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Who's Who

Meet the staff at our school!


Head Teacher
Mrs C Middleton - HR, Strategic Vision, T&L, H&S, Senior designated person for Safeguarding, RE, Appraisal, CPD for SLT and Teaching staff


Deputy Head Teacher
Mrs S Camish - Class 5. T&L, Curriculum, English team, Assessment/Standards, Appraisal leader

Class Teachers
Mrs C Kirkham - Class 6. Maths, Appraisal, Year 6 Transition, Coaching team, NQT Mentor

Mrs K O'Neill - Class 4. Computing, KS2 Science, Shadow RE

Mrs K Tyrrell - Class 3. Student Placements and Mentor, Parent Helpers, English team

Miss H Broughton - Class 2. PE and Maths team.  Pupil Premium Champion and G&T children

Miss H Decouto - Class 1. Humanities and MFL                         
Miss S Robinson - Class Reception. Inclusion Manager, Designated person, Behaviour Lead,

                              CPD of TA's, Transition Early Years
Mrs C Askwith Class 4 teacher, KS1 Science, Music

Teaching Assistants

Mrs K Storrs - TA Appraisal, Green Guardians / Initiatives, Well Being Staff Governor

Mrs H Scholey - Assistant SENCO, Pastoral Support / Mental Health and Parent Liaison

Mrs J Knowles - PSHESchool Council                    

Mrs H Beard -  FOSAS, Lifesavers, Children's Health and Well Being, Named First Aider
Mrs A Sprigg - After School Clubs Co-ord, Creative Arts Team                

Mrs L Pearson - Manual Handling, Peacemakers and Playground initiatives, Sp/L lead
Mrs N McKinnell- Early Years, Creative Arts, Health and Well being, Named First Aider
Mrs R Smith - School Display, Fundraising       

Mrs L Gray - Playground initiatives, KS1 support

School Business Manager                                    
Mrs C Matthews - HR, School Operations, Finance & Business, H&S, Safer Recruitment,

                             Statutory Compliance, Appraisal Team                                    

School Office Manager
Mrs D Bell - School Fund, School Office, Attendance

Senior Mid Day Supervisor
Miss A Goodall

Mid Day Supervisors
Mrs J Brown - Playworker                                             

Mrs A Cranfield

Mrs S Pattnaik

Mr J Matthews

Mrs C Peattie

Mrs J Keeling

Mrs L Taylor

Mrs R Harris

Mrs Buffrey - Supply
Mr S Constantine


School Cook
Mrs L Dunnicliff

Kitchen Assistant
Mrs B Snell

Picture 1 Mrs Kirkham - Class 6 Teacher
Picture 2 Mrs Askwith - PPA Cover Teacher
Picture 3 Mrs Scholey - Teaching Assistant
Picture 4 Mrs Sprigg - Teaching Assistant
Picture 5 Mrs Bell - Office Manager
Picture 6 Mrs Middleton - Head Teacher
Picture 7 Mrs Pearson -Teaching Assistant
Picture 8 Miss Decouto - Class 1 Teacher
Picture 9 Mrs Camish - Deputy Head and Class 5 Teacher
Picture 10 Mr Constantine - Caretaker
Picture 11 Mrs Matthews - School Business Manager
Picture 12 Mrs Pattnaik - Mid Day Supervisor
Picture 13 Mrs Smith - Teaching Assistant
Picture 14 Mrs Snell - Kitchen Assistant
Picture 15 Miss Robinson - SENCo and Reception Class Teacher
Picture 16 Mrs Tyrrell - Class 3 Teacher
Picture 17 Mrs Dunnicliff - School Cook
Picture 18 Mrs McKinnell - Teaching Assistant
Picture 19 Miss Broughton - Class 2 Teacher
Picture 20 Mrs Beard - Teaching Assistant
Picture 21 Mrs Brown - Playworker & Breakfast Club
Picture 22 Mrs Knowles - Teaching Assistant
Picture 23 Mrs Storrs - Senior Teaching Assistant
Picture 24 Mrs Cranfield - Mid Day Supervisor
Picture 25 Miss Goodall - Senior Mid Day Supervisor
Picture 26 Mr Matthews - Mid Day Supervisor
Picture 27 Mrs Peattie - Mid Day Supervisor
Picture 28 Mrs Keeling - Mid Day Supervisor
Picture 29 Miss Taylor - Mid Day Supervisor
Picture 30 Mrs Harris - Mid Day Supervisor
Picture 31 Mrs O'Neill - Class 4 teacher
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Welcome to St Anne's Primary School! Work for children to complete during school closure can be found under the child's class page. There is also a section of FREE Educational Resouces under the CoronaVirus information page.