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Class 2 – Miss Broughton

Welcome to Year 2!


Class Teacher - Miss Broughton

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Knowles and Mrs Pearson

The Titanic


Not only is there a clear, compelling narrative that pupils can relate to, it also offers opportunities to develop worthwhile historical concepts such as diversity, causation, consequences, interpretations and source analysis.  The approach to the events of the Titanic will be a problem-solving one.  They will be cast in the role of experts.  For example during one lesson they become historical advisers to a film director, at others they are giving reasons at an enquiry or

advising US and UK governments about future safety measures.  I hope that this topic generates a lot of discussion at home as it is one of those events that attracts a lot of popular interest and captures people’s imagination.


The fabulous cast of 'The INNspectors'

Art: Can I create a watercolour wash?

November 2022 - Can I carry out a fair test to discover the best material for a raincoat?

Ordering the main events of the Titanic's maiden voyage: A human timeline!

Here we are considering the many different reasons presented to us as to why the Titanic sank...

Line drawings of hot air balloons.

Music with Mr Botley

We will begin with a history focus thinking about changes in national life within living memory.  Not only is coal mining an important part of our national history, but our local area is steeped with coal mining history due to coal seams running underground!



We will be visiting the National Coal Mining Museum this half term where we will have a tour underground.  We will journey 140metres underground and learn about 180 years of mining!


Please take a look at the documents below for more information about this terms learning in Class 2.

We are photographers! A small selection of our amazing photography skills.

Faith Days: Exploring Judaism

Science in Year 2: Here we are setting up our hydroponics experiment. Please ask us what we found out...

Sports Day - A little bit different this year but we had a lot of fun!

December 2020 - KS1 Nativity. It was a bit different this year but the children were amazing. You all remembered your lines and sang beautifully. You can watch the nativity as many times as you like thanks to Rev. Dave!

December 2020 - Jingle Jog. Lots of rosy cheeks afterwards!

December 2020 - Christmas Jumper Day. Don't they look fantastic!

13th November 2020 - Children In Need and monthly birthday party!

October 2020: How can we find out which materials are waterproof?

September 2020: Hot air balloon art using pastels: We used pastels in different ways and enjoyed blending using our fingers. In the afternoon we learnt interesting facts about hot air balloons and used our new skills with pastels to add colour to our balloons!

Year 2 Lock-down doorstep challenge

"Goodbyes are not forever, are not the end; it simply means i'll miss you until we meet again"

Learning how to combine our movements for French Skipping in PE with Miss Broughton (March 2020)

Drumming with Dan (Music Week March 2020)

February 2020 - Making Cress Heads! Today we set up an experiment to see how quickly cress seeds would grow in comparison to our broad bean experiment.

February 2020: A Hydroponics update! Look at our seedlings - we have roots and shoots. The children have been busy recording their new knowledge about seeds and making further predictions.

Science: Can you grow seeds without soil? Please take a look at our 'hydroponics' experiment...

Year 2 art - 13th January 2020

October 2019: We had a fantastic day at Crich Tramway Village learning about the history of trams as part of our transport topic!

How can we test to see which materials are waterproof?

Looking very proud of their Titanic Fact Files and rightly so!

Science Week 7th October 2019 - We enjoyed listening to Dennis Ashton from the Royal Astronomical Society. We found out about how astronauts eat and sleep in space. Dennis even told us how astronauts go to the toilet!

Farm to Fork Week - WC 30th September 2019

Exploring materials and their properties in science...

11th July 2019: Treat morning with the money raised from our sponsored spell!

Congratulations girls on your winning and shortlisted designs for the Primary Engineers Award. We are extremely proud of you!

Here are a selection of Class 2 presenting their manifestos to be School Councillor in Year 3. Good Luck for the elections which will be held on the 4th July. Good luck everyone!

July 2019: Each child in school will be making and designing their own clay fish using a variety of different printing implements and designs. We will be making a beautiful display of all of us swimming together!

June 2019: Creating Computer Art: The children were introduced to French artist Georges Seurat 1859-1891 who spent two years producing his famous pointillist painting: A sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte (1884-85). Then, we tried to create our own art using Microsoft Paint, using the same technique. Well done to these boys who used lots of tiny dots to re-create a picture of an apple!

Safety Seymour - Class 2 learn all about Carbon Monoxide Safety

This week during our topic time we considered the following question. What has it like to be a young child in a 19th Century Mining Community?

19th of March 2019 - ICT/Laptops with Cameron from North Notts College - Today we recapped how to switch on, log on and log off our laptops. We used a 'web browser' to search for the National Coal Mining Museum website. Once on the website we used hyperlinks to navigate the site and launch to other websites. We found out that websites are often made up of hundreds of pages!

History - Researching the role of children in 19th Century Mining.

World Book Day - 7th March 2019. Look at our amazing costumes. We had a great day and even found time to share our favourite stories with Year 6!

Safer Internet Day February 2019: We discussed how to keep safe whilst using the internet and made posters to alert our friends...

January 2019:  French Skipping


We have focussed on our fundamental movements such as running, dodging, jumping, skipping and hopping.  We have applied our skills whilst learning the game ‘French Skipping’.  We have found that this has required us to use increased balance and coordination for our jumping.



Christmas jumper day!

14th December 2018: Learning to use the laptops to further our learning in maths.

Meeting the Fire and Rescue Service

How to make a fruit skewer. A practical activity in preparation for independent instruction writing!

Success in Gymnastics: Congratulations to Mia for gaining badge 7 and to Charlie, Kaja, Theo and Kayleigh for achieving badge 8!

PE with Mr Newton. 23rd October 2018

21st September 2018: We had a fantastic day in Sherwood Forest...

20th September 2018: Gymnastics: Bunny hops and forward roles. Grade 8 for Mia!

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