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Year 5

W/E: 01/12/23

Amelia: is full to the brim with knowledge and ideas and always has lots to offer within lessons. The best way to describe her is like a sponge -  tirelessly driven to seek and absorb new information. She is highly curious and has shown confidence to ask questions, if she is unsure or wants to know more. We regularly talk about making links in our learning and in RE this week, she demonstrated this perfectly when talking about the way in which different faiths worship. She recalled previous knowledge from year 2 and 4 and discussed in detail how the learning connected.  Another highlight this week was in our reciprocal reading lesson when she took on the role of summariser. She could extract key information from the book to support her summary of a chapter and even pose questions to the class to develop their understanding of key events.

Well done Amelia!

W/E: 24/11/23

The children have had an incredible time on their residential to Hathersage, with so many new experiences and skills, this trip will be talked about for a long, long time.  They are all stars this week!

W/E: 16/11/23

Billy: I have noticed this young man's efforts from the very first day when I had taught him on transition day.  He had a positive attitude, was polite, hardworking, inquisitive and this hasn't faltered.  I am always proud of this young man and his attitude towards his work every single day. He is an excellent role model and always tries his best in everything that he does.  He has enjoyed our space topic and put in extra work at home to create fact files about Mars and Earth. These were fabulous, were shared with the class and now have pride of place on our Learning Journey wall. He is now showing just as much enthusiasm with the geography locating our local area on maps using mapping software.  Billy carries himself respectfully and follows school rules, making him an excellent role model to others. He embodies the St Anne's values and does it with pride. Well done Billy!

W/E: 10/11/23

Olivia: is bursting with potential and has so much to give. She is enthusiastic in all lessons and shows a real curiosity and thirst for learning. I am always impressed by her willingness to contribute to class discussions and confidence to share ideas but what I believe sets her apart, is her natural ability to justify her opinions with detailed and valid explanations. A particular highlight was in our reciprocal reading lesson when we became summarizers. She could extract key information from the book to support her summary of a chapter and even pose questions to the class to develop their understanding of key events. In addition to the hard work in school, I have been blown away by the beautiful canvas paintings produced at home. I always love to see that learning extends outside of the classroom and it is so rewarding to know that work done in school inspires the children we teach. Congratulations Olivia, keep up this fantastic work ethic!

W/E: 13/10/23

Edward: is an avid reader and this is evident in his understanding and interpretation of new texts. I have noticed this week how perceptive he is in comprehension work and he has shown that he can identify and extract key information with ease. This is a tricky skill but he has realised that evidence is key -  so using extracts from the book to prove our point of view is the best way to answer our questions and he is now doing this more naturally. Through his reading, he is clearly absorbing new vocabulary and terminology, has taken on board the strategies that are taught in class and transfers this knowledge into his written work. He is particularly enjoying the learning around Black History Month and the book Hidden Figures where he been able extract key information and articulate main ideas to the class.  PE is one of Edwards absolute favourite subjects. This week he has impressed me in netball. He had to maintain possession of the ball with his team mates and demonstrated effective communication through signalling, calling and moving. Although modest and unassuming, Edward is carving his own path towards a very successful year. Well done Edward!

W/E: 06/10/23

Lewis: Perseverance! The theme in this week's worship, and Lewis is demonstrating this more with every week that passes by. He is really beginning to adapt to the demands of upper key stage 2 and I have recognised his extra efforts so thank you!  Lewis reads extensively for enjoyment and frequently discusses concepts about which he has read. He has also impressed me this week with his explanation text because he has worked diligently to improve his writing by adding topic based vocabulary and genre specific features.


Well done Lewis!

W/E: 28/09/23

Poppy: It is impossible not to smile when you say Poppy’s name as she brings joy to the classroom every day and in every lesson. Regardless of the subject, Poppy gives 100% but we have seen this especially in English where she shows resilience and a steely determination to truly understand the meaning of new vocabulary, spellings and apply this in her work.  Poppy has been focusing on improving the layout of her work, her handwriting and the presentation and must be commended for her diligence with this. Poppy is a fantastic role model, not only to those in our class but for everyone in our school and we are incredibly proud of her!


Lewis: has really hit the ground running in Year 5 and demonstrated all the characteristics of an excellent team player and someone who wants to do well.  Right from the beginning, he has worked hard to challenge himself in the lessons and as we have been focusing on presentation, Lewis has been taking extra pride in his work and his work is beautifully presented. He is growing in confidence and this is really helping him to shine brightly in everything he does. An example of this confidence was his outstanding performance in the drumming showcase on Monday afternoon. We know, with this fantastic attitude, Lewis will go from strength to strength this year and we can't wait to see what he achieves. Well done Lewis!

W/E: 22/09/23

Alexander: It has been lovely getting to know this young man better over the past two weeks. He approaches every day with a “can do” attitude, listens carefully, is open to feedback from the adults in the classroom and has impeccable manners. This never goes unnoticed. This young man sets a fantastic example to his classmates with his willingness to work hard and do his best. Keep it up Aleksander!


Mia: I am delighted to award 'Star of the Week' to Mia.  She is a hardworking, caring and extremely helpful member of class 5 who always goes out of her way to do jobs and help those around her.  She strives to be the very best she can be at all times and this is perfectly demonstrated by how often she contributes in the lessons.  Her answers are always well considered and thought out and she delivers them perfectly to the class.  She speaks with clarity, conviction and confidence, making sure she explains her answer and the reason she has come to this conclusion.  She is also a brilliant friend and a fantastic learning partner for everyone who sits around her. Well done Mia - you should be very proud of yourself!

W/E: 15/09/23

Thomas: Thomas has made a fabulous start to Class 5 and has proved in class that he is hardworking, a good listener and always tries his very best. His books are beautifully presented and it is wonderful to see the pride he takes in his work. Thomas has settled into the class seamlessly and made lots of new friends which isn’t a surprise because he has a great smile and impeccable manners. When asked about his first day, his response was – “it has been wonderful”. I am excited to see what this year brings for you Thomas, you are a welcome addition to St Anne’s. Keep up the great work!


Isobel O: This young lady has made a great start to year 5. She is motivated, eager to please and always shows enthusiasm towards every task asked of her. She is constantly smiling and has been recognised within the classroom as being kind towards others. She has been making every effort to be the best she can be and if a task isn’t her best, she recognises this and voluntarily tries again. Such a fabulous proactive attitude to work Isobel– Keep it up!

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