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 2022 - 2023


The School Council plays an important role in our school.  We value the opinions of all the learners at St Anne's and the Council is the 'voice' of the children.


The Council comprises of two representatives from each class from Year 1 upwards.  An annual election is held for the appointment of the prime representatives for each class.  We consult with  the Councillors when policies are drawn up and decisions about the school are to be made.


Our school council for the year 2022- 2023 is -

Class 1 - Grace and Dana
Class 2 - Heidi and Alexander
Class 3 - Harriet and Oliver
Class 4 - Olivia and Holly
Class 5 - Lilia and Max
Class 6 - Theo and Jessica



Meet this years School Council !

Meetings information

School Council members helping out at our MacMillan coffee morning.


Meetings information

What effect has the pandemic had on our local area ?

positive smiley and negativesad

The members of the School Council took part in a walk around our local area to look at the effects of the pandemic on Worksop.

They were surprised to discover positive effects as well as negative effects.

These included appreciating our outdoor green spaces , communities working together to support the elderly and vulnerable with the most important message being 'Staying at home meant staying safe'.

We also discussed some negative effects such as the closure of small businesses, shortages of food supplies and an increase in littering due to the pandemic.



Hedgehog house - winning designs

Hedgehog house preparations

Thank you to our School Council members who have been busy snapping away with their I -pads to capture some of the many happy faces as we celebrate being back at school after such a long time apart. 


HOPE for the homeless donations delivered by some of our school council members.

Thank you Vicar week

The School council elections are in full swing !

The School Council took part in the Bassetlaw Sping clean around school and the Church grounds.

John Mann visits the school to talk about voting, democracy and making decisions.

School goes to the Polls to vote for next years' School Council

School Council visit the Town Hall and spend time with the Chairman of the Council

We have had 8 7 4 0 5 visitors
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