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W/E: 03/03/23

Year 2 were on a school trip today so there is no star celebration

W/E: 24/02/23

Evan - is working extremely hard at school across ALL subjects.  He is completely focussed on his school work, taking his learning very seriously.  He cares about his work and this can be seen by the care he takes when presenting his work.  His handwriting, for example, is beautiful!  He is really shining in our current Science topic where he was one of a number of children who were able to explain what the purpose of the stem of a plant is.  I have also thoroughly enjoyed watching him work with his learning partner this week too.  He has been kind, thoughtful and supportive.  We done Evan you should be very proud!

W/E: 10/02/23

Emilia - This young lady has recently amazed us with her progress in reading.  Her confidence has been transformed since beginning to read her Monster Phonics e-Books and key words at home.  It is wonderful to see how confident she is during her group reading sessions and 1-2-1 reads.  She can read much more fluently and is always happy to answer questions about the meaning of words.


Georgiana - Our second star turns up with the most wonderful attitude to learning every single day!  She is always ready to learn and listens carefully to the adults and other children in the classroom.  She completes every task to the best of her ability and is happy to help others.  Not only does she demonstrate these wonderful attributes in relation to her learning, but she is also polite, loving and kind.  Georgiana is a pleasure to teach.


W/E: 03/02/23

Brieaa - is someone who is trying hard in every aspect of her learning.  In Science, we are learning about plants and we are growing cress seeds under different conditions in order to help us find out what seeds need to grow into healthy plants.  Some of the seeds are growing in the dark and some with plenty of light.  Some have water and some do not.  Bireaa has been thoroughly engaged by the process.  She can explain what makes a test fair and is using her close observational skills over time and her scientific knowledge to reason.  She said; "The seeds in the light have germinated and now they are growing up the side of the cup.  They are healthier than the seeds in the dark which have germinated but are white and yellow.  I think that seeds need light to grow into healthy plants!".  Well done Brieaa what a fantastic Scientist you are!  


Vicky – has impressed me because of her beautiful handwriting.  We spend a lot of time perfecting our handwriting in Year Two.  It is important to learn how to form our letters correctly because it allows us to focus more on what we are writing.  This young lady has been using some highlighted paper to help her focus on the correct size of her letters and the difference has been transformational.  Well done Victoria, you should be extremely proud of your beautiful cursive writing.

W/E: 27/01/23

Reggie - This young man has really impressed us with his engagement in our story writing lessons so far this half-term.  He has wowed us with his ideas and vocabulary and has been eager to share his thoughts with the rest of his group.  As a result of his hard work Reggie can often be heard to be saying, "Please can I share my writing" which demonstrates his increasing confidence in this area.  


Harri - Sticking with the theme of writing I have chosen this young lady for her attention to detail during her 'Big Write' this week.  So far this term, the children have been learning how to write and effective story opener.  We have focussed on capital letters and full stops, questions for effect, expanded noun phrases, repetition for effect, careful choices in vocabulary and the spelling of the KS1 Common Exception words.  During her 'Big Write' Harri has demonstrated that she is able to use many of these techniques effectively in order to write a fantastic story.  Well done Harri your story opener is superb! 

W/E: 20/01/23

Troy - This young man has really impressed Mrs Knowles and I, for his perseverance this week in his handwriting group.  Troy does not necessarily find writing easy but is making obvious improvements due to his attitude to learning.  He concentrates well and even when others have finished before him, he does not start to rush.  Instead, he takes his time to finish the task properly meaning he is making some super progress in this area.


Thomas - It is notable that my second star has begun to stretch and challenge himself in lessons.  This has been particularly the case in Maths and English where he has been determined to complete the task in order to reach the challenge element of the lesson.  In doing so, Thomas is deepening his thinking more often allowing him to make important connections and strides in his learning.

W/E: 16/12/22

Ewan - This weeks star has come back to school after the Christmas break with an extremely positive attitude to his learning.  He has quickly settled back into our class routines and has been ready for his learning.  Ewan has particularly pleased Miss Broughton with his reading in his Monster Phonics reading group.  He has been a good friend to all and worked extremely well with his new learning partner.  Well done Ewan, we are extremely proud of you.

W/E: 09/12/22

Heidi - This young lady has impressed us for a number of reasons.  The first is her beautiful singing in the nativity!  She learnt her lines extremely quickly and she has been incredibly reliable throughout our rehearsals.  She knows the words to all of the songs and should be very proud of herself.  We have also been impressed with her engagement in our computing lessons.  Our current unit of learning is all about digital photography.  This week we were looking at the effects colour can have on an image.  Our star chose her photograph and demonstrated her skills beautifully.  

W/E: 02/12/22

Christina - My first star is a young lady who has grown hugely in confidence since starting in Year 2.  She has a wonderful attitude to her learning.  She is always ready, always listening and always tries her best.  More recently, she is offering answers to my questions in a variety of different lessons and is becoming more comfortable in explaining her answers.  I have also been blown away by her performance during our nativity rehearsals.  It really did surprise the staff team when she first read her lines on stage with such a powerful voice!


Sam - My second star is a young man who is amazing me in maths!  I was going to say he is like a human calculator but in actual fact he isn't.  He is even better than a calculator is, because he knows a variety of different strategies to help him work out an answer (such as using his number bonds, tens frames, part whole models and dienes) and he can clearly explain his thinking.  Not only that, this young man is now 'up for a challenge' revelling in the opportunity to solve an extra problem which is fantastic to see.  

W/E: 25/11/22

Oscar - This young man has been working hard with Mrs Knowles and Mrs Pearson everyday on his reading. As a result, he is becoming much more confident, recognising more graphemes to support his growing fluency.  We are extremely pleased with the progress he has made.  It is noticeable that he has also become more confident during our maths lessons.  He is happy to put up his hand and attempt to answer questions, which is wonderful to see.  Keep it up Oscar, we are very proud of you!


Casper - This week, in maths, we have been grappling with some tricky additions and subtractions.  I have been impressed with his perseverance and attitude to learning.  He is starting to understanding that not being able to do something is an opportunity to learn.  "I can't do it", becomes "I can't do it yet".  He has made super progress and his jottings are demonstrating a clear method to his maths, which will help him to calculate the answer.  This young man has demonstrated a lot of resilience this week.

W/E: 18/11/22

Flynn - This young man has been thoroughly engaged in his learning this half term.  He is listening carefully on the carpet and applying his new knowledge during the completion of his tasks.  He is thinking carefully and showing great perseverance when asked to reconsider his answer.  In maths, for example, he has worked hard on his place value to help him with the addition unit of learning we are currently completing.  When he makes a mistake, he is able to focus and think carefully about where he made his error, which is making Miss Broughton extremely proud! He has also recently impressed me by continuing his learning at home after a recent art lesson about close observational/line drawings! 


Elsa - This young lady is a joy to teach!  She is a polite, cheerful and engaging young lady who always tries her best.  Her books are beautiful.  She cares about the presentation of her work which tells me that she cares about her learning.  She has recently grown in confidence in maths and it is wonderful to see how engaged she.  She is happy to answer questions and can give important details about how she has worked out the answer to a question.  

W/E: 13/10/22

Phoebe:  We have been delighted with how hard this young lady has been working on her reading.  She has particularly amazed us with how she is using her Monster Phonics knowledge to support her with her writing.  Well done Phobe we are very proud of you for making a lot of links in your learning.


George: This young man has stunned and amazed Miss Broughton with his ability to use his number bonds to help him add.  For example, when adding three one digit numbers such as 3+6+7, he can see that if he adds 7+3 first to make 10, he can then add 6 easily to find the answer.  He has realised that using this method is much more efficient than counting on.  We done George, you have made super progress this week!

W/E: 07/10/22

Edie – has been struggling to recover from a bug this week but her perseverance in coming into school and continuing with her learning has been noticed by her teachers.  Not only that but on Thursday of this week I saw her really challenge herself by verbalising our Titanic story map in front of the whole class.  It was wonderful to see her feeling more confident and remembering so much of the detail contained within the story of the Titanic's Maiden voyage.  Well done Edie I was extremely proud of you!


Harrison - my second star is for a young man who is really beginning to engage with his learning in class 2.  I have noticed this week that he is demonstrating many of the qualities of a good learner.  He is giving eye contact, listening carefully and offering answers to many of my questions.  This has been particularly noticeable in phonics and maths.  Congratulations Harrison you are my second star of the week.

W/E: 30/09/22

Alexander - This young man is my first star of the week due to his fantastic writing.  He has amazed the adults in Class 2 this week by producing some wonderful sentences to describe the Titanic.  He has included capital letters at the start of his sentences, used adventurous vocabulary, beautiful cursive writing and expanded noun phrases.  He was incredibly proud of his achievements and rightly so!  He has also made some valuable contributions to his reading group this week, thinking carefully about the meaning of words and being supportive of other members of the group.


Harriet FW- This young lady impresses us every day with her behaviour and attitude to learning.  She has strong values and can always be relied upon to be setting a good example for the rest of the class.  She has a thirst for knowledge and a love of learning which is so wonderful to see.  We are particularly proud of her for her growing confidence and the careful and more detailed answers she is giving in class when asked if she can explain her thoughts. 

W/E: 23/09/2022

Sonia – for an excellent start to Year 2. She has a wonderfully mature attitude to her day, whether it be learning time or playtime. She embodies many of our school values such as resilience, respect and honesty and we could not be more proud of her. 

Hugo – for working hard and always trying his best.  He is a quieter member of the class but his consistent effort has not gone unnoticed!

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