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Computing - Intent, Implementation and Impact

St Anne's Computing Learning Journey

We are Photographers - KS1

Year 5 - We are Game Developers 2021/22

The children created artwork and sound for an electronic, interactive game, which used sequence, selection, repetition and variables. We looked closely at detecting and correcting errors/bugs in our computer games. We tested our games to ensure they worked without glitches, we made improvements to our games to make them better.


Year 5 - We are Cryptographers 2021/22

The children have used semaphore, black chamber and Morse code to send and receive messages. Encrypt and decrypt messages in simple ciphers. We have had discussions and activities focusing on the need for private information to be encrypted.  The children have a clear understanding for the need to use complex passwords and how to keep them secure. We have completed activities to support our understanding of how encryption works on the web.

Year 5 Continued

Computing in Class 2: We are astronauts - Designing backgrounds and sprites on Scratch and beginning to understand algorithms!

KS1 - Using programmable toys

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