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Amelia - this week's star has been a huge participant in all of our learning this week. She has had her hand up for every question. When she has had the opportunity to share her thoughts and ideas they have been insightful and well considered - she has not just settled with the first idea that came to mind, she has thought deeply. A great example of this was in history when we were considering the impact of Roman legacies on modern Britain. When I questioned why she thought 'food from the Mediterranean' was the most important legacy, she considered what had been happening in Britain, before the Romans came with different food. She came to the conclusion that even though a variety of food is nice, perhaps something else is of greater importance in modern Britain. Her willingness to think more deeply, consider questions carefully and be flexible in her ideas were very impressive. That is why Amelia is this week's Star for Year 3!


Aleksander for his great efforts in swimming – Mrs Smith said it was a pleasure.

Frankie - It was fabulous to see this week's star working in maths this week. We have been revisiting fractions in Year 3. I have chosen this young lady because of the 'light bulb moment' she had as a result of her hard work and perseverance. When we were finding fractions of quantities she listened carefully, practised the strategy taught and kept on going until... 'ping' it just clicked and all of a sudden she whizzed to the end of the questions, all complete and all correct. Frankie was a shining example of what concentration, careful listening and practise can result in. Well done, Frankie. Keep it up!

Harry - has really stood out on many different occasions for his tenacity, determination and persistence. One example was when we were having our swimming lesson and he went into the big pool for the first time. Understandably, he felt nervous and worried and really did not want to let go of the side. But he did it!   Another time was when he was having a very new learning experience, talking to an unfamiliar teacher through headphones! This was really strange and confusing to begin with and he really did not want to do it. But he did! We are so proud of Harry’s attitude to challenges, he really is becoming strong and mighty when faced with unfamiliar situations. Keep being mighty Harry!

Dayna - this week's star for Y3 has been chosen because of her behaviour for learning. She has stood out time and time again this week - sitting smartly, eye contact, ready to learn. Having this mind-set and attitude to learning has undoubtedly ensured that she has got the most out of every learning opportunity she has had his week.  Keep it up Dayna, we are all very proud of you. 

Owen has recently joined St Anne's in Class 3 and all of the adults in Class 3 agree that he has made an incredible start. He has been polite, friendly, well behaved and tried his absolute best in everything we have asked of him. It is a very strange feeling to walk into a class full of people you don't know but Owen has handled this magnificently. He has already made lots of new friends who are delighted to welcome a new member into their class. We hope you continue to enjoy your new school and new friends as much as you are doing now Owen. We are very pleased to have you as part of our St Anne's family!


Mia has been working hard all term on her narrative in English. They have been analysing text to see how authors give us information about setting and characters.  They have then been asked to use these literary devices in their own writing as they continued the myth, The Trojan Horse.  Mia has blown me away this week (and Y2, who we shared some writing with). She has listened to everything we have discussed and carefully considered her vocabulary choices ensuring every adjective, verb and adverbial phrase are giving her reader clues, hints and suggestions about the character and the setting. We are very proud of this young lady's writing ability and the effort she puts in to everything she does. Congratulations Mia!


Darcie - This week's star has been chosen because her attitude in maths has been amazing. She has been engaged, focussed and enthusiastic and as a result she has had many 'light bulb' moments in a variety of maths topics, including time and multiplication - she can confidently multiply a 2-digit number by a 1-digit number using the grid method, most impressive!!!  It really has been a pleasure to see her face light up as she realised what a mathematical superstar she is! Congratulations Darcie!  

Amelia - The star for this week has been chosen because she has quite literally been on fire this week! Whatever we have been learning about she has been entirely engaged in, her hand has been up constantly (it must be aching!) and she has produced some fabulous work. One example of this young lady's enthusiasm was in English when we were learning how to develop characters as we retold the myth, Romulus and Remus. She was absolutely bursting with ideas thinking about how even single words can give our readers clues about characters in a story. She is an absolute joy to have in class. Congratulations Amelia!

Lewis - is always noticed in Class 3 as he has such a thirst for knowledge and an enthusiasm for learning. He is always entirely engaged in what we are learning whether it is maths, topic or English. He contributes enthusiastically to discussions and shares his knowledge and understanding clearly and confidently with the rest of us. He is a keen sportsman and has thoroughly enjoyed all the different sports we have so far taken part in this year. However, despite his enthusiasm for learning I am almost certain his favourite time of day is playing football with his friends at break times! Well done Lewis, your attitude to learning is admirable. 

Zachary has been working extremely hard to impress.  He is a mature and sensible member of the class with a great sense of humour. He is always ready to learn and is starting to take a more active part in our learning.  He has really enjoyed learning about the Tohoku earthquake this week and remained focussed and on task when completing work, sharing his knowledge with those around him.  He is a good friend to everyone in class 3 and always happy to help.  Congratulations Zachary!


Amelia has an excellent attitude for learning and always works hard.  She loves joining in with class discussions. This week she has demonstrated how carefully she has been listening in RE lessons when she has shared all her knowledge about Easter and the events of Good Friday.  Well done Amelia! 

Isobel and Olivia are both stars of the week this week because they have impressed me so much with their behaviour for learning. Both girls are always such enthusiastic members of our class and have so much to share.  These children have worked hard this week to share their ideas at the appropriate time. I know they are still thinking and they have important things to share because their hands are always right up in the air but they have also been demonstrating fantastic self-control and waiting for their turn.  Thank you Isobel and Olivia for your enthusiasm, your engagement, your interest and your patience and self-control. I have noticed and I am very proud of you both!

Danya – has impressed me so much in our English lessons this week. During our English lesson, I asked her to tell me what we were learning and she answered "We are turning simple sentences into complex sentences using conjunctions." It was the perfect answer. Keep up the hard work, super listening and engagement in our lessons Dayna, it is most impressive!

Billy - This young man could be star every week. He is a very sensible and hardworking member of our class. He is always ready to learn and takes an active part in all of our learning, raising his hand and making valuable and thoughtful contributions.  He is a good friend to everyone in class 3 but his absolutely favourite place to be at playtime is on the football pitch with his friends.  He is clearly a keen sportsman and his recent performance in our rounders matches has shown how enthusiastic and passionate  he is about sport. I know that out of school, he thoroughly enjoys boxing - a sport that requires great discipline and fitness!



This week's star has been chosen for her fantastic artistic abilities. As part of our World Book Day activities the children had to predict what was through the mysterious red door in the whole school text Journey. Having made their predictions, the children were asked to depict it using watercolours. This young lady created some incredibly realistic trees using different shades, tones and painting techniques to create tone and texture. What was most delightful to see was the pride and confidence this person had in her abilities and the artwork she had created. The first star for her self-confidence, pride and artistic talent is  FRANKIE ! 



I have awarded this person Star of the Week because of how helpful they are in class. 

There are lots of helpful children in Y3 but this person really stood out this week. 

After our art lesson, this person stayed behind at lunchtime without being asked to help me clear away the painting equipment and wipe down tables. He didn't make a big fuss, he just saw what needed doing and quietly and sensibly got on with it. 

This is very typical of this young man, he will always help out, in any way he can and I thought that today that should be recognised and celebrated in front of the whole school. So, THEO , thank you very much for all you help, we do notice it!


During RE Class 3 have been learning about the Trinity.

During this lesson the children had to sort words that were used in the Bible to describe the persons of the Trinity according to whether they described God the Father, God the Son or God the Holy Spirit. There were words such as wind, shepherd and King.

This week's star was absolutely spectacular at this task and showed that he had an excellent understanding of the different roles of each of the persons of the Trinity. 

This was a complicated lesson with some challenging ideas but Aleksander astounded us with his hard work and understanding of the Trinity. Well done Aleksander!



In class 3 we have been talking about the importance of 'behaviour for Learning' and trying hard to remember that the classroom is where we learn and the playground is where we have fun, chat with our friends and make each other laugh. This young lady has really impressed me with how well she has understood the expectations of our classroom and has continuously caught my eye this week for making the right choices, sitting smartly, looking at the teacher and listening carefully. These behaviours have had a direct impact on her learning and she has had a fabulous week, excelling in all of our learning. Congratulations Sophie B you are this week's Star!



This young lady has really impressed us this week as she demonstrated how she can make links in her learning. We have been doing lots of measuring over the last 2 weeks and one of the things we had to measure was time. This superstar confidently used her 5 times table knowledge to help her work out what time was shown on analogue clocks. She really impressed all of the grown ups in our class. Well done Aylin on all your hard work this week.  


Our star this week has been chosen for how well she has settled in to St Anne's and particularly class 3. It is like she has always been here. Her behaviour has been exemplary as have her manners and she is clearly a very hard-working young lady. It is a pleasure to have her in our class and she is already a real asset to our school. So, Letica, thank you for choosing St Anne's and for being another shining star in Class3!


This star has been chosen because of her seemingly endless kindness.

In Y3 this week, we have had introduced a worry box. One member of our class shared a worry about feeling lonely sometimes. Holly was chosen as a buddy and a better person could not have been selected. She has ensured this person has fun at playtime, a companion at lunch and I have witnessed,  reassuring smiles, thumbs-ups and winks throughout the day. 

Everybody needs a friend like Holly - your behaviour should certainly have made you proud this week! 




Lewis has been selected this week because he wrote a fabulous diary entry imagining that he had gone on an expedition with Greenpeace to explore the Artic. 

We were most impressed with how Lewis had effectively included this week's writing challenge which was adverbs. 

A great piece of writing showcasing Lewis' fantastic ability! Keep up the great work! 


Lewis has really impressed this week with how much knowledge he had remembered from the visit from Rev. Ken Johnson. As they began their RE lesson this week, the class teacher asked the children to share any facts they could remember from their visitor. Lewis remembered so much and in fact, his mum shared with Mrs Tyrrell at drop off this week, that he has been teaching her all about the faith. It is great to see such an enthusiasm for learning. Keep it up Lewis!


Harper Revill

This person has been chosen this week for her absolute positivity and enthusiasm for FRACTIONS! this attitude has led to her making phenomenal progress and she has impressed us all! She even asked to take some fractions work home> What a fabulous role model to us all!

Congratulations to this week's second Star... Harper Revill! 



Y3's first star has been really impressing me with how hard she has been working in maths this week.

We have been finding fractions of amounts and been trying hard to use out times table knowledge rather than part whole models to find the answer -it is soooo much quicker! This young lady has been absolutely on fire with this; her hand has always been up  she has remembered the steps to needed to find the answer and has enjoyed getting lots of right answers.

Well done Rosie on being a super mathematician this week!




In English we have been writing setting descriptions and this young man has been really impressing me during this work. I have given the children two writing challenges; to use precise and ambitious vocabulary and to include complex sentences in their writing. Every lesson this person has been able to tell me what we are writing, what setting descriptions do and tell me what the writing challenges are. He has really impressed me with his focus and contributions to our lessons.

Well done, Edward Wright - keep up the good work!

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