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Maths with Carol Vorderman – Access anytime

Legendary Countdown alumnus and mathematician Carol Vorderman has opened up her incredible maths website The Maths Factor to the public, giving free access to 4-12 year olds until they go back to school.


Gareth Metcalfe – Live lessons every day. 

You can watch them at any time during the day if you don’t manage to watch it live.  There will be three separate sessions:  Years 1/2, Years 3/4 and Years 5/6.  These lessons include some teaching then lots of opportunities for you to try it out yourself.  Make sure you have some paper and a pencil with you when you watch! 


Transum Maths

Highly recommended!  Loads and loads of different maths games and challenges for you to try.  Try the ‘starter of the day’ for a different fun maths challenge each day. 


Bamboo Maths

Bamboo maths works on your Alexa if you have one.  Simply ask ‘Alexa, open Bamboo Learning’.  From there, you can do the following:

  • Bamboo Books: helps practice active listening and improve listening comprehension, offers stories for three age groups (Level 1: ages 5-7, Level 2: ages 7-10, Level 3: ages 10-12) – “Alexa, open Bamboo Books”
  • Bamboo Luminaries: an engaging social studies trivia game that showcases prominent and lesser-known influential historical figures from diverse fields including art, literature, science, social justice, and sports – “Alexa, open Bamboo Luminaries”
  • Bamboo Math: helps practice mental math, offers number problems and over 500,000 fun and engaging word problems in four areas of arithmetic (+ – x ÷) across 5 difficulty levels – “Alexa, open Bamboo Math”
  • Bamboo Music: introduces basic music theory, offers fun and engaging music games such as “Recognize the Instrument” and music exercises across 3 levels, incorporates children’s nursery rhymes and selections from folk and classical music – “Alexa, open Bamboo Music”
  • Highlights Storybooks from Bamboo: co-developed with literacy experts at Highlights magazine, offers engaging stories and exercises to practice active listening and improve listening comprehension leveled for learners in Kindergarten through 3rd grade – “Alexa, open Highlights Storybooks”
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