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"In mathematics, pupils revisit their learning frequently. This helps them to remember what has been taught. Pupils in Year 2 regularly practise adding together the numbers that make 10 and 20. This helps them to work out answers quickly and confidently. I saw children in the early years counting together to check their answers when adding one more to a given number. Pupils complete problem-solving questions to help them apply their knowledge. Year 5 pupils calculated the diameter of circular windows in a house. To do this, they used their knowledge of the dimensions of circles."

Ofsted 2019


"In mathematics, pupils are making good progress in developing their calculation skills and mental arithmetic. There are some very good examples,  especially in upper key stage 2, of pupils being given opportunities to develop their mathematical reasoning and to apply their understanding to solve problems."

Ofsted 2016

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Welcome to St Anne's Primary School!