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Hello Everyone!

I hope that you  are all keeping safe by staying inside and finding plenty to do. Remember, what I said about your learning, little and often is better than nothing for 2 weeks and then 1 full day. However, it is important to remember, now more than ever, that learning happens in many different ways it is not all about sitting down working through the tasks on this page or a workbook. Baking, board games, jigsaws, riding your bike, telling the time, learning to tie your shoe laces, learning how to skip, learning new songs, learning how to take a beautiful photograph, learning how to make a sandwich or prepare your own breakfast are all invaluable lessons and amazing learning opportunities,. Take advantage of these strange times and think creatively!!!

If you need any help or support you can reach me at

I'm missing you all already but it is more important that we are keeping ourselves safe and healthy.

Take care,

Mrs Tyrrell xxx


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Welcome to St Anne's Primary School! Work for children to complete during school closure can be found under the child's class page. There is also a section of FREE Educational Resouces under the CoronaVirus information page.