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Year 5

W/E: 03/03/23

Harry M - Our star this week has been noticed for his contributions to class discussions and answering questions during lessons. He always has a go and contributes, to better his understanding. In Maths this week looking at fractions, he has tried really hard to understand the concepts and complete as much as possible. We are really proud of how he is progressing in his learning and the enthusiasm he shows. Well done Harry.

W/E: 24/02/23

James F - has really grown up in Class 5. Over time, he has continually improved his presentation and attitude for learning. He always finds maths easier to understand and is becoming more confident with writing and is getting better at asking for help. What we have noticed is the improvement in his presentation of work and ability to focus. He has such potential and he is learning to apply himself to be the best he can be. Well done James!

W/E: 10/02/23

Thea - is someone who is always focussed and on task, quietly working away and ensuring she is achieving her potential.  When faced with new learning that requires focus and practise she pushes herself to achieve, taking time to reflect on errors and shows determination to develop her understanding.  Even taking time at home to practice new methods in maths to further secure the concepts taught in school of her own accord.  This has been particularly evident in the last few weeks in maths where she has been faced with more challenge and has taken this in her stride. She has a quiet confidence in her own ability and isn’t phased by challenge.  A positive mind-set and desire to learn will see this member of class five go far.  She is a privilege to have in the class, can always be relied upon to be doing the right thing.  Well done Thea.

W/E: 03/02/23

Ella - This week we have chosen someone who has grown up so much in Year 5, so far.  Her confidence in all subjects has gone from strength-to-strength. This week particularly, she has had the confidence to ask for help and to take her learning step-by-step, at her own pace, to succeed. It is great to see her grow and progress in all areas of learning and she is always working towards her own targets. Well done Ella.

W/E: 27/01/23

Amelia - has been noticed by all members of the Year 5 team for her determination to succeed and her can do attitude.  We have seen increased independence which has resulted in fabulous progress since joining Year 5.  She now asks for help if she needs it, whether that be from learning partners or staff but more importantly has the confidence to have a go and is succeeding!  On Monday she was taken out of her comfort zone when asked to take part in a role play activity in front of the whole class, she was an amazing evil queen! We are all very proud of her.

W/E: 20/01/23

Mia-Angel and Kuba - These two children have lately been moved to sit next to each other during a fresh change of places. Since they have sat together the impact on their engagement and progress in lessons has been amazing.  Both of us have noticed these two children working together to solve maths problems and bounce ideas off each other in English. We are so pleased with them this week and they have shown us great collaboration, support and increased attitude to learning. Well done Mia-Angel and Kuba!


William - Mrs Camish has been very impressed with the work completed in her writing sessions this week. Children have been taught to proof-read in a systematic and orderly way so that their writing can be broken down into manageable chunks. This has resulted in some outstanding improvements in content and presentation. William has  stood out this week for the progress made in his writing. Well done!

W/E: 13/01/23

Frances - this week we have been working hard on writing exciting setting descriptions. This person has stood out for her amazing setting description based on the video we have been watching linked to our topic ‘Ancient Egyptians’. When we looked more at specific features such as similes, metaphors and personification she was able to generate even more ideas. We are so pleased with her creativity and eagerness to write during English, we always look forward to what she is going to write next, a potential author in the making! Well done Frances.

W/E: 16/12/22

Tom and Jude - These two individuals have grown up so much in Y5 so far, they are always full of enthusiasm, willing participants in discussions and keen to share their knowledge. Over this term, they have shown us their true capabilities after developing an improved attitude to learning. They now know time and place and what being in Year 5 is all about. They keep us entertained all day long, making coming to work an absolute pleasure and never fail to make us smile or laugh. We always say they come as a pair, they enjoy learning together and challenge each other. We are delighted with their progress in recent assessments and look forward to watching them grow further throughout the year.


W/E: 09/12/22

Jakob – We have been amazed at how much he has grown as a person, in confidence and independence since joining Class 5. He has really stepped up to the challenge in year 5. He has developed a good attitude for learning and consistently demonstrates the schools values. For this assessment week, he has not been phased and has given everything his best - which is all we ask for.  Myself, Mrs Smith and Miss Marshall have been so proud of Jakob and he is a great member of our class.

W/E: 02/12/22

Anya - for always giving 110% for everything and having a great attitude to learning. She is such a supportive friend, always doing the right thing and represents what being in Y5 could be.

W/E: 25/11/22

James - for developing a ‘can do’ attitude. He has shown us what he is capable of and is trying his best in every lesson. We have seen great focus in Y5. As well as this, he is actively seeking help when he finds something tricky. We are so pleased with his progress in Y5!

W/E: 18/11/22

George – For writing an incredible persuasive letter asking to borrow one of our special Year 5 recommended read books. He has worked so hard to make his letter as good as it can be, working independently and using all the skills that we have been learning. He is always giving his best in every subject, is always wanting to learn more and improve. We are both so proud of how he is growing in Year 5!

W/E: 11/11/22

Harper – For asking great questions both during the Athlete visit and in lessons. She is always making effective contributions during class discussions, which builds on her learning.

W/E: 04/11/22

Lilia -  has blown us away with her independent writing on Curiosity. Lilia always strives to achieve the objective. She has used all of the skills we learnt during the English sessions to create an amazing recount independently. We are so proud that she is growing in confidence every day and showing us what she is capable of!


Taylor – Whilst some subjects can be a struggle, Taylor is always trying his best. Throughout every lesson he is focused on the objective and what he needs to do to achieve it. Nothing more can be asked than trying your best and that is exactly what Taylor is showing us every day. We are so proud that he is building his confidence, skills and independence to be the best he can be.

W/E: 13/10/22

Max and Noah - Class 5's stars this week have impressed the class 5 team with their hard work and determination this half term. They can always be seen to be doing the right thing, they have learnt to ask for help when they need it but are also showing us and themselves that by listening carefully and through practise of skills they are succeeding in all areas of learning.  They are both an absolute pleasure to have in the class and we are really proud of all they have achieved this half term! 

W/E: 07/10/22

Anya – This member of Class 5 is always quietly working hard and demonstrating what being in Class 5 is all about. She has a great attitude to learning and is always supportive of her peers.  This week we have been finalizing our block of work on Curiosity and the Class 5 team have all noticed how hard Anya has worked throughout the unit.  Listening carefully, developing skills, incorporating the features within her writing that she has been asked to.  Her final piece this week has been built up gradually, she has taken her time to think about the sentence construction, incorporating features within her work and has written a fabulous detailed piece.  Well done Anya!

W/E: 30/09/22

Dominic and Lucy – Both these children have blown us away with their drafts of newspaper reports! They have used all the skills and learning so far to create some amazing pieces of writing. They are always doing the right thing at the right time and are showing everyone what being in Class 5 looks like. They are such brilliant role models for other children in the school and continue to make us proud every day!

W/E: 23/09/2022

William – for a great start to Year 5 and showing a great attitude to learning. He has been working more independently over time.

Ethan – for showing incredible enthusiasm in our topic of Earth and Space.  He is always keen to share facts and research what he has done at home.

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