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Class 6 – Mrs Kirkham


Hello and Welcome to Year 6

from Mrs Kirkham (Class Teacher)
 and Mrs Storrs


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Year 6 is a crucial year as it is the final year of St Anne's Primary School where year 6 children become leaders within school (after they have applied  and been interviewed for jobs in the summer term by the previous year 6 pupils). They have an increased responsibility that they take an absolute pride in.

Another important difference to other year groups is the May assessments that our year 6 children undertake as these give your child the level that determines their ultimate progress for their time at St Anne's.

Year 6 is also the time in which we prepare all of our children for the next steps in their education journey - Secondary School. Saying all this, it is crucial that the children in class 6 prepare for these things in a fun, exciting and supportive way, building on previous skills and knowledge, so that they can achieve their best in all areas.

After reading our class information below it will be evident how children achieve through a real life, relevant and exciting curriculum that is based on their interests and gives them a thirst for knowledge. We want the best for our children because they deserve it !

‘Year 6 pupils are well prepared for moving to secondary school.’

Ofsted 2016

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