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Hello Class 6 and welcome to the second half of the summer term!


What lovely weather we have been having over the last few weeks.

I hope you and your families are keeping fit and well and have enjoyed the half term break, particularly the sunny weather and the fact that we are able to get out and exercise more and spend more time in open spaces.


I know you are looking forward to seeing each other and returning to school next week; I am too! We know it’s going to be different and there will be restrictions and rules we have to follow in order to keep ourselves and others safe but it will be good to take that first step and get back on that road to some sort of ‘normality’. For those of you who can’t come back to school at the moment (because you have got the very important job of staying at home and protecting yourself and your family so that all your loved ones including yourself can stay safe and well) we will still be keeping in touch with you; don’t think you will be forgotten.


Over the half term and during the lock down, I have finished watching all the Harry Potter films and now I’m watching ‘Escape to the Chateau DIY’ and ‘Places in the Summer Sun’. I have also made soooo.. many cakes and continued with my adventure walks through woods, fields and by the canal. My latest walk on Saturday, took me through fields and woods near Carlton in Lindrick, past horses, around Lindrick golf course and by the canal to Shireoaks.Your e mails and photos have shown me amongst many things that you have: enjoyed the VE celebrations – some with your neighbours on the street; continued to be creative with baking and sewing; and played in the garden, including going in paddling pools, camping and having your own sports day. Wonderful! What fun!


Even though we are potentially only a week away from re-opening and being back in school, keep accessing the work on the class page this week, working hard and sending me your e mails and photos. All the staff are working really hard to prepare the school and make sure it is as safe as can be for our return.


I am looking forward to seeing you all very soon – in person or on zoom.


Not long now – keep going! We can do it!

Bye for now


Love from

Mrs Kirkham x



Hello Class 6 and welcome to the start of the summer term!


I hope you and your families are healthy and happy and have enjoyed the sunshine over the Easter break, whether that was in your garden, may be having a barbeque, or out for your daily form of exercise – walking, cycling, jogging etc.


I know from looking at all the photos and e mails you have sent me, that over the last four weeks, you have been doing a variety of activities – some of which you would probably not normally do or have the time to do. It has been wonderful to hear from you and find out all about what you have been up to and the new skills you have been learning.

Please keep sending photos and e mails so I know how you are getting on and what you are doing. Your messages and photos always cheer me (and my family) up and make me smile – so thank you for that.

Let’s keep cheering each other up and passing that smile, laughter and kindness around through these difficult times when we can’t see each other and our friends.


I know my daily routine has changed over the last month. If I’m not working in school or at home, I start the day with Joe Wicks and his 9am P.E. lesson – and don’t I know I have done that!! My poor achy muscles! I have also been doing jobs and chores, gardening and painting window frames outside. What I have really enjoyed is going on walks exploring the woods and fields (seeing the bluebells and the wild garlic flowers) around where I live with Mr Kirkham and our two grown up children. On one walk, a snake slithered across the grass in front of me!

My children are a lot older now so they don’t need home schooling like you do. They organise their own time and are doing their own activities including studying for a degree at university, playing the drums, creative tasks and sewing masks for the NHS workers. However, we have been coming together as a family for different things and over this last week, my family and I have had a Star Wars marathon! I know some of you like Star Wars. We have watched all 9 Star Wars films in order starting with The Phantom Menace! I think we are moving onto Harry Potter next!


Class 6, we are now at the start of the summer term and I know by now you will have adjusted to the changes in your daily lives and created a routine that works for you and the other members in your household (thank you parents and carers).

As we move into the last term, we are starting new topics and new learning so make sure you look at the home learning on the website each week to help you organise and structure your learning tasks.


Mrs Scholey and I are really missing our time together with you in the classroom but we know you are amazing and are working hard being the best you can be at home - so keep it up.

Let’s hope it’s not too long before we meet again.

Keep in touch; keep safe, well and strong.


I am proud of all of you.

Mrs Kirkham x

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