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Medicines in School

If your child has been prescribed medication please be aware that there is no legal or contractual duty on staff to administer medicine or supervise a child taking it. The only exception to this is staff with specific duties to provide medical assistance as part of their contract. 
The Head Teacher or member of the Senior Leadership Team will however administer prescribed medicines if it is necessary for a child to have a dose in school time. The medicine, accompanied by a completed Medicine Consent Form (available from the School Office) should be given to the Head Teacher or handed in at the Office at the beginning of the day. 


Please note, we will only administer medicines in school that are prescribed by a doctor to be taken 4 times a day.
The school cannot take responsibility for medicines being administered where the timing is crucial or where some technical or medical knowledge or expertise is required.
Similarly, non-prescribed medicines cannot be accepted, or taken by children in school. 
Parents are welcome into school at 12.30pm if they feel their child requires non-prescription medication to be administered. 
Inhalers should be kept in a recognised place in the classroom and children needing them should be encouraged to administer them themselves when needed. 

PLEASE make sure you update us if your child is diagnosed with a medical condition.  Any food allergies should be reported to Mrs Dunnicliff, the School Cook, as soon as possible.
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