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Year 1

W/E: 18/11/22

Billie - for so many reasons this week! Billie has been ready for learning, sitting on the carpet quietly and listening during all lessons. She has been participating more in lessons, and her manners this week have been fantastic. On top of all of this, she has been a great friend to others, she has been kind, and she has been a great thinking partner during lessons too.

W/E: 11/11/22

Annie - Annie has really impressed Mrs Pearson this week.  Her attitude to her learning has been inspirational.  She is always ready whilst on the carpet, volunteering valuable answers.  She always tries her best when she comes to complete her tasks and is full of enthusiasm.  She has made a fantastic start on her recount of our recent trip to the Victorian Classroom.

W/E: 04/11/22

Mia - for her enthusiasm in Science. This week we have started a new science topic, materials. She was keen to learn during the lesson, and was able to discuss that sometimes objects can be made of more than one material. She was able to identify the properties of some materials too. After our first lesson, Mia spent the rest of her afternoon finding different objects in the classroom and telling me what material they were made of.


Phoebe - for applying her new skills in Maths. Phoebe has impressed all the adults in Class 1 this week with her quick maths recall, and her understanding of new strategies in Maths. This week we introduced the part whole model, and she was able to use it to answer simple addition number sentences. She could find missing parts or complete the whole using different equipment in the classroom.

W/E: 13/10/22

Charlie - so far this year, writing has been some what of a challenge for Charlie, however this week he has tried very hard to improve his letter formation and his writing. Charlie has been using yellow lines to support him and guide him with his letters, and you could just see how proud he was when he could see the difference in his writing. He was listening carefully for sounds, and taking his time to form his letters to the best of his ability.


Catherine - for being a phonics superstar. Class 1 have spent some time looking at common exception words, and using the monsters to help them segment and blend the words. Class 1 then spent time colour coding their own words. However, Catherine came across a word she found a little trickier to read, and instead of asking an adult what it said, she found our 100 words poster, and found the word and monster that helped her to sound it out and read it herself. She was so proud of herself for finding the word, and solving her problem. 

W/E: 07/10/22

No star this week as the class were on a trip to Sherwood Forest.

W/E: 30/09/22

Lewis - for his super understanding of maps this week. He was able to identify different map symbols and read a key. He was then able to apply his skills and work with a partner to draw a map of the classroom. 


Marcus - for being a fantastic mathematician. He has been working on counting to ten this week and he has been recognising different numbers in the environment. He is making marks and counting them, and loves counting his friends as they come in to the classroom. 

W/E: 23/09/2022

Ella – for settling into Year 1 brilliantly.  You can always rely on her to be doing the right thing and she will always work hard. She is always smiling and bringing a smile to others faces, being a good friend and helping those who need it.

Felicity – for setting a good example at the start of Year 1.  She is always following golden rules and doing as you expect her to. She has made a great start to Year 1, and we are sure this will only continue throughout the year.

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