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It is our intention that every single child has access to a high quality curriculum that has been designed specifically for them.


All children are different; they have different backgrounds and different experiences. It is our job to design a curriculum that not only teaches children what they need to know to be successful academically, but also develops them as a person. 

We place an emphasis on knowledge and vocabulary acquisition throughout our curriculum.  We know that if nothing has changed in the long-term memory then nothing has been learnt at all.  We have therefore designed our curriculum to take this into account.


By focussing on key knowledge and vocabulary and revisiting this again and again through varied opportunities, we deepen children’s knowledge thereby altering their long-term memory.


Our curriculum is a balance between making learning memorable and having the chance to practise.

 Our curriculum expectations are high and we will challenge children's thinking. By allowing opportunity for our children to practise and return to prior learning we enable connections to be made and knowledge to be embedded into the long-term memory.  

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