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Religious Education

Religious Education and Collective Worship


Quality Christian Worship and RE are valued and are an essential part of the school curriculum.  Through both RE and Collective Worship the children will gain a sound knowledge and understanding of the Christian faith.  They are given opportunity to explore their own thoughts and feelings.

Through RE they are also given the opportunity to learn about, understand and respect other cultures and beliefs.  Questioning and the development of thinking skills will be an important element of the teaching process alongside developing each child’s spirituality within their own context.
The school fosters close links with St Anne’s Church. Rev Cash, Curate and Church Warden lead worship oncea week; worship on other days is led by a member ofthe teaching staff. 
R.E. is also taught as an integral part of general education, and relates closely to the moral and spiritual “ethos” of the school which permeates all that we do.   
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