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Writing Task W/C 15.6.2020 - clauses and conjunctions

Writing Tasks for W/C 27.4.2020

Work through these tasks at your own pace with as much or as little support that your child needs. The text extracts required for each session are in each PDF, scroll down each page. The PowerPoint is required for session 2.

Present Perfect Tense will be new learning for your child, we have only briefly discussed this in class so the teaching PowerPoint will be essential for them to complete the task and they may need support when looking at it.

I hope you enjoy the tasks, if you need any support please do get in touch.

Super Sentence Stacking - Feast - on YouTube


Class 3 I am sooo excited!


Miss Broughton has told me about some writing lessons that are happening on YouTube at the moment. Miss Broughton, Mrs Camish and I went to see a lady called Jane Considine last year and she delivered some training to us that we were very excited about. It is Jane Considine who created the FANTASTICS, the Boomtastics, plot points, the positive and negative graph and lots of other things we use when we are writing.


She is delivering some writing lessons based on a different short film each day. She has called the different parts of the film 'chunks' but it is just like our 'plot points'. I would love you to have a look at what she is doing, you can follow this link or simply search 'The Training Space' or 'Super Sentence Stackers' on You Tube.


Jane Considine is your writing teacher at 9.45am giving you challenges and modelling how a writer thinks and makes choices. Then she leaves you to choose a chunk and write within that chunk. You will need help from your parents to send your writing to Jane via Twitter or Facebook by 12.30pm. She will read everyone's writing then sew her favourite piece of writing from each chunk together to make a collaborative piece of writing. I am SURE that someone from Y3 could have their writing included in the 3.30pm story.


The writing you did for our short film 'Rising' was amazing. I wonder if you could write an even better story based on one of these films.


I would love you to keep writing and to read your stories.


Mrs Tyrrell x


Independent writing ideas

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