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Keep the Zig Zags Clear!

6th March 2014
Dear Parents / Carers
Some of you may already be aware that almost every school in Nottinghamshire have raised concerns about parking outside their schools; however to date the ‘Keep Clear’ zig zag markings painted on the road at school entrances have not been enforceable.
Nottinghamshire County Council have recently committed to improving road safety outside schools by embarking on a programme of works to convert the advisory ‘Keep Clear’ markings into mandatory ones supported by a Traffic Regulation Order which is made under the Road Traffic Regulation Act.  The main changes will see the markings assessed against the statutory dimensions and the introduction of ‘No Stopping’ timeplates.  This will allow Civil Enforcement Officers to issue Penalty Charge Notices to any vehicle that stops, however briefly, on the lines. 
Both myself and our School Council representatives will be raising awareness amongst parents that stopping on the lines is now a contravention and the Local Authority can use remote camera enforcement as well as Civil Enforcement Officers to assist in enforcing the markings.  Penalty Charge Notices can be posted to any vehicle observed to be stopping for any period of time on the lines. 
As part of the NCC initiative members of the School Council will be patrolling the school entrance on Devonshire Street both before and after school over the next 2 weeks to encourage the correct actions and issue ‘Notice not to Park’ on any vehicle observed parking on the markings as a way of promoting a safer environment for children coming to school. 
We have the loan of a banner to support us and to remind parents of this matter. 
May we please ask for your co-operation?
Thank you
Mrs Knowles and the School Council
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