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Year 3

Harper - We have noticed this particular child in Y3 for overcoming her apprehension about performing. She felt very worried about performing to the point where she felt like she couldn't do it. However, after a little chat and an evening to reflect she returned to school the next day with a extremely positive attitude. She stood in the centre of the front row and sang her heart out. We know that we all find different things challenging but facing these challenges, and even overcoming them, help us to realise how strong we can be. We are very proud of you Harper, well done!!!


Anya - We have chosen this person to be a Y3 star because of her kindness, her thoughtfulness and her consistently caring attitude to everybody in our class.

Anya has a kind word for everyone she meets. She pays compliments to her friends and the adults in class with sincerity. She helps and supports her class mates during learning time. During her free time, she happily includes and plays with anyone. 

All of these acts are done naturally, without any prompting from adults or for any expectation of a reward or recognition. Well, it has been recognised today but actually your kindness never goes unnoticed Anya. What a special member of our school. Never change! 


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