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W/E 15 July 2022

Lots of time has been devoted to rehearsals and the resilience shown by our year 5 and 6 children has shone through. There have even so many wow moments along the way from children taking on lead performances, solo singing, dancing and children standing in for others at short notice. 


Layla - captured my heart this week because she helped me recognise her own journey- the growth made in terms of confidence and self-belief. Her determination to perform was admirable and she really brought the character to life. Well done!

W/E 08 July 2022

Lilly-Grace - This young lady has astonished Mrs Camish and Mrs Smith with her mature and conscientious attitude towards her work this week.  Asking for help when she needs it without worrying and talking confidently in RSE lessons about emotions and how to manage them. She reflected thoughtfully on all she had achieved in Year 5 and despite having some worries about Year 6, is extremely excited about the year ahead.  Well done Lily-Grace keep that positive attitude going.

W/E 01 July 2022

Aubrey –has been a huge support for his classmates this week and this was most evident during Sports Day. He encouraged his teammates and provided them with a friendly face and comfort before and after each race. This was noticed by a number of staff members and I am so proud of him for this kindness. Well done Aubrey.

Theo - I have been thoroughly impressed by this young man this week. He has worked incredibly hard on our topic lessons to learn about the Egyptian deities. He conducted research at home and was able to recall this knowledge and share with others within the class. His enthusiasm and thirst for learning is infectious and many others could learn from him. Well done Theo!


Layla - This young ladies confidence has gone from strength to strength this year which as a result has led to her making excellent progress. She has built her resilience to tackle what once may have been tricky work in maths, so now faces challenges head on. She is funny, kind, polite and well loved by her peers. She is currently practicing for an important role in our Year 5/6 production and is also running for school council representative. Well done Layla!

Seren –In the past, this young lady hasn’t always been confident to speak up in the classroom but this week she has initiated conversations with grown-ups and it has been lovely getting to know her more. She has been more proactive in her learning and this was noticeable in her maths lesson this week when she asked me for help with a tricky problem. Her improved confidence also shone through in rehearsals where she demonstrated super acting skills to match her dialogue – she was so good that other children were looking to her for tips. Well done Seren, I am so proud of you!


Mabel - I am delighted to award 'Star of the Week' to this young lady.  She is a hardworking, caring and extremely helpful member of class 5 who always goes out of her way to do jobs and help those around her.  She strives to be the very best she can be at all times and this is perfectly demonstrated by how often she contributes in the lessons.  In maths, she has whizzed through long multiplication with success. She listens carefully so grasps new concepts quickly.  She has a very mature attitude to her work and really enjoys a mathematical challenge. Well done Mabel!

Ethan - It is a pleasure to have this young man in my classroom. There is never a dull moment when he is around and the transformation in his learning behaviour has been phenomenal. He approaches every day with a “can do” attitude, listens carefully, is open to feedback from the adults in the classroom and has impeccable manners. This never goes unnoticed. Well done Ethan!


Lily– One word – Exceptional! Some of us have wow moments and demonstrate particularly good work or behaviour over the course of a week; however, I have chosen this young lady for consistently striving to be the very best she can be in EVERYTHING she does. Her efforts never falter. I could list a number of examples but this week I will choose two: class 5 are currently working towards a Young Leaders Award and as part of this Lily chose to write letters to two elderly residents. She thought a lot about this task and made notes before writing and delivering her letters – her letters made such a powerful and positive impact that she received beautiful cards back thanking her for her efforts. In addition to this, I must commend her for memorising numerous lines and singing a solo during rehearsals after school yesterday. Well done Lily!

Kayleigh - it has been a particularly eventful week for this young lady with regular theatre rehearsals for her most recent show. This has meant late nights and early mornings alongside her busy school days. Some mornings, she has looked absolutely shattered as she has greeted me on the playground, but however tired she has felt, she always manages to share a smile. I am proud of her determination and perseverance (our worship theme this week). A proud moment this week was when she worked independently to translate polygons across two quadrants. Tricky maths and perfectly executed. Well done Kayleigh!

Milly - I am delighted to award 'Star of the Week' to this young lady.  She is a hardworking, caring and extremely helpful member of class 5 who always goes out of her way to do jobs and help those around her.  She strives to be the very best she can be at all times and this is perfectly demonstrated by how often she contributes in the lessons.  Her answers are always well considered and thought out and she delivers them perfectly to the class.  She is beginning to speak with clarity, conviction and confidence, making sure she explains her answer and the reason she has come to this conclusion.  In every piece of work, it is clear that she has tried her best and this has resulted in her making fantastic progress this half term.  If this were not enough, she is a brilliant friend and a fantastic learning partner for everyone who sits around her. Well done Milly - you should be very proud of yourself!

Max - This person has been on my 'Star of the Week' radar for some time now so I'm delighted to finally be able to give it to him.  There are many reasons why he is my Star this week but, what stands out the most, is what an amazing learning partner he is.  Max is patient but he is also considerate with the way he deals with questions, always making sure his partner is on task and knows what they are supposed to be doing.  Many learning partners often end up giving the answer but not Max, he takes the time to explain how to tackle a task and this has helped others grow in confidence. He has also shown this when working with his Year 2 reading buddy. There has also been a noticeable difference in his confidence to share his ideas in maths. He has been enthusiastic, motivated and this has extended to his well-presented, accurately detailed maths homework. Well done Max!

Charlie, Theo P and Logan for excellent discussion ideas during the debate on the school trip…’We should /should not keep grave goods on display in museums because…..

Mrs Camish and Mrs Beard were both really impressed with their respectful and justified responses. Special mention to all of class 5 for representing the school – lovely manners and excellent behaviours.

Rosa – for returning after half term with renewed confidence and enthusiasm and a really positive attitude to learning.  It’s lovely to see the smiley, cheerful Rosa that we know! Keep smiling Rosa.

Shreya - this young lady has had a fantastic week! She oozes enthusiasm and always gives her very best.  It has been a very busy week with being thrust straight into the swing of things at the Diocesan Conference on Tuesday. She represented St Anne’s with some of her classmates and demonstrated her exceptional speaking / presenting skills when leading worship.  In addition to this, she has excelled in English when acting out a reimagined version of Cinderella to link with our Egyptian topic. She identified 5-plot points within the story, organised her group, and portrayed each of these scenes as a freeze frame. Then her finale to a fantastic week has been her participation in Young Voices – there is no end to this girls talents. Well done Shreya!

Logan sets a fantastic example to his classmates with his willingness to work hard and do his best. However, it is his efforts within sports that have earned him this award. He has been learning how to play dodgeball for the last half term and this week, he left Mr Newton flabbergasted by his outstanding ability. He showed an awareness of the game, could anticipate his opponents moves and therefore block and catch at lightning speed. Well done Logan!

Jessica and Shreya are both stars this week and could be my stars every week! They are both sensible and hardworking, ready to learn and to take active parts in all of our learning by making valuable and thoughtful contributions.  They are friendly and polite to everyone in class 5 and never too busy to lend a hand. Their help has been invaluable on a number of occasions, not just within the classroom but also within wider aspects of the school - this week it has been particularly appreciated when running the book fair.

Both girls are a shining example of how hard work and discipline pays off. Books are always presented to a high standard, care is taken in their work and I could not be prouder.

Kayleigh - I am bursting with pride at this young ladies development in Maths. She has shown resilience and determination over these past two weeks and has been nothing short of sensational! She is not fazed by working independently and continues to try her very best. A particular shining moment was when she had to work out interior angles within a polygon. She could identify that the sum of the exterior angles was 360 degrees and used a short division to calculate these.

Kayleigh, you are a super star!

Lily-Rose - This person would prefer to blend into the crowd but she is absolutely noticed for the right reasons and for making good choices. She has shown some fabulous work when learning about inspirational women this week. For international Women’s Day, we read the book ‘For the Right to Learn’ and were introduced to Malala Yousafzai who grew up in a world where women were supposed to be quiet. This young lady was captivated by the story and wrote her own fabulous account of Malala’s life.  Well done Lily-Rose!


Milly - This young lady is a ray of sunshine. She is motivated, always shows enthusiasm towards every task and constantly has a smile on her face. She has been recognised within the classroom as being kind towards others and makes every effort to be the best she can be and if a task isn’t her best, she recognises this and voluntarily tries again. Such a fabulous proactive attitude to work Milly– Keep it up!

Liam :

This young man has always been a hard worker and this week has been no different. He has astonished me with his maturity and enthusiasm when exploring the book “Journey” and his awe and wonder when making predictions was endearing. The realisation when links were made between the crayons and the characters sparked his imagination and as a result, created a wonderful sequel to the book. He volunteered to share this in our World Book Day celebration assembly, which showed that he was proud of his work – and rightly so. In our reading buddies session, Liam stood out for all the right reasons. He was a fabulous role model to his partner and showed patience when coaching his buddy and segmenting unfamiliar words.


For her positive attitude to learning, self-belief and growing confidence. Noticed by Mrs Storrs and Mrs Beard this week.


A ray of sunshine and the most helpful kind of person! If any staff member could describe this young lady, they would describe her as kind, smiley and enthusiastic.

She demonstrates a zest for learning is always on hand to help around the classroom and has become my resident zoom assistant. She organises Mrs Camish and ensures the correct link is ready for each worship.

She always gives 100% to her work, whether it be at home or at school and her recent assessment outcomes have proved that hard work really does pay off. Well done Phoebe!



This young man has been our very own version of Greek mathematician Archimedes this week. When carrying out investigations in science, he could explain how the shape of an object can have a direct effect on water resistance.  He had lots of fun designing and making tin foil boats and using the water tray to test them. When making a prediction he used scientific terms to justify his answers and could draw on real life examples to describe streamlining.


Isabelle B –  This week, this person has really impressed me with how hard she has been working in maths this week. We have been adding and subtracting decimals and been trying hard to use our place value knowledge to find the answer – It is quite tricky when presented with two numbers with different decimal places. This young lady has been absolutely on fire with this and it has been lovely to see her confidence grow. Isabelle now whizzes through maths problems with more confidence, speed and success. Well done Isabelle for being a super mathematician this week!


Mabel could achieve this award every day of the week because her attitude to learning, her conduct around school, her relationship with her peers and adults…it is exemplary. 

We are so proud of this young lady and how mature she is. There have been many super examples of work this week from using short sentences for tension in writing, to the application of subject specific vocabulary in science when describing the effects of air resistance and up thrust on propellers. A highlight for Mabel this week however, has been in computing, where she fused geometry and art to make complex tessellations. Well done Mabel!

Hollie B

It has been a great week for this superstar and we are proud of her. There has been a noticeable difference in her confidence.  When asked questions, she has had a go! We love seeing the smile that she is bringing to school each day and long may it continue. Well done Hollie!

This week's star of the week is Jessica. This week in RE, Jessica was tasked with writing an entry for a travel brochure to encourage people to visit the Sikh Golden Temple. Jessica showed flair and imagination in her writing to include interesting facts that might encourage people to visit the temple.  Well done Jessica. 



















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