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Year 4

W/E 15 July 2022

Kuba - I am so impressed with Kuba this week. During our assessments he has worked hard to apply all that he has learnt this year to the questions asked. He thought carefully about the questions and then carefully solved the problem. I was really proud of how Kuba applied himself. A big well done.

W/E 08 July 2022

Szymon - has worked hard in maths this week. We have been focusing on time which is one of the more difficult aspects of maths.  Initially, Szymon found this tricky and needed some support, but he has persevered as the week has progressed and is now much more confident. Well done Szymon. 


Spencer - I am so proud of Spencer this week. He has tried so hard with his phonics to help him to spell words in his writing. He has used his monster phonics sound mat to select the correct sound and then used his reading knowledge to make sure the word is then spelt correctly. Well done Spencer, keep up the good work.

W/E 01 July 2022

Anya - for her amazing diary entry from the perspective of Henry VIII. This week, year 4 have been using their knowledge of the Tudor’s to write a diary entry. Anya thought carefully about her facts and used these to structure her diary entry. She thought carefully about the features of the diary and included the writing challenges. Well done Anya.

Harper - she has been working hard in PSHE lessons this half term. She has impressed Mrs Pearson with her knowledge of the different topics and engages fully in these lesson. She loves to share her ideas and always contributes to the class discussion. Keep up the good work.


Ella - has been working hard in all aspects of her learning this week. In English, she has worked hard to push herself to contribute her ideas and in maths, she produced a neat and precise line graph. When taking part in the skateboarding session, she was initially very nervous but soon built her confidence.

Year 4 - James F has been a superstar this week. Not only has he worked incredibly hard on his times tables, but he has also worked hard in all other aspects of his learning. He has had his hand up to share his ideas with the class and has been enthusiastic to learn. We are really proud of James this week. Well done!

William – has made an excellent start to the half term. In maths, he has been focusing on securing his times table knowledge. William has worked hard to remember his multiplication facts. William has also impressed Emma in gymnastics this week. She could not believe the progress that he has made. He has listened carefully to her instructions and applied them to his gymnastics work. We are very proud of him.

Lucy and George are this weeks stars. In English we have been writing rhyming couplet poems about the Tudors and Henry VIII. We started by writing a couple of stanza’s together as a class for our shared write - to practice adding in our rhyming couplets. Both of these children were enthusiastic to share their ideas and came up with some brilliant lines to add in to our stanzas. The children were then tasked with writing two of their own stanzas independently using what we had learnt. Both children produced another two excellent stanzas, thinking carefully about their rhyming words and the facts they could incorporate about Henry VIII. I was really proud of both poems.

Jake - This week in English we have been writing a set on instructions. We started the week by making Tudor Gingered Bread before we wrote out our instructions. Jake worked independently on his writing, taking care with his presentation, letter formation and ensure his instructions were clear and easy to understand. We were so proud of the work he produced.


Harry - has been working hard in maths this week. We have been learning about the properties of shapes and needed to remember all of the information in order to classify them. Harry has challenged himself to complete more difficult tasks and has really impressed with his enthusiasm for learning. It was great to see him putting his hand up to answer questions.

Amelia - In RE this half term, Year 4 are looking at the impact and story of Pentecost. We looked carefully at the different symbols associated with Pentecost and the meaning of these, before we then went on to create our own artwork incorporating the symbols. Amelia listened carefully in the lesson and used her knowledge to create a beautiful piece of artwork. A big well done.

Ella - This week Ella has really impressed in her writing. Year 4 were tasked with writing a non-chronological report about Henry VIII. Ella listened carefully to the facts given about Henry VIII in our topic and research lessons and thought carefully about how she could include these in her report. She also tried hard to include her writing challenges, which were pronouns to avoid repetition and conjunctions to join sentences. A big well done Ella, an excellent piece of writing.

Lilia - has made an impressive start to the Summer Term. In every lesson she has given 100% effort. She has been the first person to have her hand in the air to answer a question, or to offer an idea and in her learning - she has really challenged herself. I have been really pleased with the fantastic start she has made.


Thea - has grown in confidence over the last half term and I am pleased to see that this confidence continued this week, particularly in maths. Thea has tried hard to contribute her input and share her answers.  During learning she has tried hard to complete the tasks independently using what she knows before asking for help. She has shown a real can-do attitude and I am really proud of her.

Ethan - this week in RE we were learning about ‘why Christians call such a sad day Good Friday’ for our extended writing. Ethan listened carefully to the information given, contributed his own knowledge and was able to give a thorough answer to our questions. It was really impressive to listen to his answers.


Harper has really impressed Mrs Pearson this week in her PSHE lesson. Year 4 have been learning about digital media and were focusing on advertising. Harper was always the first person with her hand up to add to the discussion and was able to share lots of information about advertising.

Max has been a superstar this week. Year 3 and 4 have been rehearsing for their Easter Service and Max has been an absolute star. He has learnt all of the words and actions to the songs and sings loudly and proudly. At every moment of our practice, Max sits sensibly and is ready for the next instruction. We are really proud of him!

Tom is my star this week for two reasons. Firstly, on our school trip Tom was inquisitive about the things we were learning.  He asked questions to extend his knowledge and was enthusiastic to share his knowledge when the adults were asking questions. He gave 100% in every activity and was a credit to the school. In maths we have been looking at money this week. Tom is always the first to have his hand in the air to answer a question and enjoys challenging himself to further extend his knowledge. A really positive week, well done Tom!

Taylor has been an absolute star this week in maths and has really impressed myself and Mrs Pearson. In maths year 4 have been rounding decimals to the nearest whole number.  Taylor has persevered with this task so well this week and he has found that he is actually a complete professional when it comes to rounding.  He got his learning correct and when he had made a mistake he was able to identify why. A big well done!

Dominic: for his fantastic setting description based on the book ‘Journey’. He thought carefully about what he would be able to see, hear, touch and smell if he was the character in the story and applied precise and ambitious vocabulary to his writing to make it even more fantastic. He also applied grammatical features to his writing to ensure his setting description was the best it could be. A very impressive piece of writing.

Noah - Noah has made a fantastic start to spring 2. He has listened attentively in every lesson and has worked hard to make sure he is including everything in to his work that he can. In maths his confidence has really grown and he has tried hard, getting involved in the input and sharing his answers. In English, Noah has worked hard on applying grammatical features and using these correctly in his writing. Well done Noah we are really proud of you.


Jack - Jack has been a superstar this week. Jack was chosen to represent the school in a Boccia competition, Jack was a credit to the school and went home the night before and practiced his skills ready for the competition. In lessons, Jack has been enthusiastic about his learning, and has be working on developing independence and ‘giving things a go’ before asking an adult. A super start to this half term.

Mia-Angel: for her increased confidence in swimming. At the start of the half term, Mia-Angel was very nervous about swimming and lacked confidence in the water. She has worked really hard over the last five weeks and I was so proud of her when we bravely got in to the deep end of the pool. 

Keep up the good work

Amelia T- this person is star this week for two reasons, firstly this week in art, year 4 were carving designs based on Anglo-Saxon art work. They then used this to print a pattern. This person was meticulous and precise in both her design and carving meaning that her finished piece was outstanding. This person is also star of the week for her superb maths work this week. We have been writing tenths and hundredths as decimals. This is the first time the children have worked with decimals and Amelia has really risen to the challenge. She worked hard to understand the process of writing decimals and persevered when the learning was tricky. She confidently answered questions during this input showing how much her confidence has developed. A really well deserved star this week.


For his amazing non-chronological report on Grendel based on our class text Beowulf. Jake worked independently to write paragraphs about Grendel’s diet, habitat and appearance, ensuring he had included a subheading. He included lots of facts and technical vocabulary about Grendel. Jake has also impressed the adults in class 4 with his progress in swimming. Jake tries really hard in his swimming lessons and his confidence in the water has really grown.



Anya has impressed in the  writing lessons this week because she produced an excellent non-chronological report where she work hard to include all of the grammatical features including present perfect tense, possessive apostrophes and complex sentences. Her work was beautifully presented, included lots of facts about the subject and went above and beyond in her application of features. A super piece of writing.

Szymon and Kuba

Miss Burgoyne has been impressed with both boys this week. Firstly, they impressed the staff at swimming with their effort when improving their stroke technique. Then in maths this week, both boys persevered with fractions when counting in fractions, looking at equivalent fractions and when adding fractions. To start off with it was a little tricky but with hard work, perseverance and using the advice from adults in the classroom, both boys were successful in their maths work. They then further impressed in their English lesson when writing complex sentences, they worked hard to ensure that they were using main clauses, appropriate subordinating conjunctions and including a subordinate clause to write their complex sentences about the events in Beowulf.

Jakob- for his hard work and effort in everything he does. This week Jakob has been working on his number bonds. He has practised every day and today he was able to match all of his number bonds independently. What a superstar! He also impressed the staff at swimming for his confidence in the water.








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