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Singing - We would love the whole school to practise this song so that we can all sing it in our first assembly back together!

Topic Work



This term we have been creating artwork and developing different skills.


Specifically, we have learnt about some different water colour techniques (can you remember wet on wet, dry on wet, dry on dry?) and used these techniques to create paintings of volcanoes. If you have some water colours at home you could practise these techniques. There are videos on You Tube to inspire you.


We were also developing our self-portrait skills before school closed. We learnt about facial proportions, where the eyes, nose and mouth should be positioned on the face and looked closely at how to draw these facial features realistically. Perhaps you could keep practising these skills by drawing yourself or members of your family.


Everybody made fantastic progress during our art lessons, keep practising, have a positive mindset and don't give up!



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