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Key Daily Learning

It is key to do some tasks regularly to help your child continue to learn and retain knowledge.  We suggested that you:

  • practice writing your first and last name
  • practice reading and recognising the key words.
  • use the PowerPoints to go through the phonic sounds
  • Read (make sure its a book your child can read as well as books you might read to them)
  • Look at and read numbers to 20. Count forwards and backwards in 1's.  Count forwards in 2's and 10's.
  • Try to write at least 3 sentences.  It could be what you have done, what you have had for tea, what you can see, describing something, keep a little diary.  e.g. I can see a big dog.  It was raining. I had fish and chips. Choose a phonic sound and think of some words e.g. ar - car, park, shark, card use them in a sentence e.g. I went to the park.  I have a green car.  (think about starting your sentence with a capital letter, leaving finger spaces between words and ending with a full stop.  Can you use any of your key
  • Talk about the days of the week - what day is it, what day is it tomorrow etc. (in school we start our day by changing our calendar day, date, month, year, season and weather)




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