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W/E: 02/02/24

George: This week's star has been working on following our 5 golden rules. He has been thinking about how to make the right choice. He has been listening to the adults in class, sitting sensibly on the carpet and working hard. His attitude towards his learning has improved, and everybody is so proud of him.


Iris: In class this week we have been working on writing a set of instructions for making a rocket. This star took care in her work, thinking about the presentation and layout of instructions, she used word mats to help her with spellings and she recalled each step well. Well done Iris, what beautiful work!

W/E: 26/01/24

Daniel: stands out for so many reasons. His attitude towards his learning is wonderful, he is so keen to learn new things, and show what he can do in his work. Daniel has been working hard on his presentation in his books, thinking carefully about the size of his letters, he is taking his time to ensure he has capital letters, full stops and finger spaces in the correct places. He is always looking at word mats and sound mats to help him with his spellings. He is a great learning partner, sharing his ideas and helping with activities. Overall, he is just a pleasure to have in class, with his fantastic attitude and his hard-working nature.


Flynn: This week, Flynn has been working on his resilience. Class 1 have become more independent this half term, working on their formal learning. This has been a challenge for some, but Flynn has been resilient and has persevered when it has been tougher than usual. He has looked for peer and adult support to help him with his tasks, and has improved his independence. Flynn now knows what he can use in the classroom to support him with his learning, and he is working very hard in all he does.

W/E: 19/01/24

Delillah: This week, Delilah has been working hard in her phonics, spotting key sounds and blending them together. She has been working hard in her phonics group and we are seeing a great improvement in her reading, and we can see how much she is enjoying reading too.


Lilly: I think we have a future author on our hands. She is loving our story 'Whatever Next'. She uses clear actions and a loud voice when retelling the story, and she follows the story map very well. She has then used what she knows to write part of the story herself. She used monster phonics word mats to help her with the spellings of tricky words, and thought carefully about her use of full stops and question marks, and making sure she used a capital letter for the start of her sentence and for names.

W/E: 15/12/23

Teddy: For his fantastic fact file about London. He spent time researching and finding out information about London and landmarks in London. He worked on creating a plan to write a fact file and then produced a great final piece about London. He thought about when he needed to use a capital letter and full stop, he used finger spaces appropriately, and started to use suffixes in his writing too. He worked independently and we are so proud of his final piece.

W/E: 08/12/23

Pippa: For her general enthusiasm in everything she does. She is always ready and raring to go no matter what. She has a smile on her face and several adults have spotted her in class this week for this very reason. She sings loudly and clearly during all of our nativity practises, she puts her hand up to share her answers and ideas, she works well with her partner, she is just always full of energy and really brings a smile to your face.


Isla: This week, Isla has stood out for her hard work in English. Class 1 are working towards writing a fact file about London. Miss El Khatib noticed how hard she was working with her partner during the planning of her fact file. She could recall facts about London and landmarks in London, and she was sharing ideas with her partner as they worked together to write a super plan. We can't wait to read her finished fact file next week.

W/E: 01/12/23

Imogen - this week we have an incredible mathematician in Class 1. She is focussed, listening well, and applying everything she is being taught. We have been using the part whole model to help us with subtraction, and at first Class 1 were very confused by it, but Imogen persevered, focussed on the method and was able to independently work through the questions and correctly use what she had learnt. She was a superstar!


Isaac: This weeks star always walks in to gymnastics a little unsure, and sometimes a little worried about what he may have to do. However, every week we see more and more improvements from him. He has been working hard on his balance and coordination, and he has really been impressing with his skipping skills. He should be so proud of what he is achieving each week.

W/E: 24/11/23

No star this week as Class 1 are on a trip

W/E: 17/11/23

Riva: every time I have looked at Riva this week, she has been doing the right thing. Sitting beautifully, listening, putting her hand up, sharing ideas with her partner. She has been working very hard in her English, she has been focusing on her letter formation and letter size, and is taking on all the new learning we are doing. She has been applying her learning in her writing, and we have been so impressed with her attitude to learning, and how hard working she has been.


Leo: this stars name has been brought up by several adults this week for how incredible he has been. Mrs Knowles was raving about how amazing he was in computing and music, he was engaged, answering questions and he was able to show his new learning in the activities. He has also been noticed in English for his wonderful understanding of conjunctions and prefixes, he was able to explain how we use a conjunction, and he was able to use conjunctions and prefixes in his writing. In Maths, he has stood out for his knowledge of number bonds, being able to use a part whole model to solve different addition sentences. We are so impressed with everything he has done this week.

W/E: 10/11/23

Dominic: has come back ready to learn and impressing everyone. He particularly stands out for being a fantastic learning partner. We have watched him talk to his partner during class discussions and supporting them during learning. He has helped them with finding sounds for words, and modelled how to answer different questions in Maths. He has been helpful, kind and patience!


Catherine: This young lady has been a shining star all week. She has been engaged, hard-working and has had a positive attitude towards her learning. She has been sharing her ideas and is keen to learn more. She was very exchanged with our learning about Guy Fawkes at the start of the week, and was sharing what she had learnt with the class. We have been very pleased with her enthusiasm and attitude to learning, well done Kitty!

W/E: 13/10/23

Lola: This week, Lola has been working incredibly hard. She has persevered when things were tough. She has been impressing us in Maths, comparing and ordering numbers, and you could see the moment where things clicked for Lola, she had a real 'I've got it moment'. Her face lit up, and she began to solve all her problems independently. We were pleased to see how proud she was of herself.


Jed: We have an incredible artist in Year 1. We have been working on mark making, and drawing spirals with different mediums. This week, we applied this technique to draw spirals in nature. Jed created an observational drawing of a snail and shell, he was focussed and engaged the whole lesson. We were that impressed, he even got the opportunity to share his fabulous work with Mrs Smith.

W/E: 06/10/23

EmmaThis week, Emma has impressed us with her number work. She has been working on ordering numbers and writing numbers. She has wowed us with her formation, and is working on her counting outside of Maths times too, counting different things throughout provision. She is always so proud of herself too, smiling whenever she completes her activities.


Aza: If enthusiasm was a child, it would be this weeks star. Whenever you need someone to keep things positive, you can rely upon Aza. He is so excited to learn, and find out more. He stood out this week for his enthusiasm on our local area walk at the beginning of the week. He was excited to tell everyone what he could see, and was so happy the whole walk. We just love his incredible attitude to learning, and he keeps us all smiling all day.

W/E: 29/09/23

Lucy: for her wonderful independent piece of writing about Robin Hood. She used adjectives to write a description of Robin Hood for a wanted poster. She thought about what he looks like, what he wears and even included information about where he lives. She thought of her sentences independently, and wrote them by herself. We couldn't get her to stop writing, she just wanted to keep going. We were very impressed with her incredible description.


Jasper: this week, Jasper has been been working hard in Maths and English, listening carefully on the carpet, and sharing more answers. Miss Howarth was impressed with his Maths this week, commenting on how well he worked, and how his number skills were improving. We also noticed him listening for sounds during his writing, and using a sound mat to help him spell them correctly.

W/E: 22/09/23

Joshua: This week, we have been learning how to make different marks using our whole bodies in Art. We focused on starting with just moving our fingertips and our wrists, then as the marks grew, we moved our whole bodies. Joshua really enjoyed this and was excited to use the graphite sticks. The best thing to see was Joshua continuing his learning. He was exploring how he could make marks with different writing mediums, and he was excited to share what he made each time.


Lucas: We have seen a growth in confidence from Lucas this week, especially in Maths. He is contributing more answers in class, and he is working more independently. He is keen to show us what he can do, and is choosing number activities to complete in class. The best thing to see is his beaming smile when he realises what he has achieved in his Maths lessons.


Ahmad: Since starting in Year 1, Ahmad has been focused and ready to learn. He is taking on board what is being asked of him, and is ready to work hard. He has taken mistakes in his stride, learning from them and correcting his work where needed. He has impressed us with his Maths and his writing this week. Well done Ahmad!

Oaklan: This boy has had an incredible start to Year 1. He has an amazing attitude towards learning, he works hard, and we never have to ask him twice to do anything. He follows our golden rules, he is kind and helpful, he listens to others and he looks after everything around him. He is a real superstar!

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