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W/E: 03/03/23

Sarah - This week Sarah has been trying very hard in her phonics, she has been recognising new sounds and is working hard on her blending skills.  She has been practising writing words with the new sounds in too. Well done Sarah!

W/E: 24/02/23

Julia For her being fantastic in PE this week. Year 1 started their orienteering unit this week, and Mr Newton asked them to work in teams to collect the right equipment to build a silly face. Julia was able to follow the key and help her team when they struggled to remember what they had to collect. Her team succeeded in completing their silly face in the time limit. She was an excellent team player.

W/E: 10/02/23

Jude - for being a super friend this week. Jude has been kind and helpful to other children in class, and has been spending time with friends when they have been upset - doing what he can to make them feel happy again. He will make them pictures, play different games with them, fetch them toys they may like. His friends have been very appreciative too, thanking him for all his kindness.


Dana - for her wonderful kite she made in Design Technology. She designed her own kite, thinking about different colours and patterns she might use, and then the following week she followed her to design to make her kite. She took her time, thought about different materials and colours, and was very proud of the final result.


W/E: 03/02/23

Eliza - for her focus and concentration in Maths. Eliza listens well to different strategies and then shows her understanding by applying them to her work. This week we have been working on making connections between number bonds, and Eliza has used tens frames, bar models and part whole models to solve different calculations.

W/E: 27/01/23

Oliver - for his incredible work in design and technology, making his own carp kite. In DT, we have been learning all about kites, where they originate from and who might use them. We then followed instructions to make our own carp kite, Oliver was engaged for the whole lesson, and was very patient with cutting out the scales, and gluing them on, he didn't rush, he took his time and it shows in his final piece. After all that, he was very excited to go outside and try to fly the kite.

W/E: 20/01/23

Daisy - for her incredible reading over the past two weeks. She has been spending time working on her reading in school and at home. She is keen to read, and her confidence is improving. Her pace and fluency has improved and she is developing her comprehension skills. We often hear her talking about how good she is at reading and how much she loves reading. Her love for reading now is something to aspire to. 


Grace - for her enthusiasm during our topic lessons. She is thoroughly enjoying our space topic, and is extending her learning at home. Over the weekend, she visited the Space Centre and was keen to share what she had learnt whilst she was there. She has brought in her own Space book from home to share with her friends, and she is sharing facts with us every day. She is keen to learn more and is always engaged in her history lessons. It is exciting to see how engaged and motivated she is both in and out of the lessons.

W/E: 13/01/23

David - for coming into school with a smile everyday, and working well with his partner. He has been keen to join in with our actions for Talk for Writing, and has shown wonderful number understanding this week.


George - for his engagement and focus in many areas of learning this week. He has been incredible at Talk for Writing, he has picked up the actions really well, and has learnt the words to go with the story. He has been using different strategies in Maths to identify numbers higher than 10, including subsitising. 

W/E: 16/12/22

Daisy & Lilianna - for working well as a team when building a boat during science. Over the past few weeks, we have been learning about materials in science and which materials could be best for building a boat. The girls used their knowledge of this to build a boat that could float for one minute, and carry four animals. Although their first attempt didn't work the way they hoped, they persevered and continued to adapt their boat to ensure it met the criteria. 

W/E: 09/12/22

Laurel and Edan - Both stars this week have worked very hard on their fact files about London. They have researched about facts and landmarks in London. They then went on to create plans for each section of their fact file. They used their plans to create sentences about London and write their fact files.

W/E: 02/12/22

George - this week, George has been impressing Miss Howarth with his engagement and participation in phonics. He has been working on recognising the initial sound in words and sorting objects based on their initial sound. He has enjoyed doing his phonics work and will ask if it is time for his phonics job each day. We are so proud of him this week, and we know he is proud of himself too. 


Ellie - In RE, we have been learning about different celebrations. This week, we looked at how the celebrations we have looked at are linked by the theme of light. When talking about Christmas, Ellie was able to explain that Jesus is the light of the world, which is why we have a bright star in the Christmas story, why we light candles at Christmas and use lights in our decorations. Ellie painted her own picture of light and chose to paint candles as they remind her of Jesus at Christmas. 

W/E: 25/11/22

Maks - this week in Maths, Maks has been a little human calculator. We have been learning how to subtract using different methods, such as crossing out and using a numberline. Maks has shown a great understanding of these strategies, and is able to apply them in his learning. He can explain why we jump backwards on a number line when subtracting, and he is also improving at solving subtractions mentally.


Constance - for her incredible story writing this week. Over the past few weeks, we have been learning the Queen's Hat as our talk for story writing, and building up to writing our own version of the story. Constance was able to use everything we have learnt to write her own story, including prefixes and suffixes. 

W/E: 18/11/22

Billie - for so many reasons this week! Billie has been ready for learning, sitting on the carpet quietly and listening during all lessons. She has been participating more in lessons, and her manners this week have been fantastic. On top of all of this, she has been a great friend to others, she has been kind, and she has been a great thinking partner during lessons too.

W/E: 11/11/22

Annie - Annie has really impressed Mrs Pearson this week.  Her attitude to her learning has been inspirational.  She is always ready whilst on the carpet, volunteering valuable answers.  She always tries her best when she comes to complete her tasks and is full of enthusiasm.  She has made a fantastic start on her recount of our recent trip to the Victorian Classroom.

W/E: 04/11/22

Mia - for her enthusiasm in Science. This week we have started a new science topic, materials. She was keen to learn during the lesson, and was able to discuss that sometimes objects can be made of more than one material. She was able to identify the properties of some materials too. After our first lesson, Mia spent the rest of her afternoon finding different objects in the classroom and telling me what material they were made of.


Phoebe - for applying her new skills in Maths. Phoebe has impressed all the adults in Class 1 this week with her quick maths recall, and her understanding of new strategies in Maths. This week we introduced the part whole model, and she was able to use it to answer simple addition number sentences. She could find missing parts or complete the whole using different equipment in the classroom.

W/E: 13/10/22

Charlie - so far this year, writing has been some what of a challenge for Charlie, however this week he has tried very hard to improve his letter formation and his writing. Charlie has been using yellow lines to support him and guide him with his letters, and you could just see how proud he was when he could see the difference in his writing. He was listening carefully for sounds, and taking his time to form his letters to the best of his ability.


Catherine - for being a phonics superstar. Class 1 have spent some time looking at common exception words, and using the monsters to help them segment and blend the words. Class 1 then spent time colour coding their own words. However, Catherine came across a word she found a little trickier to read, and instead of asking an adult what it said, she found our 100 words poster, and found the word and monster that helped her to sound it out and read it herself. She was so proud of herself for finding the word, and solving her problem. 

W/E: 07/10/22

No star this week as the class were on a trip to Sherwood Forest.

W/E: 30/09/22

Lewis - for his super understanding of maps this week. He was able to identify different map symbols and read a key. He was then able to apply his skills and work with a partner to draw a map of the classroom. 


Marcus - for being a fantastic mathematician. He has been working on counting to ten this week and he has been recognising different numbers in the environment. He is making marks and counting them, and loves counting his friends as they come in to the classroom. 

W/E: 23/09/2022

Ella – for settling into Year 1 brilliantly.  You can always rely on her to be doing the right thing and she will always work hard. She is always smiling and bringing a smile to others faces, being a good friend and helping those who need it.

Felicity – for setting a good example at the start of Year 1.  She is always following golden rules and doing as you expect her to. She has made a great start to Year 1, and we are sure this will only continue throughout the year.

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