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We had a virtual session with Safety Seymour on Wednesday morning where the children learnt all about the dangers of Carbon Monoxide and how to keep themselves safe from it. Both of these children were fully engaged in these session. They had their hands up often showing that they were listening and thinking and therefore learning. I was very proud of them both.


Thea is an absolute delight to have in class. Her behaviour is exemplary all of the time. She is kind, well mannered, attentive, hard working and consistently contributes to class learning... just an absolute superstar!

I am particularly pleased with how Thea responded to a conversation around challenge last week  (specifically her reading). It can be a risk to take a challenge, there is a chance you might find the challenge too difficult and therefore not do as well as you are used to. However, to find the confidence to take that risk is so important to keep driving your learning forward and making progress. It is a difficult thing to understand that sometimes getting 80% is better than always getting 100%. I am incredibly proud of Thea's maturity during this conversation and her courage and  bravery which enabled her to challenge herself. Very well done, Thea we are incredibly proud of you!


Noah, I think this young man might have an idea that he is our star this week because Mrs Tyrrell has said to him , several times, that he is really impressing her! Mr Newton also spotted this young man's effort and super attitude in PE on Tuesday.

This week particularly, we have seen a really difference in Noah. His whole body language has been different. He has been sat up straight in his chair, looking forward, smiling, his hand has been up and he has had a sparkle during our learning that has made us incredibly proud of him. His attitude to learning has been FANTASTIC, and I am looking forward to seeing what he can achieve with this positive, engaged attitude next half term. Well done, Noah, keep it !


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