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Year 3

George and Lucy 


Could choose both of these children every week, they are great examples of St Anne's children. The have both stood out this week particularly for their writing. We have completed an independent write. We read the opening of Theseus and The Minotaur and the children predicted what would happen next and continued the story. 


George - really pushed himself to include lots of detail and additional information.

I was also very impressed with the editing that he did on his writing.


Lucy - I noticed that she applied new learning accurately to her writing. When using inverted commas, I spoke about if a new character speaks we start a new line. Immediately Lucy has applied this feature to her writing. The presentation of Lucy's work is always exemplary, I asked her to try and increase the size slightly and she has done so immediately. This is an example of Lucy's attitude and work ethic across the board. 

We have had 6 7 9 7 8 visitors
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