an increased enthusiasm for her writing with each daily lesson. The WWII topic has certainly inspired an array of ideas from Mia and she has been more confident in sharing new vocabulary with her group. The children have been practising the process of editing to improve writing and Mia has worked meticulously to develop this skill. Keep up the confidence Mia!


Phoebe For her improved contributions in class particularly when discussing our class text 'Letters from the Lighthouse'. Phoebe is using inference and deduction to talk about what is happening, make predictions, discuss the characters and explain the vocabulary used by the author.

W/E: 03/03/23

HenryFor his expertise in computer programming using Scratch.  Henry is able to design and make games, create algorithms, use code and run and de-bug his games. Henry thinks carefully about how he can use variables to improve his games. Using Scratch to create games, is something Henry likes to do at home as well.

W/E: 24/02/23

Well done to all the children for their excellent behaviour on our trip to Murton Park yesterday learning about life on the home front during WWII. {Hopefully this will be the case}.


Kayleigh - For her improved engagement and contributions in class. This week, Kayleigh has been eager to share her ideas and read her work out to the class. This has been noticed by myself and Mrs Storrs in Geography, DAaRT and RE in particular. Well done Kayleigh - keep up the good work.

W/E: 10/02/23

Aubrey - he was noticed in PE this week by Mr Newton for his touch rugby skills. Aubrey was accurately catching the ball in tricky situations and attacking the space when running.


Seren - for her contributions during DAaRT discussions and her mature and considered responses when reading and answering comprehension questions based on the war time diary of an evacuee Eliza Beale.

W/E: 03/02/22

Kaja - she has really taken off in maths this week and has been answering lots of questions about fractions. Keep up the good work Kaja.


Beatrice - for her wonderful writing this week. Bea has not only been awarded her pen licence this week but she has written two post-cards based around the film 'Goodnight Mister Tom' - one from William Beech to his mother, and one from the school teacher Annie to her husband.  Bea has risen to the challenge, writing in a formal style, drawing on the characters behaviours and including a variety of punctuation in her work. Excellent Bea.


W/E: 27/01/23

Both children for their recognised engagement and contributions in class:

Bedirhan Sozeri - for his contributions in lessons. Bedirhan is offering his ideas and answers more in class, particularly maths and English. He is having a go and participating in the learning. Well done Bedirhan


Lilly-Grace Wood - for her contributions this week in DAaRT. Officer Donoghue noticed how Lilly-Grace was putting her hand up to answer his questions about peer pressure and smoking. Well done Lilly-Grace.


W/E: 20/01/23

Max - for his beautiful handwriting and presentation of his work. Max takes pride in his learning. His writing was used as an example for Class 5 to aspire to.


Beatrice - for her work in RE. Her thoughtful responses to discussions and the very mature way in which she expresses her own opinions whilst still respecting the opinions of others.

W/E: 13/01/22

Liam, Logan, Lily - for rising to the challenge of getting 72 out of 72 addition and multiplication calculations correct in 100 seconds in 'Big Maths Beat That'. Well done. Keep up the good mental arithmetic work - accuracy and speed count!

W/E: 16/12/22

Milly - what a lovely way to end this term, mentioning this young lady. She brings her smile and cheerful to school with her and this has been particularly evident this week when she has revelled in all the musical activities going on - choir, concerts and playing her musical instrument. For such warmth, merriment and kindness shown, star of the week belongs to Milly!

W/E: 09/12/22

Henry - for demonstrating his knowledge about the classification of living things in science. Henry worked well with his partner to create a branching classification key to help identify birds that he may see in the garden/local environment. Well done Henry.

W/E: 02/12/22

Hollie and Layla - both girls worked well in their team putting in a lot of effort playing 'Handball' in PE on Tuesday. They were applying their knowledge of skills for attacking and defending, including throwing and catching successfully under pressure in a game maintaining possession of the ball. Well done - a pleasure to watch.

W/E: 25/11/22

Caroline and Theo - for their work in French this week. Class 6 have been looking at different types of clothing. Both children have written their own sentences in French about clothes on the washing line and whom the clothes belong to. Caroline has used the French dictionary to find family words in French and Theo showed his amazing speaking skills when he read out his work to the class. Well done both children.

W/E: 18/11/22

Lily- Grace - for her attitude to her 'Remembrance' writing in RE, making careful notes and using them to structure her writing. Lily-Grace worked hard and concentrated well, persevering to complete the task given.

W/E: 11/11/22

Lily and Jessica - both girls contribute enormously within class by asking and answering questions, thinking deeply and sharing their understanding, strategies and opinions in discussions and supporting others who need help. What fantastic role models they are. Thank you girls.

W/E: 04/11/22

Sam - has been chosen, in part, because of his attitude towards the school trip.  He bravely stood in at the last moment to be the child who was 'caned' for throwing a book across the classroom.  He thoroughly enjoyed his day and I have no doubt, that he will retained a lot of knowledge about what it was like to be a child in Victorian times.  Not only that, but in Science yesterday Sam amazed me with his use of super science words when he needed to explain the properties of materials to help answer a question.  He used the word absorbs accurately.  


Edie - like many of the class found our trip rather nerve wracking.  From the moment we arrived at the Victorian Classroom our teacher, Miss Sharp, was in role.  In order to create a wonderfully immersive learning experience for the children she was extremely strict.  I have chosen my star because I was proud of her for the way she persevered with the day.  She communicated her worries to a grown up which is a really mature thing to do.  As a result, she was able to enjoy much of the rest of the day.  Well done Edie, I am very proud of you for overcoming your fears on Wednesday!

W/E: 04/11/22

Zachary and Theo K for their creative models of the adventure activities at PGL. Theo made the climbing and abseiling tower out of wooden lolly sticks and other materials and Zach created a working model of the zip line out of Lego.

W/E: 07/10/22

Shreya and Mabel - for throwing and catching accurately and successfully and under pressure in a game. They were making good passes and linking a range of skills together with fluency. 

W/E: 30/09/22

Dionne and Beatrice - for using their designs to make a cookie box. Both girls measured, drew, cut and fastened carefully to construct their 3D box ready for their cookie. Well done!

W/E: 23/09/2022

Charlie and Daisy – both worked so carefully to gather their ideas for their calligram poems.  They were thinking creatively to come up with some fabulous vocabulary.

Scarlett – for settling well into Class 6, making new friends and joining in as if she has always been in Class 6.

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