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Class 3's Zoom Book Club


On our last Class 3 Catch Up Zoom call, a few of you wanted to tell me about books  you'd read or books you knew someone else had read that were really good reads. Sophie and I have also had a Zoom call with Isabelle talking about books she enjoys and new ones Sophie and I thought she might like.

As a result, I thought it would be nice to have a Class 3 Zoom book club where you could prepare a short review for a book we would like to recommend to a friend. You could give a brief overview abut what the book is about (without giving too much away!) and why you enjoyed it so much.

If you wanted to just join the call and listen so you could hopefully find out about some new books you might enjoy that is great.

I'll send a Marvellous Me and a text letting you know the date, time, ID and password.

Hopefully I'll see lots of you at our book club.

Mrs Tyrrell xxx



60 Second Reads

I have included some 60 second reads that are aimed at Year 3 and Year 4. If your child is reluctant to read these might be more manageable. Even with shorter texts there are many reading skills that can be practised and improved.

FLUENCY - re-read the text several times if your child needs to develop their fluency. We are aiming for approximately 100 words per minute. Each text is approximately 100 words (the number at the beginning of each line is the word count).

VOCABULARY - discuss words that your child does not know the meaning of. Can they use contextual clues to work out what it means? You could look the word up in a dictionary, ask google/Alexa/Siri, ask an adult.

RETRIEVAL - the comprehension questions will help your child retrieve facts and key details directly from the text.

SUMMARISE - there will be questions that will develop your child's ability  to summarise the main points of a paragraph or text. This is a good habit to get into to ensure comprehension is maintained when reading longer texts.

INFERENCE - these questions can not be answered directly from the text, your child will need to look for clues about how somebody might be feeling or why something is happening.

PREDICTION - these questions will expect your child to use clues from the text to work out what might happen in the future. So long as they can justify their predictions using evidence from what they have read, there is no right or wrong answer.

COMPARE AND CONTRAST - these questions will ask your child to compare and contrast events or characters. This could be extended to compare this text to different books you have read together, think about the settings, characters, themes etc.

AUTHOR CHOICE - these questions link directly to your child's writing. Encourage your child to think about why the author has made the choices s/he has. It could be choices about vocabulary, the weather in a scene, the setting or literary devices used such as alliteration, similes or onomatopoeia. When your child writes encourage them to make their own, considered choices.



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