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  • Choose an object in your house (a teddy, an item of clothing, a pet…anything!). Use adjectives to describe the object.
  • Draw a picture. Use adjectives to describe your picture.
  • Stretch a sentence (see pictures below).

Who? An astronaut.
What? An astronaut flies.
Where? An astronaut flies in space.
When? In the middle of the night, an astronaut flies in space.
Why? In the middle of the night, an astronaut flies in space because he wants to find aliens.


  • Write a letter to one of your friends. Include information about what you have been doing, what your favourite activity has been, what you might do when you go back to school and any other information you want.
  • Mark your grown-ups work. Ask your grown up to write something for you, then check it for:
  1. Capital Letters
  2. Full Stops
  3. Finger Spaces
  4. Super sounds
  5. Cursive handwriting
  • Choose your favourite story and write a book review.

What was your favourite part of the story? Why?
Did you have a favourite character? Who? Why?
Why would you recommend this book to a friend?

Who do you think would like to read this book?

Draw a picture of your favourite part.

  • Understand a book.
    Read a book and answer the following?
    Who are the characters in the book?
    Where is the story set?
    What problem does the character face?
    What is the solution to the characters problem?

  • Write your own story! Use stories we have learnt in class, or your favourite story and change it to your own version.

Watch the video of the Man on the Moon.
Think about how he is feeling and write him a letter, asking him all about life on the moon and tell him all about your life on Earth.

Daily handwriting


Start with easy letters, moving on to easy words.

Once these are complete children can practice the capitals in the 'More letters' section.


Desktop Edition:

Username: jk66368

Password: home


Tablet Edition:

Username: jk66368

Capital L starting top left.

Once upon a picture - Writing stimulus

Use the link below and choose a picture. Use the picture to write a story, poem or description.

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