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Catherine - Class Reception have been looking at 'The Snail' by Henri Mattise.  Catherine used this as her inspiration to produce her own collage dragonfly picture.  She decided to add extra detail to her collage and carefully cut out smaller pieces to make a pattern on the dragonfly wings.  Well Done Catherine!


Grace - for always making fantastic contributions on the carpet.  This week we have been observing our caterpillars and Grace used some super vocabulary to describe how they look.  She spoke about it looking, big, long and spikey.  She also noticed the silk webbing that they made.

Sarah - for fantastic work describing a garden picture and for writing ‘I can see sentences’. She is thinking about the sounds we have learnt in phonics and using them in her writing with the help of a sound mat. Well done Sarah! 


Marcus - for great perseverance. Marcus has been watching his friends going down the fireman’s pole. This week we have seen his confidence grow and Marcus has listened to instructions and he is able to go down it by himself. Well done Marcus! 


Mia - For fantastic work in English.  We have been learning our new story ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and thinking about the beginning middle and end of the story.  Mia wrote three great captions to describe the story.


Oliver - For great work in maths.  We have been thinking about the days of the week. Oliver has been great at the ordering of days and thinking about different things he does on each day.  

George - for following instructions and engaging well in dough disco. He continues to sing the songs throughout the day and cannot wait to do more the following day.


Lilanna - for excellent contributions and working hard in all phonics sessions this week, her confidence has improved this week, and she has made us proud.

Sophie - For great work in RE.  We have been learning about the Bible and Sophie confidently shared some of the different stories that she knew were in the Bible. Sophie designed a great front cover for the Bible.


Drew - For fantastic work in topic.  We have been thinking about the different ways we can stay healthy.  Drew did a great job of sharing the different ways she could keep healthy, including washing her hands, sleeping, and eating healthily.


Jude - For great work in Maths talking about measurements.  We have been using lots of vocabulary including height, length, weight, tallest, shortest and longest etc.  Jude did a super job of looking at the dinosaurs and comparing them using the new vocabulary.  Well done.


Edan - For super work in writing describing his dinosaur the Edanosaurus.  He looked carefully at the picture to think of a sentence.  He then used his phonic knowledge to write the sounds he could hear. Well done Edan!

Lewis - In Science, we were excited to have some dinosaur ice eggs.  Lewis enjoyed exploring what happened when he added warm water.  He notice that when he added water to the same part, that he could make a deep hole in the ice.  Great investing Lewis well done.


Laurel - For having a wonderfully creative imagination.  Laurel is always busy and is always in the classroom. She produces some lovely pieces of artwork that inspires others.  This week she has made a great dinosaur model using junk modelling and a hanging bird model.  Well done.

Maksymilian - for fantastic work describing a bear in English.  Maksymillian thought of his own sentences and then listened carefully to the sounds before he wrote them.  Well done!


Julia - for super work retelling the story ‘We're Going on a Bear Hunt’.  She has been joining in and doing the actions.  Julia was then able to draw her own story map.  Well done!

Oliver - for fantastic work in Maths.  Oliver has done a super job of recognising his number bonds to 5.  He has been able to recognise how many are in a group, without counting, and then has begun to write a simple number sentence.  Well done Oliver!


Laurel - for fantastic work in English describing the Giant from Jack and the Beanstalk.  She thought carefully about her sentences and used her phonic knowledge to write down what she could hear - all on her own.  Well done Laurel!

Eliza - for fantastic work in maths - learning about money.  She was able to sort the coins in different ways including by size, colour and value. She was also able to guess the coin by listening to the description. Well Done Eliza!


Daisy - for great work in phonics.  She has impressed all the adults in class by joining in with our sounds and contributing to class.  This week she has really enjoyed sharing her books with a grown up. Well Done!

Ella has been doing some fantastic work in phonics and reading. This week we were all impressed when Ella used her phonics knowledge to write the words that contained a digraph.  Well Done!


George - in Class Reception this week, we have been finding 1 less than a number.  George has quickly recognised the numbers to 20 and then can say and write 1 less than that number.  Well done!


Constance - for showing an absolute love of writing.  She always wants to come and do writing with a grown up and has written a great description of a pig.  What makes all the grown-ups proud of Constance is she then goes and works independently to replicate what she has been taught,  writing her own sentences using what she knows.  Well done Constance.


Marcel - For fantastic work talking about materials.  When he was given a material he was able to say and draw something made from that material. Well done Marcel!

Phoebe - for fantastic work in music using the glockenspiel.  Phoebe listened carefully and was able to make the sounds to add music to our song When goldilocks Went to the House of the Bears.


Ellie - for showing super listening skills on the carpet during phonics.  Ellie sounded out each word carefully and was able to sort them into real and fake word.  She then used some of the words to say a sentence.

Billie  -    This week we have been thinking about numbers 0-20. Billie has done a fantastic job of ordering the numbers from smallest to largest and sorting the number cards into more and less than 10. Well done Billie!


Daisy P - Daisy has been working hard on reading and showing us how much she enjoys books by talking about the story.  She is recognising lots of sounds and beginning to blend independently.  Well done Daisy!

Catherine H - for being a super role model in Class Reception.  She is always noticed by all the grown-ups for her manners, honesty and enthusiasm.  She keeps our classroom tidy and is always ready to work either on the carpet or at activities.


Charlie F - for super work in English talking about our new story Little Red Riding Hood.  He was able to contribute well to discussions about what was happening and how we can stay safe.  

Dana G - In RE we have been finding out about special places to us.  It was lovely to listen to Dana share her favourite places both in school and outside of school.  She produced a lovely piece of work showing one her special places was the Aqua Park.  Well done!


This week we have been listening closely to the sounds we can hear in words.  Lewis did a super job of hearing the sounds and was then able to pick the correct picture.  Well Done!

Grace and Felicity - for working together as a team to build a bridge for 'The Gingerbread Man' to cross. We were all really impressed with their perseverance , teamwork and communication as they adapted and changed their bridge to make it stronger. Well done!

Mia - This week we have been looking at the characters  in our story The Little Red Hen.  Mia did a fantastic job of naming the characters and thinking of an extra word to describe them such as the soft cat and loud duck.  She then had a go at writing the sounds she could hear in each word.  Well done Mia!


Drew  - We have been learning all about 1 more and 1 less in Maths.  Drew has done a fantastic job of using what she knows about counting to help her find the answer.  Well done Drew!


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