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Reception – Miss Robinson

Welcome to Class Reception!


Throughout this year your children will be working closely with:

Miss Robinson – Class Teacher

Mrs McKinnell – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Knowles – Teaching Assistant (Tuesday)



Animal Encounters 


Welcome to St Anne's C of E Primary School 


Welcome back to the Summer Term.  The start of this term is not like one that I have ever had before and I know you must all find it very strange too. I hope you all managed to enjoy Easter and from the messages I have been receiving it looks like you have been up to lots of fun and exciting things in your homes.   At the moment it is important that you and your family stay safe and follow the guidance we have been given.  However, having some structure and routines are also important to help you manage these strange times.  To help with that I will be uploading some learning tasks for you to do at home.  You and your family can decide how and when you complete them as I know your grown ups and brothers and sisters will also be busy working too.  Remember to have fun and if you find something too tricky then move on to another activity or if you have a great idea of your own linked to our learning then go for it.  If you need any help feel free to contact me and please continue to send the wonderful things you have been doing via email or Tapestry,  Remember have fun, keep safe, look after each other and stay in touch.  Miss Robinson xx


Key information:


Please make sure that all clothing is labelled including PE kits and shoes.


Water Bottles and Snacks

We have fresh water and cups available all day. Children can also bring their own

named water filled bottle. We provide free fruit on a daily basis or your child can bring their own piece of fruit for morning snack.



We will be sharing lots of books in school and it is important that this continues at home. To support your child at home we encourage that they read with you daily. If they read for a minimum of 3 times a week and note it in their diaries they will receive a remarkable reader sticker and when they have done this for 5 weeks they will receive a prize. 


Every Wednesday morning Class Reception and Key Stage 1 will be opening their doors for our Early Bird Reading session at 8.30.  Please feel free to come along and share a book together before the start of school.  


In Class we have two dog teddy bears called Meg and Max.  Like the children in Class Reception they are learning to read and over the course of the year will be coming to stay with you for three nights.  They will bring with them their reading diary, a selection of books and some activities to complete.  We hope you have lots of fun when they come to visit.  





This term we will be doing football on a Tuesday  morning. This will sometimes change so it is advisable for your child to have their indoor and outdoor named kit in school all week.





Activities to support your learning at home:

  • Practice writing your first and surname.  How many letters are in your name? What letters make up your name? Can you think of other words which start with the same letter as your name?
  • Practice forming letters and using their phonic knowledge to sound out and write simple words and sentences. Think about the shape of letters and their start and finish points.
  • Look for words in the environment.  You could read labels on packets or tine, read signs and labels in your home, shops or on the street.
  • Read numbers that you see everyday. such as house numbers or car registration plates.  
  • Think about and discuss mathematical concepts in everyday life. talk about the time, use money when out shopping, weigh when cooking or baking add subtract, double, half and measure.
  • Count familiar objects, such as stairs or shoes.  Can you count up to 20 forwards and backwards? How many doors are in your house?
  • Share stories together and enjoy story time! Talk about the stories you have read and pretend to be one of the characters. Encourage your child to sound out simple words and blend them together. 
  • Develop your gross and fine motor skills.  Can you ride a bike? Can you jump and balance?  Can you use scissors to cut to cut lines and shapes? Can you make marks with crayons, pencils, pens, chalks, water or paint?
  • Have fun, explore, laugh and make memories!!

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Early Bird Reading

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Welcome to St Anne's Primary School! Work for children to complete during school closure can be found under the child's class page. There is also a section of FREE Educational Resouces under the CoronaVirus information page.