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Birthday Celebrations in School

As a result of the current Covid restrictions, many children are missing out on celebrating their birthdays with family and friends as they usually would, with parties or gatherings that are currently not allowed during this time.  We understand our children have already had so many challenges and had to adapt to new rules and regulations both at home and school and their emotional wellbeing is something that is very important to us.

As a school we would like to give the children the opportunity to celebrate their birthdays with their class friends!  We have decided to hold a birthday party within each class this Friday afternoon for all the children who have celebrated their birthdays between 1st September and 15th November. 

We will hold another ‘party’ towards the end of term for birthdays between 16th November and 31st December.

All children will have their packed lunch or school meal as normal.  During the afternoon, school will provide fun games, activities, snacks/treats and a party atmosphere.  There will also be a birthday cake in each class!  All of the party costs will be covered by school.  Children should still come to school in their normal school uniform – but don’t forget it’s also Children in Need day, so remember your spots!

We look forward to giving every child the opportunity to celebrate with their friends and mark their special day!



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