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Each curriculum subject sits within a "curriculum team".

There are five "curriculum teams" at St Anne's:

  1. Language, Literacy and Communication
  2. STEM
  3. Creative Curriculum
  4. Health and Well Being
  5. Christian Distinctiveness


The subject leads within each team work collaboratively to consider how skills, knowledge and vocabulary connect and build over time in their subject so that we have a coherent and cohesive curriculum. 


The School Development Plan drives areas for development of the curriculum to ensure it remains ‘fit for purpose’ and continues to meet the needs of the pupils at St Anne's C of E Primary School. All subject leaders, as well as the Senior Leadership Team and Governing Body, are involved with monitoring the curriculum. Learning is reviewed and monitored through a range of approaches.


As a result of our carefully planned and sequenced curriculum, we would expect the impact to be that: 

  • Pupils love learning and are fully engaged with the curriculum. 
  • Pupils have a rich vocabulary and are knowledgeable
  • Pupils achieve well and make good progress.
  • Pupils have experienced a variety of different and exciting activities. 
  • Pupils remember exciting events from their school life.
  • Pupils are all competent readers.
  • Our pupils have had opportunities to experience activities outside of the ‘academic curriculum’. 
  • Our children are well prepared for being successful citizens in modern Britain and they have a strong moral compass.
  • Our pupils are individually developed “spiritually, mentally and physically within a caring, Christian environment”.


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