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Primary Engineering Club

Primary Engineering Club takes place in the summer term and is usually open to Y5 and Y6. For summer 2021 due to COVID restrictions and staying in bubbles, the club has been offered to year 6 pupils.



8.7.21 session 9

1.7.21 session 8

10.6.21 session 5

13.05.21 session 2

06.05.21 Primary Engineering club starts again...session 1

Primary Engineering competition and finished vehicles - Summer 2019

Last session - painting and decorating to finish our vehicles

Here comes the glue gun!

Designing the top of the vehicle...making a prototype

Let's get our vehicles moving!

Wheels...Pulleys...and switches!

Session 3

Reuben came to help and talk to us about making our vehicles.

Primary Engineering starts ...

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