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Year 2

W/E: 01/12/23

George H: This young man is our star of the week this week for his attitude to the nativity.  We have been amazed by his confidence and willingness to take on such a big role.  He quickly learnt his lines and can always be relied upon to be ready to speak during his rehearsals - always with a smile on his face.  I cannot believe how self assured he appears.  George, you are our star of the week for your phenomenal commitment to your part in the KS1 nativity.  You are making us very proud!


Maks: Our second star has a superb attitude to learning.  He has enormous amounts of fun at breaktime but when it is time to learn he is always ready.  He might think that we don't notice how hard her works, due to the fact that he gets on with the job quickly and quietly, but he would be wrong!  He obviously cares about his learning and as a result is making wonderful progress in Year 2.  Well done Maks!

W/E: 24/11/23

Edan: Our first star has been noticed by all of the team in Class 2 for his engagement in phonics.  He is working hard in both whole class phonics and his group. His focus and concentration is ensuring that he can remember more and more each week. This week for example he was the first to remember one of the Tricky Witch rules (when the 'a' makes the 'o' sounds such as in the words was and want).  He is also working hard on his script for our nativity.  His perseverance with his lines is wonderful to see.


Drew: Our second star always has a smile on her face.  She listens carefully and always works hard.   She is a kind friend to others and can always be relied upon to be doing the right thing.  This young lady plays Mary in our nativity.  She has already learnt her lines and she has agreed to sing a solo (tissues at the ready!)

W/E: 17/11/23

George S: has thoroughly enjoyed Science where we have conducted an experiment to find out which materials are waterproof. He enjoyed using the equipment and accurately measuring the water in order to keep his test fair. During our school trip yesterday, this young man impressed Miss Sharp (our Victorian teacher) by stepping into the role Nesbert (who was late for school). He thoroughly enjoyed playing with the Victorian toys especially the wind up train.


Mia: has impressed Miss Broughton this week with her attitude to learning.  This week has she should be rightly proud of the work that she has completed on many occasions. She has also made us smile by how thrilled she is about her role in the nativity. We cannot wait for your to see our disco diva in action!

W/E: 10/11/23

Phoebe: This week we have begun a new unit of learning in Maths (addition and subtraction).  We began by revisiting number bonds to ten and then quickly moved on to fact families (involving both addition and subtraction).  Many of the children were confused by this, but not our star.  Not only did she demonstrate her growing understanding in the lesson, but at the end of the lesson both Mrs Knowles and Miss Broughton (on separate days) noticed how keen our star was to answer the challenge questions.  She 'wowed' both her teachers and classmates this week with her confidence and accuracy in maths.  Well done Phoebe, we are extremely proud of you!

W/E: 13/10/23

Laurel:  has wowed me with her commitment to her learning both in and out of school.  It began last Friday with looking to perfect her beautiful cursive writing at home and has led to a plethora of work coming my way from home.  She has written a recount of the maiden voyage of the Titanic and continued her sketching of hot air balloons in the style of artist Tom McCormack at home.  All of this extra effort has resulted in some superb outcomes in history, English and art this week.  What a super week!


Felicity: I have been amazed by my second stars engagement in Science this week.  We have been investigating different materials to protect an egg when dropped.  We discovered that bubble wrap and cotton wool were effective and talked about the properties of those materials.  When considering our results, we began to think about the other questions we might ask in order to further our investigations.  My star is very able to talk about the properties of materials and suggested that we could find out which material would be the most effective for a parachute to slow the egg down.  Such great thinking!

W/E: 06/10/23

Constance: My first star of the week wowed me with her writing this week.  We are writing a description of the Titanic and our lesson objective was to use an expanded noun phrase in order to help develop a clearer picture in the reader's mind.  Constance not only did this successfully, but she 'magpied' a wonderful phrase from a description of a hot air balloon which we had studied earlier on in the week.  After sharing her writing with the whole class, we then took the time to look at our stars first page of writing versus the writing she is producing now.  It is transformational.  Well done Constance, we are very proud of you!


Grace: Our second star has shown incredible perseverance this week; which must be celebrated.  She works extremely hard in every lesson and has a superb attitude to her learning.  I have been most impressed with her attitude to maths this week.  She has found some of our place value lessons a little tricky.  Grace has asked for help when needed both at home and at school and as a result is making good progress.  Well done Grace, your determination and perseverance in every area of your school day means that you will soon get the hang of it!

W/E: 29/11/23

Oliver: We have been learning how to write a recount of the Titanic's maiden voyage.  Initially, the children have been helped to write their sentences with a focus on capital letters, full stops, correct spellings of high frequency words/topic vocabulary and conjunctions.  This week we have been planning to complete our first independent write where I hope that the children will show me that they have retained some of their learning.  We began by orally rehearsing sentences before trying to write them down.  This young man amazed Miss Broughton and Mrs Knowles because of his focus and concentration during this task.  He quietly got on with the job and tried extremely hard to remember the things he had been taught.  He even remembered to read his sentences again in order to check that they made sense.  Well done Oliver, what a super start!


Joseph: In our PSHE lessons we have been talking about what it might feel like to be part of a new class.  My second star certainly knows how this feels.  He has quickly become part of our class and is beginning to make friends.  Like the rest of the class, he has rapidly become obsessed with our Titanic topic and loves to tell me the things he now knows.  I was particularly impressed with his artwork this week.  We have been studying a piece by the artist Tom Mcormack and learning some of the skills needed to replicate his work.  He showed super progress when he completed his line drawing of a hot air balloon and thoroughly enjoyed sharing his work with his friends at the end of the lesson.  Well done Joseph - what a great week you have had!

W/E: 22/09/23

David: This young man has amazed us by his enthusiasm for his learning in every lesson.  He is always listening and always tries his best.  He has developed a lot of confidence since arriving at St Anne's school and will now answer questions in class and ask for help when he needs it.  We have been particularly impressed with his reading.  He reads at least four times a week at home which means that he develops a wonderful fluency when reading his Monster Phonics books.  In addition to this I was really impressed with David's artwork this week.  He listened carefully to my instructions about sketching a hot air balloon leading to a really super outcome!


Charlie: We love Charlie's enthusiasm for his learning and his willingness to give everything a go.  He loves to answer my questions on the carpet and his answers often provide valuable information to the rest of the class regarding our lesson objective.  Charlie reads a lot at home and works hard in his group read and phonics lessons at school.  As a result he is making some wonderful progress.  We now send two Monster Phonics books home a week as he is becoming fluent at his stage of reading extremely quickly!


Ellie: Ellie has made a phenomenal start to Year 2.  She is thoroughly engaged in all of our learning and soon exclaimed, "I think I'm going to like it in this class!"  Her interest in the Titanic topic is particularly noticeable and she is becoming extremely adept at using topic specific vocabulary.  She can remember many details about the Titanic's maiden voyage and has recited this information in front of the whole class.  Ellie has even continued her learning at home. Wow!

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