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W/E: 14/06/23

Zachary: he worked hard on his reasoning and problem solving skills in maths this week. He read the problem carefully and thought about the method he would need to apply in order to solve the problem. Whilst he found this initially tricky, he really persevered in the task, showing a can do attitude. Keep up the good work Zach.

W/E: 07/07/23

Dayna: I have been so impressed with Dayna’s will power and can-do attitude over these last few week. At the beginning of the year when Dayna went swimming, she was very hesitant and preferred to use a float to support her in the water. Dayna has been attending the booster swim sessions and when I went last week, I couldn’t believe that it was Dayna in the pool. She was swimming with her face in the water, she was trying new movements in the water and she was swimming without any floats. I was so proud to see the increased confidence Dayna had in her swimming ability.


Isobel: I have been so impressed with Isobel’s writing this week. She has worked hard to ensure that her setting and character descriptions were accurate to the short film clip. In one of our lessons at the beginning of the week, Isobel was tasked with writing effective similes to help her to describe a character. She needed to ensure that the simile made sense and that she had incorporated other features in to her writing to make her simile as powerful and as effective as possible. During the writing of her narrative, Isobel thought carefully about the story to help her to plan her work and then made sure that she was adding detail to her writing creating a fantastic end product.

W/E: 30/06/23

PoppyI have been so impressed with Poppy in English this week. We have started our narrative topic on the short film ‘DreamGiver’. The children were tasked with writing a setting and a character description. Poppy watched the film intently and first thought about all of the things she had seen. She then wrote some short, simple sentences in her book to give her some ideas before sharing those ideas a part of a shared write. She was enthusiastic to share her ideas and was able to think of some precise and ambitious adjective to describe the character. Well done Poppy, keep up the good work.

W/E: 09/06/23

Billy - has been a star this week with his enthusiasm in our class learning and in all areas of the curriculum. This was particularly seen with the effort and enthusiasm he put in when joining a group for the science fair project. Well done Billy.


Lewis - Lewis has been a superstar this week. Firstly, when working on the group science fair project Lewis suggested an idea for the project and used his groups ideas to create an enquiry. He then worked hard to collect the data and present the results. In PE Lewis listened carefully to the information about pacing and stamina and used this to ensure he was checking his pace to match his partner. It was really excellent to see him take on board the teaching from the lesson and use it to develop his athletic ability.


W/E: 26/03/23

Edward and Harry - What a week these boys have had! I have been so impressed with all aspects of their learning particularly with their art work. This week, we have finished off our art topic of sculpture looking at the theme of birds. The children were tasked with using natural resources from outside to sculpt their own birds nest. Both boys concentrated carefully on the task at hand thinking carefully about the resources they wanted to use. They persevered when the task was tricky, considered what they had learnt from their observations of birds nest and created a fantastic finished sculpture. They were then able to consider what had been successful and what they could improve about their sculpture. A fantastic effort boys, well done.

W/E: 19/05/23

Harper and Violet - These two girls have been fantastic in every aspect of the curriculum this week. Firstly, when participating in the Dogs Trust Workshop they were eager to share their knowledge, listened carefully to the workshop leader and were able to apply the knowledge they had learn to the questions asked.  In music, both girls worked hard to perfect the chord they were working on and were able to share their learning with others. Finally, both girls have worked particularly hard this week on their times tables trying to consistently score 25/25. A big well done girls.

W/E: 11/05/23

Aleksander What a superstar Aleksander has been in computing this week. Mrs Sprigg was so impressed. Year 4 have been working on their programming unit using scratch. This week children were tasked with producing code to animate their name. Not only did Aleksander excel in animating his own name, but he supported other members of the class using his own knowledge to help them. A great example of hard work and being a team player.

W/E: 05/05/23

HollyThis week year 4 have been continuing with their artwork developing their observational drawing skills with different mediums. Holly did exactly what needed to be done. She made a careful selection from the objects in the box, looked carefully at her object thinking about the shape, tone, texture and any other important details and then used this knowledge to sketch an accurate representation on her object. She didn’t just stop there though. Once finished, she looked back at her sketch and compared this to her object ensuring that her sketch was as accurate as possible and making edits where needed. A big well done Holly.

W/E: 28/04/23

Mia and Isobel N: In art, Year 4 have started their sculpture topic based on the theme of birds. This week the children were tasked with using a range of drawing materials (pencil, charcoal and black pen) to make an observational drawing of a bird’s nest. Both Mia and Isobel made careful observations of the bird’s nest that they were drawing which helped them to made an accurate sketch. They used their knowledge of tone, texture and sketching to help them to produce an accurate observational drawing. Well done girls.

W/E: 21/04/23

Sophie and AmeliaThis week in RE, Year 4 started their understanding Christianity unit on The Kingdom of God. We used the big frieze panel to help us the think carefully about the unit and to identify key figures in the artwork. Both Amelia and Sophie rose to this challenge. They looked closely at the image and used their prior knowledge to make inferences about the different images use. They considered the ideas of their classmates and developed these with their own ideas to give deep, insightful explanations as to why the images were used and what they might tell us about the Kingdom of God. I was very impressed with the application of knowledge shown. A big well done girls.

W/E: 31/03/23

Aleksander has had a fantastic week. Firstly, in his independent write he worked really hard to apply all of his learning on Vikings and the features of an explanation text to his work. I could see that he had really tried his best and put 100% into that piece of writing. Aleksander has always been an enthusiastic learner but I have really notice this in Aleksander over the last few weeks. He puts his hand up, he participates and he was an absolute superstar when rehearsing for the end of term service. Keep up the good work.

W/E: 23/03/23

Aylin This week in art, year 4 have concluded their unit on dragon eyes. They were first tasked with sketching their dragon eye and adding texture and tone, before using this image to help them to create a dragon eye out of clay. Aylin listened carefully to the demonstration before having a go at her own dragon eye. She worked attentively on her clay work, thinking about the different shapes she needed to make in order to complete her design. She concentrated so carefully on her work to ensure she had everything she needed and her end product was fantastic. Well done Aylin.

W/E: 10/03/23

Harry What a week Harry has had! I have been impressed with his learning in all subjects. Firstly in English, year 4 have been working on a narrative based on the book Beowulf. They had to design their own monster for Beowulf to fight. Harry thought carefully about his monster and offered lots of ideas to contribute to his group write. In maths, Harry has really shone for both his perseverance and for his contribution to the teaching. Harry has carefully applied his knowledge of fractions to his learning and went on to challenge himself with a problem solving question. In topic, Harry has been trying hard to apply his previous knowledge to his learning and using what he learnt at Murton Park to help him with this. I am so proud of you Harry, keep up the hard work. 

W/E: 03/03/23

Harper - What an amazing week Harper has had.  She began the week impressing Mrs Sprigg with her input during PSHE where they were discussing the use of the internet and how the internet can affect our lives.  She then impressed during RE where we were learning about Jesus and the leper and the messages given.  Harper was able to offer insightful answers about how this showed us the world that Jesus wanted and what is still being done now to follow Jesus’ example.  Finally, on our trip to Murton Park, Harper really shone with the enthusiasm she showed in all of the activities and the knowledge she was able to share from her learning in school. Well done Harper.

W/E: 24/02/23

Lewis - has wowed me this week in all areas of his learning. He first impressed during RE. We have started our 'understanding Christianity' unit on Gospel. Children were given a big frieze panel and were asked to use their previous learning to make links between the images on the panel and stories from the bible. Lewis was able to use his knowledge to make these links and was able to think deeply about the teachings of Jesus. He has also impressed during our English lessons where he has applied his previous learning of simple, compound and complex sentences to write a range of different sentences that could be used in his writing. He finally impressed me during PE where we have started our unit of basketball. He was able to pick up the skill of dribbling quickly and apply this to a game situation with confidence. A great week Lewis, well done.


Darcie - Mrs Sprigg has been really impressed with Darcie during reading comprehension this week. She offered detailed answers about the text when answering questions and was able to find the information from the text to answer the relevant question. During writing this week, Darcie focused carefully on our lesson on speech, ensuring that she had used the correct punctuation and was able to offer a range of different speech that she will be able to apply to her narrative. Keep up the good work Darcie.

W/E: 10/02/23

Isobel O - This week year 4 have written a non-chronological about the Anglo-Saxons. They were tasked with including fronted adverbials, complex sentences and possessive apostrophe. Isobel really rose to the occasion. She listened carefully to the input which she used when constructing her writing. She thought carefully about which features she could include where. When editing her work, she considered the feedback carefully before adding improvements to her work. She then made sure to include these edits in her published piece. Not only did she write an impressive non-chronological report in school during her writing lesson, but she then went home and wrote another non-chronological report to further practice her writing. A shining example of wanting to learn and improve, keep up the good work.


W/E: 03/02/23

Olivia - This week in art Year 4 were creating their final piece of their tessellated patterns.  To do this they had to create their own stencil which they could use to make an interlocking repeated pattern.  Olivia used her prior knowledge of colour to select two complimentary colours for her finished piece. She worked carefully to ensure that she traced around the stencil neatly, so that her work was accurate.  She then applied chalk pastel in her chosen colours to finish her design.


Holly - Holly is such an enthusiastic member of Year 4.  She is always willing to give an answer in lessons and always tries her best. This was best seen this week during her dance lesson with Mr Newton.  Holly worked cooperatively with her group to think of a sequence of movements for their routine. She contributed ideas to the group and worked hard to include other children’s ideas. She then confidently performed her routine with her group to the rest of the class.

W/E: 27/01/23

Frankie - In PSHE this half term, Year 4 have been learning about money. They first looked at different ways to pay for things before looking at types of bank accounts and how they can use this to save their money. This week Year 4 were looking at different jobs, they amount of money earnt on average and the factors influencing people choosing that particular job. Mrs Sprigg was very impressed with the contributions that Frankie gave during the lesson and was really pleased with the way that she carefully thought about what each job entailed before deciding on the average wage. A big well done Frankie.


Isobel - In maths this week, Year 4 have been concentrating on short division, they used bus stop method to help them to divide. Initially, we found this a little tricky but Isobel set her mind to the task and worked hard to conquer this new method. She used her growing knowledge of times tables to help her when dividing and worked hard to set the method out carefully in her book to ensure she didn’t make any silly mistakes. As the week progressed we moved on to divisions with remainders, this was another increase in difficulty but Isobel didn’t let this bother her, she persevered and was able to answer the questions given. Keep up the good work.

W/E: 20/01/23

Dayna - I have been so impressed with Dayna over the last few weeks during our swimming lessons. Initially Dayna was nervous about getting in the water and like to use pool noodles and floats to support her while swimming. Since coming back from Christmas, Dayna hasn’t used any aids in the water and swam 25m on her back without stopping. She didn’t just do this once, but lots of times during the lesson. I am so proud of the hard work she has put in and the confidence that she has developed.


Amelia - In music this week with Mr Bottley we were using the glockenspiels to play the note G in time to the song Mamma Mia, by Abba. Children needed to listen carefully to the music to be able to play the note at the correct time. Amelia concentrated carefully on the instructions that Mr Bottley gave, before working with her learning partner, to play the right note at the right time. I was very impressed with her musicality during the lessons.

W/E: 13/01/23

Sophie - has shown a real maturity on her return back to Year 4. She has engaged in all aspects of the curriculum, working hard to put her hand up to contribute to learning. This has really shown in maths where she has worked hard to push herself on to the more challenging questions. She has also been working hard on her presentation, trying to ensure that her work is presented neatly and that her writing in joined in the correct places. Keep up the good work.


Letica - has been working really hard in maths this week. We have been looking at multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100. Letica listened carefully to the input before applying her can-do attitude to her learning and giving every question a go. Mrs Sprigg was particularly impressed with the independence she showed. In PE with Mr Newton, Year 4 started their unit on dance. Letica listened carefully to the lyrics of the song and used this to help her thinks of different movements that would fit. Keep up the good work.

W/E: 16/12/22

Rosie - In preparation for the end-of-term service, Year 4 were tasked with writing a poem to retell a section of the nativity story. Rosie worked hard with her learning partner to think of some rhyming couplets that could be used to retell the story. During our shared write of the poem, Rosie thought carefully about which part of the story needed to be told next and offered ideas to support her classmates. She provided some excellent rhyming pairs that were then used to developed the rhyming couplets in our poem. Well done Rosie.


Poppy - In PE this half term, Year 4 have been developing their outdoor and adventurous activity skills in the form of orienteering. They started by working on reading a simple map and key and developed this to creating their own course for others to follow.  Poppy has listened carefully each lesson meaning that she had developed many of the skills that are needed for orienteering. In Tuesdays lesson, the children were tasked with reading a map of the whole school and using this to help them to locate the clues which held the answer to the Christmas questions. Poppy worked hard to ensure she was applying the skills she had learnt, remember that she needed to orientate her map so that she was going in the right direction. Well done Poppy.

W/E: 09/12/22

Dayna - has really impressed the adults and instructors this week during the water safety session in school. The children learnt how to rescue a casualty, put a casualty in the recovery position and perform CPR.  Dayna carefully listened to the instructions and watched the demonstrations so that she was able to apply the correct technique. She supported her classmates during the practical tasks giving them reminders if they had forgotten the next step. She approached this session in a really mature way and I was really proud of her.

W/E: 02/12/22

Lewis: This week Class 4 had their class assembly, Lewis stood out for his confidence and self-belief. When selecting the speaking parts for our class assembly, Lewis put his hand up to volunteer for many different parts. When I asked Lewis if he would like to read out his description of the journey of the digestive system he jumped at the chance to read his work. Then on the morning of the class assembly Lewis had to quickly learn a new line due to an absence, being thrown in at the deep end. However, Lewis did not let this bother him; he took it all in his stride and confidently delivered his speaking parts during the assembly. I am so proud of the self-belief and bravery he showed.

W/E: 25/11/22

Lewis: In Year 4 we have been writing narratives based on the story ‘The Great Kapok Tree’ by Lynne Cherry. The children were tasked with including setting and character descriptions, expanded noun phrases, fronted adverbials and complex sentences. Lewis worked hard on his narrative, focusing carefully on the description of his setting and using the checklist to ensure he had included all of his writing challenges. He carefully considered the appearance and movements of his characters so that he could accurately describe them. When marking his writing at the end of the final piece, I could completely imagine myself to be witnessing the events in the rainforest, due to the description Lewis had used. Lewis did not just stop there though. Once he had received his marked piece of work, he then edited with his learning partner to further improve his writing. A big well done Lewis.

W/E: 18/11/22

Mia - This week class 4 have been working hard in design and technology improving their sewing skills and creating an accurate template ready to start making their Christmas decorations. Mia was enthusiastic to practice her sewing stitches listening carefully to the instructions before working carefully on her stitches. She made sure that her sewing was neat and that the stitches were precise. Her cross-stitch in particular, was neat and she shared her knowledge of the cross-stitch that she had learnt from her Grandma. She has created a beautiful and accurate final design where she carefully considered the difficulty of what she was aiming to make, the different stitches she would use and the materials needed.  I can’t wait to see her finished product.

W/E: 11/11/22

Zachary - I have been so impressed with Zach's learning in English this week. We have been looking at character and setting descriptions in preparation for our narrative writing next week. Zack listened carefully to the input where we talked about different ways of describing a setting, giving a reader clues to build their imagination rather than just telling them something. Zack tried really hard to do this and I was really impressed with the following sentence, 'in the rainforest moss covered the tangled tree which ran the length of the forest' - it painted such an image in my mind. I can wait to read his narrative next week.

W/E: 04/11/22

Aleksander - has really impressed me this week with his maths learning. In Year 4 we have been practicing column subtraction with exchanges. We had a lot of information to remember and it was quite tricky to begin with. Aleksander listened carefully during the input and then worked independently on his questions. He thought carefully about the steps he needed to follow and was successful in all of his questions. He then went on to challenge his learning further by having a go at the reasoning and problem solving challenges. I was really impressed with his hard work, independence and perseverance this week, an excellent start to the half term!


Billy - In design and technology year 4 are designing and making sewn Christmas decorations. They started by building their technical knowledge of different types of stitches. Billy was initially apprehensive about learning to sew and was a little unsure whether he would be able to do it. But, he showed a can do attitude and got stuck straight in. He then listened and watched the demonstration carefully and independently got on with his practice, asking for extra demonstrations to check he was doing the stitch correctly. He showed his determination and perseverance and this showed in the neat, precise stitches that he created. I was also really proud to hear him reassuring other children who were finding the task more challenging and when he heard them saying they couldn’t do it, he said ‘you can’t do it YET’. It is excellent to see Billy using that mindset to overcome challenges. A big well done Billy, I can’t wait to see your finished product.

W/E: 13/10/22

Isobel - has worked so hard on her swimming over the last few weeks. She has persevered at and was able to confidently swim 25m on both her front at back. It took a few tries but Isobel didn’t give up. She kept trying with determination and a smile. An excellent example of hard work paying off.

W/E: 07/10/22

Edward and Violet - this week these two children have really impressed Mrs Sprigg with their effort and understanding in their PSHE lesson. They have been learning about friendships and different relationships and this week focused on types of bullying and the effect this can have on others. Both children were able to identify the different types of bullying and were able to give real world examples by applying this knowledge. Mrs Sprigg was impressed with the maturity shown around the subject and the hard work both children gave in both the discussion and task elements of the lesson.


W/E: 30/09/22

Aylin: Aylin has impressed this week in many aspect of her learning. During swimming on Monday, she confidently swam on her back in the deep end without any aids. We were all very proud of the progress she has made. In English this week, we have immersed ourselves in a new text, ‘the great kapok tree’, Aylin used the clues given to make a prediction about the text and then used what she had learnt from the book to craft a spine poem, based around nouns from the text. She thought carefully about the adjectives and verbs she was using. A big well done.

W/E: 23/09/2022

Harry – Harry has made an excellent start to Year4. He has impressed with his attitude to learning. Harry has tried his best in all of his learning and has been enthusiastic to try new things.  It has been excellent to see his proud smile after completing work independently.

Theo – what an amazing start Theo has made! He has shown what a mature Year 4 he can be. He has shown what a mature Year 4 he can be.  He has been completing his learning independently and has been enthusiastic to try new learning. I was impressed with his newspaper report in English where he really concentrated on applying his ideas.

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