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If your child is absent from school for any reasons please contact the school on a daily basis to update us on the situation.  

You can call the school on 01909 473 223, press 1 and leave a message on the absence line or alternatively you could email the school -

Thank you.

Term Time Absence
Just to remind you of the changes to Attendance Regulations.
Under these regulations,any child with less than 90% attendance, is now defined as a
persistent absentee.
Once a child has 6 sessions (equal to 3 days) of unauthorised absence over a rolling 6-week period, the Local Authority can issue a warning letter stating that any further absence may result in the issuing of a Penalty Notice. The duration of the warning letter will last 12-weeks from the date of issue.
If the unauthorised absence rises to 10 sessions (5 days) over a 6-week period, then the Local Authority can issue Penalty Notices and subsequent fines to the parents of the child
in question.
If the child has been removed from school for a holiday during term time and the level of absence is above 6 sessions (3 days) in total over a 6-week rolling period, then the Authority will also issue Penalty Notices and fines to parents.
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