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At Anne's, we know that punctuation and grammar (SPAG) terminology is often difficult to understand so we hope to provide parents with a guide and examples for parents to help their children with SPAG at home.


Below is an overall outline of all the SPAG terms children will need to know in primary school with definitions and examples of these. Plus, there are specific SPAG expectations for each particular year group. To help your children practise, encourage them to write stories at home using different punctuation and grammar (see below for story inspiration).  If you would like any SPAG activities for your children to try at home, please do ask the class teacher.


SPAG outline

Glossary of SPAG terms

Example of SPAG terms



We have provided parents and pupils with links to a story writing guide, story writing inspiration and websites that will give you story titles and allow you to create characters and settings. Encourage your child to use as many SPAG features as they can for their year group.


Examples of the KS2 writing standard


The government have provided examples of writing for KS2 to identify the language, punctuation and grammar that needs to be included to be successful at different levels (working towards expected level, expected level and working at greater depth level). All SPAG features are highlighted in different genres of writing. Please see the link below.

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