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W/E: 15 July 2022

Oscar - this week we have been looking at time, why it is important and how we tell the time. We have been focussing on the minute and hour hand, and where they are positioned, when we are telling the time to the hour. Oscar grasped this skill very quickly, and throughout the day he would look at the clock and tell the time. Each time he was given an o'clock time, he was able to quickly recognise and tell you what time it was.


Emilia - for her beautiful moving picture. Over the past few weeks, Class 1 have been learning different skills, and using them to create a moving picture. Emilia painted the background, and used different strokes to create the image of the sea. She used pastels and blended them to add colour to her boat and lighthouse, and she used cutting and sticking skills to create a slider. 

W/E 08 July 2022

Annie - for her fantastic ideas during English. We have started a new story, The Night Pirates by Peter Harris. Annie came up with some lovely adjectives to describe the characters and the setting.  


Christina - for always setting a good example. Christina can always be relied upon to make the right choice and follow the Golden Rules. She is kind and helpful towards others, and is always ready to learn. 

W/E 1 July 2022

Harriet F- for great understanding in Science this week. Class 1 went on a five senses scavenger hunt, and Harriet was able to identify different objects using her senses. She spotted items that were different colours; she listened for sounds outside and found scents from flowers. Afterwards, she could explain how and when we use our five senses.

Edie - this week Edie has impressed us with her knowledge and skills during Maths. She has been able to identify different coins and notes, and has started to combine coins to make new amounts. 

Special mention to all of Class 1 for their hard work during their special phonics job this week. I am very proud of you all!


Elsa - for her wonderful writing in English this week. We have started a new book, ‘The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch’, we spent some time looking at the characters and discussing different feelings, and how we may use an exclamation mark to show they are scared, angry or excited. Elsa then used this information to write her own sentences for different characters, remembering to use an exclamation mark each time.


Harriet - for being a kind, caring and considerate friend. Harriet works well with others in class, and is always the first to support others when they find something difficult. She can be relied upon by others, and always look after them when they are sad or hurt.


Hugo - for his improving confidence in phonics, and his hard-working attitude. Mrs McKinnell has mentioned many times how fabulous he has been in the phonics group; he works hard and focusses on the task in front of him. He has been making exceptional progress in phonics and we are very proud of him.

Thomas - for being a fantastic historian this week. When looking at the seaside 100 years ago, Thomas was able to use pictures to identify similarities and differences between then and now. He could talk about the clothes they wore and the activities they did, and was able to explain which picture or source was the best for proving different historical statements.


Casper has been amazing this week. He has took on board everything we have been talking about in class and applied it to his learning. One of his best moments this week has been his perseverance with his handwriting. He never gave up and wanted to make sure he was correctly using cursive letters. He has just been an all-round superstar all week. 

Phoebe - This week, she has stood out for her love of learning and positive attitude. She is always ready to learn, and has persevered with work she has found tricky. She has astounded us with her new found love of writing, and has impressed us day after day with her phonics. She is spotting most digraphs and trigraphs, and is using her sound buttons to help her read. All the adults that have worked with Class 1 this week, have had great things to say about Phoebe, and she has stood out as an all-round superstar.


George - for his attitude to learning, and his improved confidence in writing. George is always ready to learn; he listens well on the carpet, participates in discussions, and shows what he has learnt in his books. He has started to recognise it is OK to ask for help when he finds something tricky, and this has reflected in his confidence in writing. He is more keen to write, and is proud of what he can achieve.

Brieaa - Mrs Sprigg and Mrs Smith were very pleased with Brieaa’s attitude and skills on Tuesday at the multi-skills festival. She started the day feeling as though she would struggle with the tasks, and find it hard to complete them. But, by the end of the morning, she was beaming with pride, she couldn't believe all the new skills she had learnt, and she thoroughly enjoyed the morning! On top of this, Mrs Sprigg was extremely positive about Brieaa’s behaviour, and how she had set a great example for our school.


Heidi - This week, we have started our new Talk for Writing story, ‘The Snail and the Whale’. We have spent some time picking out the verbs in the story, and looking at how verbs can change with different suffixes. Heidi was incredible at spotting the root word, and naming the suffix added to the word. She was then able to use the suffixes -ed and -ing when writing about the Snail and the Whale.

Ewan for working hard to make the right choices this week. He has been kind to his friends, helpful in class and worked hard in all aspects of his learning. He has been noticed by many adults in school for his great attitude this week. 


Sam - for his incredible progress in phonics. Sam is spotting digraphs and trigraphs in words, and is able to consider alternative pronunciations when he is reading. He is always impressing the adults he reads with. He is also beginning to use the 'best bet' when spelling words, knowing that there are alternative ways to spell different phonemes. 


Alexander - this week we have been looking at weight, and Alexander has been able to explain the changes in scales, and uses the correct vocabulary such as heavier and lighter. He has explained that size does not always tell us how much something weighs, and to check which items may be heavier we need to use a scale. He even had a go at being a human weighing scale, and class 1 had to guess which object was heavier.

Rosanna - for her excellent reasoning and answers during our Science Day. She was able to explain why plants would struggle to grow if they had no water or light. She used her knowledge to make predictions on the experiment currently being carried out in class, whether a plant can grow without light, without water or without both. 


Victoria has been reading regularly with Mrs Knowles and Mrs Smith and both have commented on the incredible progress she has made. Her confidence has improved when reading, and she has improved her pace. She has been working on her fluency, and this has helped her in being able to answer questions about the text.



Emilia - for her hard-working attitude this week. She has been trying hard in all she does and is starting to work more independently.  She has been working hard on her set tasks, and this week she has become an expert at measuring in Maths. She has been comparing lengths and heights, and is starting to measure in centimetres using a ruler.

Lily  - for her art work this week based around the book Journey. We looked at the artist Peter Thorpe and created abstract pictures of Space which we thought would be on the other side of the door. Lily took her time, blended her pastels well and used different circular objects to create the shape of her planets.


Flynn  - for his wonderful skills in PE with Mr Newton this week. He listened well and he showed progress through the lesson. He was able to balance the tennis ball on the rackets and walk around with it. He was able to bounce the ball on the racket, and bounce the ball on the floor, catch it on his racket and continue to bounce it on the racket. 

Emily G - for her wonderful descriptive postcard about a trip to the moon. She listened well during the lesson to a variety of adjectives we could use to describe what we could see if we went to the moon. She used a word mat, as well as her own ideas to describe her time on the moon. She worked independently and used some wonderful ideas.


Evan  - for his incredible Maths skills. This week, we have been working on counting in 2s and have started to use early multiplication skills. Evan became such a whizz at this, that by the end of the week, he was no longer relying on pictures and concrete apparatus to count in 2s, he was mentally counting in 2s, and multiplying by 2.

Georgiana - for so many reasons! Georgiana has been on fire this week, she is always listening in class, making the right choices, and sharing ideas and answers in class. She has been taking in all the learning we have been doing in class, and applying this to her tasks. On top of this, Georgiana has been expanding her learning at home through her homework. She created a picture of her favourite planet, Earth and wrote some facts about it. 

Sam O - For his creative mnemonic to help him remember the 8 planets of the solar system. Sam independently worked through the planets and came up with a clever and funny sentence to help him remember the planets.


Sonia  - for her incredible reading progress. Sonia has made exceptional progress in reading. She has been spending time with Miss Campion who has commented on how spectacular her reading is. She has improved her pace and fluency, allowing her to understand what she has read. 


For his deep and meaningful thinking in RE. Our RE topic this half term focuses on caring, and this week we have been looking at who do we care for and who cares for us. Oscar was able to reflect on those who are less fortunate than us and said 'we should help others so they can have toy like us.' He was able to recognise that not everyone has the same things we do, and he knows that giving to charity is a way to support those less fortunate than us. He then reflected on this by saying we can ask God to care for everyone too.



For his excellent skills in Maths this week. We started looking at how we partition a number in to tens and ones. Harrison was able to represent these numbers using bundles of 10 straws and single straws for the ones. He used the concrete materials to show different two digit numbers. The following day, he was able to use his knowledge of tens and ones to quickly notice how many tens and ones a number has, he stopped using the concrete materials and mentally worked out how to partition the numbers.

Victoria Z- for her wonderful work in Maths. Victoria worked on crossing ten when subtracting, and was able to use tens frames to independently work out the answers to the questions. She was a real Maths whizz, working hard and showing her working out.


A special mention for all of Class 1 for their exceptional behaviour on their trip to the Space Centre. They were an excellent representation for our school.



Georgiana J - for her excellent understanding in Maths this week. We had to follow several steps to solve our calculations. Georgiana had a Eureka moment where it all clicked and she started to fly through her calculations. She was able to use tens frames to make 10 and then add the rest, once she started there was no stopping her!


Phoebe  - for her wonderful reading this week. Phoebe has found a love for reading and phonics this week. She is enthusiastic during phonics lessons, and is excited to learn new phonemes and apply them in her reading. She has been working on her pace when reading, and is finding it easier to blend those trickier words that crop up in her reading book.


















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