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Year 4

W/E: 18/11/22

Mia - This week class 4 have been working hard in design and technology improving their sewing skills and creating an accurate template ready to start making their Christmas decorations. Mia was enthusiastic to practice her sewing stitches listening carefully to the instructions before working carefully on her stitches. She made sure that her sewing was neat and that the stitches were precise. Her cross-stitch in particular, was neat and she shared her knowledge of the cross-stitch that she had learnt from her Grandma. She has created a beautiful and accurate final design where she carefully considered the difficulty of what she was aiming to make, the different stitches she would use and the materials needed.  I can’t wait to see her finished product.

W/E: 11/11/22

Zachary - I have been so impressed with Zach's learning in English this week. We have been looking at character and setting descriptions in preparation for our narrative writing next week. Zack listened carefully to the input where we talked about different ways of describing a setting, giving a reader clues to build their imagination rather than just telling them something. Zack tried really hard to do this and I was really impressed with the following sentence, 'in the rainforest moss covered the tangled tree which ran the length of the forest' - it painted such an image in my mind. I can wait to read his narrative next week.

W/E: 04/11/22

Aleksander - has really impressed me this week with his maths learning. In Year 4 we have been practicing column subtraction with exchanges. We had a lot of information to remember and it was quite tricky to begin with. Aleksander listened carefully during the input and then worked independently on his questions. He thought carefully about the steps he needed to follow and was successful in all of his questions. He then went on to challenge his learning further by having a go at the reasoning and problem solving challenges. I was really impressed with his hard work, independence and perseverance this week, an excellent start to the half term!


Billy - In design and technology year 4 are designing and making sewn Christmas decorations. They started by building their technical knowledge of different types of stitches. Billy was initially apprehensive about learning to sew and was a little unsure whether he would be able to do it. But, he showed a can do attitude and got stuck straight in. He then listened and watched the demonstration carefully and independently got on with his practice, asking for extra demonstrations to check he was doing the stitch correctly. He showed his determination and perseverance and this showed in the neat, precise stitches that he created. I was also really proud to hear him reassuring other children who were finding the task more challenging and when he heard them saying they couldn’t do it, he said ‘you can’t do it YET’. It is excellent to see Billy using that mindset to overcome challenges. A big well done Billy, I can’t wait to see your finished product.

W/E: 13/10/22

Isobel - has worked so hard on her swimming over the last few weeks. She has persevered at and was able to confidently swim 25m on both her front at back. It took a few tries but Isobel didn’t give up. She kept trying with determination and a smile. An excellent example of hard work paying off.

W/E: 07/10/22

Edward and Violet - this week these two children have really impressed Mrs Sprigg with their effort and understanding in their PSHE lesson. They have been learning about friendships and different relationships and this week focused on types of bullying and the effect this can have on others. Both children were able to identify the different types of bullying and were able to give real world examples by applying this knowledge. Mrs Sprigg was impressed with the maturity shown around the subject and the hard work both children gave in both the discussion and task elements of the lesson.


W/E: 30/09/22

Aylin: Aylin has impressed this week in many aspect of her learning. During swimming on Monday, she confidently swam on her back in the deep end without any aids. We were all very proud of the progress she has made. In English this week, we have immersed ourselves in a new text, ‘the great kapok tree’, Aylin used the clues given to make a prediction about the text and then used what she had learnt from the book to craft a spine poem, based around nouns from the text. She thought carefully about the adjectives and verbs she was using. A big well done.

W/E: 23/09/2022

Harry – Harry has made an excellent start to Year4. He has impressed with his attitude to learning. Harry has tried his best in all of his learning and has been enthusiastic to try new things.  It has been excellent to see his proud smile after completing work independently.

Theo – what an amazing start Theo has made! He has shown what a mature Year 4 he can be. He has shown what a mature Year 4 he can be.  He has been completing his learning independently and has been enthusiastic to try new learning. I was impressed with his newspaper report in English where he really concentrated on applying his ideas.

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