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Hello Everyone!

On this page you will find different home learning tasks. These tasks are provided so that your child has learning to complete in the unfortunate event of them needing to self isolate or awaiting a Covid test result and being unable to attend school. 

If you have any queries, please e-mail me on the class e-mail:


A normal school day in Reception does involve us teaching english, maths, phonics, topic etc and spending a little bit of time each day doing these will help your child continue to learn, develop and retain knowledge.  However,  the children also spend much of their time in the role play, small world, construction, craft area,  painting, play dough, threading, colouring and sand and water.  We sing, share stories, talk, make up games and just enjoy learning through play. Take the opportunity in these strange times to bake, play board games, do jigsaws, ride your bike, tell the time, learn to tie your shoe laces, learn how to skip, learn new songs, learn how to take a photograph, learn how to make a sandwich or prepare your own breakfast . Take advantage of these strange times and think creatively!!!


For a sequence of lessons please visit the Oak National Academy website: 

Here they will give you three lessons a day to complete and work through. 






English/Topic -  Watch lesson 6  Draw a picture and describe one of the new animals.  You could either label your picture or write sentences.


Phonics - access phonics play and complete the flash cards.  Sort the these words into the correct column shop,  chop,  chip,  chat,  ship,  dish,  fish,  rich,  Can you think of any more words to add to each column?  Write 2 sentences using a ch or sh sound.


Maths - Use the PowerPoint below to learn about the shapes.  Can you draw a square, triangle, square and circle.  You might need to practice this a few times.  


Knowledge and Understanding - watch

Discuss which other animals lay eggs.


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