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Harriet - my star of the week is a young lady who has worked hard throughout her time in Class 2.  She has a real talent for reading and she has made super progress in her writing too. When taking part in mental maths challenges during our maths lessons she is able to explain a number of strategies to the class and knows which is the most efficient.  She has recently amazed me with her reasoning about numbers, which she is using to solve complex problems.  Well done Harriet, we are all extremely proud of you!

Troy - for always being ready to learn, being enthusiastic and always trying hard. Troy never lets anything get in his way, he perseveres until he completes the challenges. He has been working hard in Maths and English, and completes everything he does with a smile on his face.


Reggie - he has been a Maths whizz this week. We have been working on numbers up to 120, finding them on a 120 grid, counting forwards and backwards and looking at the place value of them. Reggie spotted patterns on the 120 grid, helping him to find which numbers may be missing. There was no stopping him this week!

Harriet B - This weeks star of the week has now had a full week at St Anne's school.  I have been very impressed with the way she has settled in.  She has made new friends and has already treated me to examples of her lovely, independent writing.  Congratulations Harriet B, you are Class 2's star of the week.

Abigail – is my star of the week, she has worked hard throughout her time in Year 2.  Her progress has been phenomenal and she should be very proud of her hard work both at home and at school.  She is quiet but confident and has a wonderful sense of humour making her a pleasure to have in the class.  She can always be relied upon to be ready for her learning and is a fantastic role model for the rest of the class.  What more can I say.  Congratulations Abi, you are my star of the week.

First of all I want to say how proud I am of class 2 this week.  We haven't quite finished our SATS, but each and every one of the children have done their best.  It has made me want to burst with pride watching them demonstrate how much they have learnt during their time at St Anne's.  They have tried their absolute best to use the strategies they have been taught for both reading and writing - who could ask for more!


Ollie – has been thinking carefully about the strategy he should use to answer a question.  I watched him during his two maths papers and was delighted to see that he took his time, thought carefully about each question and had taken on board much of the advice he had been given.  Well done Ollie, you should be very proud of yourself this week!


Ethan – is a young man who has made tremendous progress in his reading.  Both Mrs Hayes and I watched in amazement as he worked through the Reading SATS paper methodically, using all of the strategies he has been taught.  He has moved up a book band this week and will definitely be moving up again soon as his progress is clear to see.  Well done Ethan, you are a superstar!

Jensen - My first star of the week has really impressed me with his attitude to reading this week.  He has had a brilliant 'give it a go' attitude.  During our class read he said to Mrs Sprigg, "I'll have a go at reading that", when normally he would probably prefer someone else to do it.  When reading our class text, "The koala who could", Miss Broughton asked the class if they understood the meaning of a word.  My star put his hand up and said, "I'm not sure exactly, but I’m going to have a go".  He gave a super answer, but that wasn't the point.  It is his attitude to his learning that Miss Broughton is impressed with.  Well done Jensen, Mrs Sprigg and I are extremely impressed.


Lailah - Mrs Sprigg has mentioned numerous times that this young lady is working hard in phonics.  Miss Broughton has also noticed a huge improvement in her writing.  She is beginning to notice when sentences don't make sense and is asking for help to improve her work.  Well done Lailah for making such huge strides in your learning!

Adam - This young man has thoroughly enjoyed all of our topics whilst he has been in Class 2.  He was so thoroughly engaged with our Titanic topic that he still regularly brings in drawings and fact files that he has completed at home.  Our current topic is a geography topic and it is all about Australia.  My star of the week has been completely engaged and has developed a love of geography.  He has a lot of knowledge that he enjoys sharing with the class and is taking on-board many new ideas too.  Congratulations Adam, you are a pleasure to teach.


James - My second star of the week enjoyed a fabulous conversation with Mrs Lindsey this week during our English lesson.  She was amazed with the information that he shared about where Australia is and how big it is.  This young man is also a pleasure to teach.  He is always ready for his learning and always tries his best.  Congratulations James you are star of the week.

Toby - My first star of the week is a young man who has been concentrating hard in maths.  He has found multiplication tricky but with focus and determination, he is making good progress.  He now has a number of strategies he can draw on to ensure he gets the correct answer.  Keep working hard Toby, you can do it!


Liam - My second star has been working hard on his reading both in school and at home.  His comprehension of what he reads and learns about is superb and this can be seen across all subjects (especially our Australia topic, for which he has great enthusiasm).  The area of focus for this young man is on fluency and pace where I am sure he will make great gains if he continues with his daily reading.  A huge well done for all of your hard work Liam!

Hooria - is a young lady whose confidence has grown significantly in the area of maths.  She had become quite muddled about the four main operations and spent a lot of time over the holidays working with her family on addition and subtraction.  As a result, she is far more accurate and confident! Well done Hooria!

Jack has been working hard to improve his focus during lessons.  He has always listened well during our carpet time and contributes beautifully with his thoughts and ideas to the benefit of the whole class.  It has been when he goes to complete his work that he can sometimes struggles to concentrate in a busy classroom environment.  I have noticed that he is trying really hard to concentrate over the last couple of weeks and as a result the quantity and (most importantly) quality of his work has improved.  Well done Jack - keep working hard. 

Nicole - My star has really been working hard during our computing unit of learning, 'We are researchers'.  She has effectively used google, Bing and simple Wikipedia to research the Scientist Mae Jemison.  She has also been extremely thoughtful about internet safety, beginning to understand that anyone can post anything on-line so the things you read on line might not always be correct.

Abigail is a young lady who has turned into a whizz at maths.  She has mastered a number of strategies during the Spring Term and she is now becoming confident enough to explain her thinking to the rest of the class.  She scores consistently high in our Friday arithmetic too.  Congratulations Abigail!


Harriet - is a young lady who has really impressed me with her English writing this week.  We have started to write a new genre and she quickly has got to grips with the purpose of the genre ensuring that she is writing effective sentences to hook the reader into her book review.  Congratulations Harriet!

David - My first star of the week has really impressed me this week with his behaviour in the classroom!  He has moved around the classroom sensibly and worked hard during lesson which has resulted in some outstanding work! 


Sophie - My second star could easily be 'star of the week' every week.  She always listens carefully and always tries her best!  This week she has impressed me with her 'big write' where she wrote a recount of World Book Day.  Her work was beautifully presented and she demonstrated a solid understanding of all of the writing challenges taught this half term!

This week our star of the week in Class Two is a girl who has made tremendous progress in her reading.  Mrs Campion has spoken to Miss Broughton and explained how enthusiastic this young lady is.  Not only has her reading improved, but her understanding has come on leaps and bounds.  Well done Ella.  We are extremely proud of the progress you are making.  You have moved up a book band and you are growing in confidence each time I hear you read!

Ethan  - has settled down to tasks really well, asked for any equipment that he may need, tried very hard to record all of his ideas and to complete tasks set especially in English and maths.

David - Mrs Sprigg has nominated this young man for Star of the Week because he is working extremely hard in his phonics group.  He is able to recognise many more sounds and use them to blend words and read sentences.  He is also making super progress in terms of writing words and short sentences.  Mrs Sprigg has been impressed with his attitude to his learning in phonics and how he has begun to help his friends when they are struggling.  Congratulations David, you are star of the week!


Ollie - Our second star of the week has wowed us with his stories from home this week.  He has been writing stories and illustrating them complete with a blurb and a barcode.  He has wowed us with his neat writing, super spelling and funny stories.  In school he has really impressed Miss Broughton with his attention to detail during his reading assessments.  Well done Ollie you are our second star of the week!

Veda - This young lady is new to our school but has settled in beautifully.  She has made new friends and as such appears to enjoy her school day.  She has quickly begun to follow our school routines and is a joy to have in our class.  Congratulations Veda, you are my first star of the week.


Amber - This young lady's attitude to her learning is superb.  She ALWAYS listens carefully and ALWAYS completes every task to the best of her ability.  She appears to love school and loves learning.  This week she has really impressed me with the care and attention she has given to her handwriting whilst writing instructions for our hydroponics experiment.  Well done Amber you are our second star of the week.  

Alice and Kyla

Miss Broughton has selected two children this week who worked extremely well as a team during their computing lesson.  They have been using the app 'Snapseed' to edit and enhance nature themed photographs.  They organised them into a folder, cropped them, used lighting and colour fixes and added text.  The two girls worked beautifully as a team, thought carefully about their photographs and used the app effectively in order to create stunning results.  Well done Alice and Kyla!

Oliver W- This young man has amazed his teacher with his solid understanding of place value this week.  We were subtracting bridging ten and he worked out how we could use dienes to help find the answer (exchanging the ten for ones).  He was rewarded with a round of applause from his classmates and 5 team points!  Well done Oliver, you are really showing your depth of understanding!


Keira  - This young lady has only been at St Anne's school for a couple of weeks.  She has settled into our class routines beautifully and has had a lot of fun making friends.  It feels like she has always been part of our class 2 community.  Well done Keira, we are very proud of you

Ollie - This young man has made a fantastic return to school after the holidays. I was particularly impressed this week with his focus in maths.  He has been using dienes effectively.  Well done Ollie - keep trying hard.


Wiktoria - Our second star of the week has also made super progress in maths.  She has learnt how to use dienes to add two double digit numbers, even bridging ten.  Her work is always beautifully presented and this helps her to complete accurate work in maths.  Congratulations Wiktoria, you are our second star of the week. 


















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