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W/E: 03/03/23

James and Kyla - This week the children have used a non-fiction book called A Perfect Planet to inspire them to write poems. They studied a poem by Pie Corbett called What Are You? and were asked to magpie ideas to write a verse for a class poem describing anything at all from our Perfect Planet. 

This week's stars have been chosen because they used many of the techniques from Pie Corbett's poem in their own; expanded noun phrases, alliteration and ambitious vocabulary. Mrs Tyrrell was incredibly impressed with how they challenged their initial ideas, they kept thinking and choosing better words that were more precise or adventurous. So, for you fabulously creative poetry writing, this week's star are James and Kyla. 

W/E: 24/02/23

Toby - has been noticed for a real improvement in the time it takes him to settle down to a task. He has had a really sensible attitude to learning and this was particularly evident in PSHE this week. This super behaviour for learning resulted in him acquiring a good understanding of the topic (what rules are, how we follow them and what it would be like if we didn't follow them) He confidently contributed to class discussions and offered his in opinions concluding, quite rightly, that rules are there to keep us all safe and happy. Well done Toby , keep it up!



Oliver - has stood out in French. Mrs Sprigg has been really impressed with this young man's pronunciation as well as his general attitude and enthusiasm for this subject. All of the adults who work in Y3 agree that this attitude to learning is consistently seen all day every day from this young man. He never fails to impress them with his behaviour for learning, the effort he puts in and his focus and concentration. but for this week Oliver tres bien fait! Formidable!

W/E: 10/02/23

Joshua - the adults in Class 3 have really noticed he has been pushing himself. This young man always has something to contribute in our lessons but he does not always put his hand up. This week it has been very obvious that he has been challenging himself to offer his thoughts and ideas. It is absolutely wonderful to see children who are engaged in their learning and thinking about answers or opinions that they have to offer. We know that you don't always have to be right - nobody ever is - we know that we can learn as much from mistakes as we can from correct answers so putting you hand up, offering your ideas and contributing to the learning is exactly what all the teachers in St Anne's want to see. 

Thank you Joshua for your engagement this week. Keep it up!


Ollie Tom - has also shown us some excellent behaviour for learning. He has been so focused on the learning that has been happening in our class, looking, listening, paying attention.  It is so easy to get distracted in a busy classroom surrounded by your friends but in order to learn most effectively we know that you must be focused on the learning and ignore those distractions. In Y3 we talk a lot about self control, and recognising if it is not the right time or the right place use self control to do the right thing. That is exactly what Ollie-Tom has been doing, and not just this week but for the last few weeks. It is great to see Ollie-Tom, and a real sign that you are growing up and wanting to learn. Fantastic! 


W/E: 03/02/23

Alice - This person has been chosen for our star this week because of her explanation of a strategy during maths.  Many of the children in Year 3 can use the strategies taught to solve given problems, but sometimes it is a challenge to explain what they  have done and why.  This ability to explain shows a deeper level of understanding.  Alice did this so fabulously that Mrs Sprigg and Mrs Tyrrell had to stop the lesson and give her a round of applause.  It was outstanding.  So Alice for your mathematical explanation you have been chosen to be Year 3's Star of the Week. 

W/E: 27/01/23

Jack - This week's star in Y3 has been chosen for his outstanding engagement with our learning on Wednesday afternoon. We had a visitor into Class 3 to introduce us to the world faith, Islam. (you can learn more about the visit in this week's newsletter!). Jack stood out significantly. His answers impressed all of the adults in class. He thought deeply about the questions and his answers were in depth and thorough. Reverend Johnson even said that one of his answers about what Muslims could learn from the Islamic story, The Crying Camel, was "perfect". Mrs Sprigg and Mrs Tyrrell were incredibly impressed with Jack manners, engagement and the respect that he showed our visitors and the faith. Well done Jack, what a shining St Anne's role model you were. We are very proud of you. 


Hooria - The star for this week has been chosen because she has been noticed for her proactive attitude to her learning. Hooria has been spotted asking questions to adults to clarify any aspects of her learning that she is unsure about. This has resulted in work being completed in the given time and with great accuracy. Recognising when you are not clear on learning and having the confidence to clarify this with an adult shows great maturity and an ownership of your own learning. We are very proud of you Hooria, well done!


Wiktoria - Mrs Camish has been very impressed with the work completed in her writing sessions this week. Children have been taught to proof-read in a systematic and orderly way so that their writing can be broken down into manageable chunks. This has resulted in some outstanding improvements in content and presentation. Wiktoria has stood out this week for the progress made in her writing, well done!

W/E: 13/01/22

Sophie - has shown a real maturity on her return to this new term. She has engaged in all aspects of the curriculum, working hard to put her hand up to contribute to learning. This has really shown in maths where she has worked hard to push herself onto the more challenging questions. She has also been working hard on her presentation, trying to ensure that her work is presented neatly and that her writing is joined in the correct places. Keep up the good work.


Letica - has been working really hard in maths this week. We have been looking at multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100. Letica listened carefully to the input before applying her can-do attitude to her learning and giving every question a go. Mrs Sprigg was particularly impressed with the independence she showed. In PE with Mr Newton, Year 4 started their unit on dance. Letica listened carefully to the lyrics of the song and used this to help her thinks of different movements that would fit. Keep up the good work.

W/E: 16/12/22

Harriet - Y3's star this week is a young lady who has stood out to more than one adult in Y3.  This week, we have made our calendars and, as all the teachers know, this can be a very exciting time for children! This superstar absolutely wowed the grown ups in class. She was so sensible and focussed, she took great care over her work and produced a final piece of work that was excellent.  Her calm and sensible behaviour continued into our reading time and Mrs Tyrrell and Mrs Storrs both spotted her and congratulated her on the day for being such a super role model.  Congratulations Harriet, you stood out this week for your excellent behaviour. Well done!

W/E: 09/12/22

Jack - has been chosen as our star of the week because of a super attitude he has shown to all of his learning this week. In one lesson in particular he stood out; that was our R.E. lesson about the Holy Trinity. This young man worked very hard to understand what each part of the Trinity means to Christians. He was able to use this understanding to write a Kenning - a poem that is like a riddle -  describing  one of the persons of the Trinity. He was able to explain clearly why he had chosen the words he had, and link them to the attributes of his chosen part. I was very impressed Jack, well done. 

W/E: 02/12/22

Nicole - This week Y3 have been writing non-chronological reports about Stonehenge. This week's star has really impressed me with her writing. She has tried hard to make her writing sound very interesting by starting her sentences in a variety of ways. She has also organised her writing, using sub-headings and paragraphs. The children were challenged to include a range of conjunctions and time adverbials. Overall, Nicole has written a well organised, informative and entertaining report. Well done, Nicole keep it up! 

W/E: 25/11/22

Amber - This young lady has been chosen for showing resilience, determination and courage. She has given everything, her best and never complained. These are fantastic characteristic's Amber and we are very proud of your attitude.


Ava - has been chosen because of how much she impressed Mr Flockhart with her running at the Jingle Jog.  He said she wasn't even out of breath after running 3 KM and lapping 2 other schools!! Ava you have  incredible fitness levels and running prowess

W/E: 18/11/22

Sophie and Wiktoria - This week Year 3 have 2 stars. They have both been chosen for the same reason. 

Over the last couple of weeks Year 3 have been learning how to write character profiles so that they will be able to effectively describe and develop characters in their narrative writing. Our writing unit always concludes with a Big Write, where the children complete a piece of independent writing in the genre that has just been taught. This is their opportunity to showcase everything that they have learnt. 


Sophie and Wiktoria wrote a fantastic character profile for Om, one of the characters in Stone Age Boy. They thought carefully about using precise adjectives to describe the girl's appearance and thoughtful verbs and adverbs that gave clues to the girl's personality and character. I was also very impressed with presentation of the girl's writing, both using a beautiful cursive script. A super piece of writing from both girls. Congratulations Sophie and Wiktoria.

W/E: 11/11/22

Jenson - This week's year 3 star has been chosen for his exemplary behaviour at all times, but this was particularly evident during our recent visit to the University of Nottingham. This young man was also chosen because of his engagement with the activities. The adults really noticed how his knowledge of Stone Age Britain increased throughout the day. This was because of his careful listening and they saw him making links between previous learning and knowledge acquired during the visit. He was then able to come up with new and plausible ideas about prehistoric life. What a super St Anne's role model he was. Congratulations Jenson. . 

W/E: 04/11/22

Liam - This week's star has been chosen because Mrs Sprigg and Mrs Tyrrell have both noticed a big improvement in his attitude to learning since he has come back from the half term holiday. He has been particularly engaged and focussed in maths; listening attentively and answering the questions asked. He has applied the strategies taught and used them to accurately answer questions. He has also been spotted for working very well with his learning partner this week. He has been taking part in conversations about his learning, checking his partner agrees with him and explaining his answers clearly to his partner. What a great example of how our new way of working with learning partners should be. Congratulations Liam, keep it up!

W/E: 13/10/22

Ethan - This week's star has been chosen because he has really impressed Mrs Tyrrell and Mrs Sprigg with his hard work, effort and attitude to school. Mrs Tyrrell heard this young man read this week and was blown away. His reading had excellent pace, was incredibly fluent and perfectly accurate. When she checked to see if he had understood what he had read he answered ALL of her questions perfectly (she had to check some of the answers but Ethan didn't!). But the good news continues. In English, we have been learning how to write setting descriptions - to stay in the moment of a story and make sure our writing creates an image in our readers' mind of where the story is happening. Our Year 3 star once again astounded his teachers with his superb choice of adjectives that accurately described the story's setting. He had so many super ideas that he confidently shared with his talking partner and the class. In addition to this, he has also worked incredibly hard this week on his handwriting and the presentation of his work - so much so that he went to Miss Broughton to show it off. So, for all of these reasons Year 3's star this week is the very worthy Ethan! 

W/E: 07/10/22

Harriet and Ella - This week's stars have been chosen because we started a new way of working this week. We have worked using 'random partners'. On the very first lesson using this new way of organising ourselves, these two girls were fantastic! They talked to each other, listened to each other, took turns and were on task working hard. A great example of how 'random partners' can work really well. Congratulations to Ella and Harriet.

W/E: 30/09/22

Jacob - Class 3's star has been chosen because he has been spotted by many different adults in Year 3. Mrs Smith has noticed that he concentrates on his reciprocal reading and has always got well thought out answers and contributions to share. Mrs Bishop noticed that he was focussed and sensible whilst learning our harvest song and signs and Mrs Tyrrell and Mrs Sprigg noticed that he is he is always ready to learn and has an exceptionally positive attitude to learning. This young man really is a superb St Anne's role model. Congratulations to Jacob.

W/E: 23/09/2022

Isaac J and Adam – for their engagement and contribution to learning this term.  Their hands have been up when I have asked questions and they have been keen and enthusiastic about all of our learning.  What a fantastic start to KS2 Adam and Isaac – and a fabulous start to St Anne’s for Isaac!

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