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W/E: 03/03/23

Jasper - For super work in Maths.  We have been looking at the numbers 9 and 10.  We have been using our knowledge of subitising (looking at a group and knowing how many without counting) to find out how many.  Jasper has been doing a super job quickly recognising how many and then correctly sorting the numbers into 2 groups.  

Emma For fantastic work in RE.  We have been thinking about people who are special to us. We talked about different family members and people who they know in the community e.g. club leaders.  Emma chose her brother Ethan.  She drew a picture of Ethan and herself playing together.  

W/E: 24/02/23

Willow - For fantastic work in PE. Mr Newton has noticed that she is always listening, following instructions and generally growing in confidence.  This week Willow has shown she can move in different ways and has been thinking about the space around her.  It was great to watch her enjoying the team games.  Well Done Willow


Aza - For super work in English.  This week we have been looking at our new Traditional Tale Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Aza listened carefully to the story and then did a super job sequencing the pictures to put the story in the correct order.  He enjoyed talking about the pictures and retelling it.  Well Done Aza!

W/E: 10/02/23

Lily - for wonderful writing.  Lilly has been retelling her own version of the Gingerbread Man.  She has been thinking about using capital letters, finger-spaces and full stops.  What impressed us the most is then Lilly went away into the classroom and continued to write even more sentences on her own.  Well done Lilly!


Catherine - Catherine has settled into class Reception fantastically since she started. This week she has impressed us with her reading.  She has is recognising sounds and beginning to blend. It has been lovely to share books with Catherine this week as she is so enthusiastic.


W/E: 03/02/23

Leo and Nadia - for fantastic teamwork in maths.  This week we have been looking at the numbers 6,7 and 8. Leo and Nadia had to work together to sort the numbered eggs into the correct nest.  They co-operated well together and discussed their ideas before deciding where to place them.  When they were unsure, they carefully counted the dots to help them decided where to put each egg. Well Done Leo and Nadia!

W/E: 27/01/23

Ahmad - For fantastic work in phonics and reading.  It has been lovely to see him growing in confidence when blending sounds to read the words.   Ahmad shows a real enjoyment of books and will talk about what he is reading.  He is now beginning to use this and used his phonic knowledge to describe the Little Red Hen.  Well done!


Colin - For showing such enthusiasm all day every day in everything we do.  Colin is always sat listening, puts his hands up to answer questions and is ready to contribute. When we are doing activities he always wants to know when it is his turn and always tries his best.  Colin will then , during busy time, use things we have learnt in his busy time and is always bringing things he has made or written to show a grown up.  Well done Colin. 

W/E: 20/01/23

Lucas - For his fantastic reading. Lucas has been working on recognising the sounds and then blending them together to read the word. All week we have watched his confidence grow as he has become more familiar with the book and more confident in his own abilities.  When reading with Lucas he always shows an enthusiasm for books and loves to talk about every book. Well done Lucas!


Delilah-Bloom - for fantastic work in Maths.  We have been focusing on subitising where Delilah needs to look at a group and be able to recognise how many without counting.  This week we have been impressed with how quickly she was able to recognise the different amounts.  She was then able to use this to help her find pairs of numbers that made 5.  Well done Delilah!


W/E: 13/01/23

Dominic and George - One the activities this week at Forest school was to build a Den for one of the woodland animals. The children had to decide on a place to go and then collect items found on the woodland floor to make their den.  George and Dominic made a super team.  They talked and listened to each other and were able to decide where they wanted to build a den for the fox. They then worked together to move and place some large and small objects to create a den. It was lovely to watch them share ideas and through great team work were able to make a fantastic den. Well done Dominic and George!

W/E: 16/12/22

Iris - For fantastic work in RE. We have been thinking about the people in the Nativity story and what their role was.  We then thought about who we thought was the most important and where each person should go on our line of importance.  Iris was very good at sharing her thoughts and showed a good understanding when someone else thought different to her.  Well done Iris!


Teddy - For fantastic writing.  Teddy has been helping me write my list to Father Christmas.  He was able to say the word and then write the sounds he could hear.  He thought carefully about how to hold his pencil and how to form his letter.  Well done Teddy!

W/E: 08/12/22

Willow - This week Willow has done some amazing reading.  She is using her phonic knowledge to help read the words in the books including some words that include some of our early digraphs.  Willow enjoys talking about the stories and shows a real love of learning.


Daniel - For fantastic work in gymnastics.  Daniel has been showing fantastic skills travelling in different ways, balancing and jumping. He has been working on landing safely when jumping. He always listens carefully to Emma and follows the instructions.  Daniel has loved being on the large and small equipment.

W/E: 02/12/22

Isaac - This week we have been busy learning about 1 more and 1 less than a number to 5.  Isaac listened carefully to the number sentences and was able to show the answer.  He was particularly good at finding 1 more.  When asked, he was able to share how he had worked them out.  Well done Isaac!


Riva - This week we have been thinking about what jobs we might like to do when we grow up.  Riva chose to be scientist she drew a lovely picture and tried really hard to sound out the sounds she could hear.  Riva wanted to be a scientist so she could check things out.  Well done Riva!

W/E: 25/12/22

Jed - For fantastic work in writing.  This week some of us have been looking at how to form a simple sentence.  Jed was able to listen to the word and write the sounds he could hear.  Jed did not want to go and get busy but wanted to write one more sentence.  Well done Jed!


Pippa - This week Pippa has tried really hard with her reading.  She is looking carefully at the sounds and then having a really good try at blending them.  Pippa always enjoys talking about the story and looking at the pictures. Well done Pippa! 

W/E: 18/11/22

Sommie - This week we have read Rainbow Fish and been thinking about water safety. We investigated floating and sinking.  Sommie made some great observations and was able to share why she thought some objects floated and some objects sunk. She used a wide range of vocabulary to talk about the objects being heavy, big, light and small.  Well done Sommie!


Emma - We have been painting our self-portraits and looking carefully at the features on our face.  Emma was able to look in a mirror and see what she needed to paint.  She listened carefully to each step and chose the correct colours to paint her face.  Well done Emma!

W/E: 11/11/22

Drew - this week Drew has stood out to all the adults in Class 1. She is becoming more confident and willing to participate in class, and her skills in mathematics are improving every day. Drew has been finding the strategies that work for her, and you can see how proud she is when she shares her answers in class.  All we ever ask is that Drew tries her best, and that is exactly what she has done this week. She has been the very best Drew that she can be!


Sophie - this week Class 1 have been introduced to the Great Fire of London in History, and Sophie has shown a very keen interest in it. She has been like a little sponge, absorbing all the different facts we have learnt, and then she impressed the Fire Brigade with her knowledge. She was able to explain why the fire spread so quickly, and she could recall who wrote the diary in 1666 that tells us so much about the Great Fire. 


W/E: 04/11/22

Lucy - This week we have been reading the story Leaf Man.  Lucy thought about what she thought Leaf Man might see when he was blowing in the wind.  Lucy thought of some great things and then had a go at writing down what she said by listening to the sounds in each word.


Jasper - During our work about autumn, Jasper has been joining in with discussions and sharing his knowledge.  He looked carefully at the autumnal objects and noticed the differences and shared what he could see and feel.  

W/E: 13/10/22

Lola - for fantastic work in Maths completing the pattern.  Lola could talk about how she had made her pattern and confidently continued it.  She recognised when there was mistakes in patterns and could make suggestions to show how we could correct it. Well done Lola.


Flynn - for super work all week in phonics.  Flynn has been looking carefully at the sounds and has been trying hard to blend them into words. He has been joining in on the carpet with lots of enthusiasm.  Well Done Flynn.

W/E: 07/10/22

Leo - for making fantastic contributions all week on the carpet.  This week we can see that Leo has been thinking carefully about the questions and has been putting his hand up to share his answer. He has impressed us in topic, phonics and maths.  Well done Leo!


Nadia - for fantastic work in gymnastics.  Nadia showed she was able to carefully balance across the bench moving both forwards and backwards.  She then showed us how to jump off the bench and land safely.  Well Done Nadia.

W/E: 30/09/22

Aza - For fantastic work in maths sorting the objects in different ways.  Aza was able to sort the objects by colour, size and shape.  When a friend joined him Aza helped them to sort their objects correctly too.


Lilly - This week we have been learning about feeling using the story Owl Babies. Lilly was able to confidently talk about different feelings and when she might feel these different feelings. Lilly made some great faces in the mirror to show how she might look depending on how she is feeling.

W/E: 23/09/2022

Imogen – for the great contributions on the carpet, especially in Phonics.  Imogen always puts up her hands and is ready to have a go.

Colin – for great work in maths. We have been finding objects that will match and sharing why they will match.  Colin did a super job explaining which descriptions were the same.

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