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  • Shape Aliens. Cut out some shapes, name them, count how many corners and sides they have. Then, use the shapes to make an alien!
  • Have playdough? Roll it out in to different shapes. Can you cut those shapes in to halves? What about quarters?
  • Use playdough and toothpicks to build 3D shapes. Can you make a cube? Cuboid? What other shapes can you make?
  • Longer or shorter. Choose different objects in the house. Compare two, which is the longest? Which is the shortest? Can you organise the objects from longest to shortest?
  • Heavy or light? Choose different objects in the house. Use weighing scales, weigh the different items to find the heaviest and the lightest. Don’t have scales? That’s OK! You can be the judge of what is heavier. Organise the objects from heaviest to lightest.
  • Domino or dice addition. Choose a domino and add together the two numbers shown. If you don’t have a domino, roll two dice and add the two numbers you get.
  • Addition and subtraction. Ask your grown up to write a list of numbers. Can you write a number sentence (addition or subtraction) that will produce that number as the answer.
    10 = 7 + 3
    15 = 9 + 6
    9  = __ + __

  • Sequence numbers. Ask your grown up to write a list of numbers. Can you write the three numbers that come before and after that number?
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