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We follow a programme to develop skills which allow for the exploration of the world of science to develop a knowledge and understanding of biology, physics and chemistry.


Through the framework of the National Curriculum, we aim to involve our children in practical work to develop their skills.

  • To equip children to use themselves as starting points for learning about science, and to build on their enthusiasm and natural sense of wonder about the world.
  • To develop through practical work the skills of observation, prediction, investigation, interpretation, communication, questioning and hypothesizing, and increased use of precise measurement skills and ICT.
  • To encourage and enable pupils to offer their own suggestions, and to be creative in their approach to science, and to gain enjoyment from their scientific work.
  • To enable children to develop their skills of co-operation through working with others, and to encourage where possible, ways for children to explore science in forms which are relevant and meaningful to them.
  • To teach scientific enquiry through contexts taken from the National Curriculum for science.
  • To encourage children to collect relevant evidence and to question outcome and to persevere.
  • To encourage children to treat the living and non-living environment with respect and sensitivity.
  • To stress the need for personal and group safety by the correct usage and storage of resources.
  • To enable children to appreciate that we do not always know the answers and results when carrying out scientific enquiry.

 It is hoped that they will enjoy their experiences, whilst increasing and developing their scientific knowledge, in order that they understand more of the world in which we live.

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