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Each week, we will be learning spellings in school. These will either be focused on a particular spelling rule or be the statutory spelling words as set in the National Curriculum. At home, children should work on learning the sample words they have brought home (with particular focus on the meanings of each word). They should also practise the spelling rules using the assigned games on Spelling Shed (EdShed).




Spelling Shed is a spelling scheme for Years 1 to 6 which gives complete coverage of the National Curriculum. Teachers are able to keep track of how children are getting on with their spellings and assign them specific spellings and there is also an option where children can play against the other children in their class.


The Spelling Shed can be accessed online and can be downloaded to a mobile or tablet.


Hive Games

Hive games are like interactive spelling tests where children are given the same spellings at the same time as each other as they would in a spelling test.​

Hive games are played live so if someone joins the game late they will miss the words at the start of the game.​

To join a hive game, you need a code.​

Teachers will not be creating hive games for pupils but pupils can create their own hive games to play against each other if they wish.​

The guidance for creating a hive game is below..


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