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Year 3

W/E: 21/06/24

Troy: has been impressing us with his ability to work independently.  This week he has had the confidence to complete two fantastic pieces of writing all on his own.  He is rereading his work as he writes to check that it makes sense and editing with support from others.  We are so proud of him and we know that he is going to continue to be a superstar in year 4!  He has also read at home more, and as a result we are seeing fantastic progress in this area and his confidence is growing too!  A huge well done Troy!

W/E: 14/06/24

George: This young man showed such wonderful determination and perseverance in our sewing lessons this week, he will admit he didn’t find it easy but he quietly sat concentrating, taking his time and was thinking carefully about where to put the stitches to enhance his painting.  It is still a work in progress that should be finished today but we are incredibly proud of the mature attitude he has demonstrated when creating this piece. We have seen this all year with the attitude and hard work he has put in to improving his handwriting too!

Sam A: We have chosen this person for star of the week because he has been impressing us for a while now and have seen this young man really mature whilst he has been in class three.  The attitude he has towards his work is wonderful, there is an enthusiasm for learning and a thirst for knowledge, he remembers facts and recalls previous learning. He now asks for help more quickly if he needs it and is a very popular learning partner within the class.  He encourages others and praises them in PE if they find something difficult, providing tips and advice in a considerate way. In maths he explains strategies thoughtfully to friends to help them find the answers for themselves.  He is always keen to join in class discussions, share his answers and ideas.  He is also an incredibly helpful member of class three and will always give his time to help his friends, teachers and Mrs Dunicliffe.  Well done Sam!

W/E: 07/06/24

Elsa: comes in every day with a smile and a cheerful good morning. She helps some of her friends to get the resources out for the day, popping the Moki’s out ready for when everyone else enters, making class three’s day run smoothly. Elsa is always keen to share her thoughts in our weekly PSHE lessons and contributes beautifully to the group tasks. This week she has impressed Mrs Wilkinson with her pronunciation in French, pronouncing the names of ice cream flavours beautifully.  Well done Elsa!

Harri: is a very quiet member of the class who has a fabulous sense of humour.  Her work is always beautifully presented, and we suspect she may be up for a pen licence when in Year 4!  This week she has produced a fabulous, beautifully presented and detailed information poster all about France in our Geography lesson, after carrying out her research and gathering lots of information. Well done Harri!

W/E: 24/05/24

Victoria: was decided as our star on Monday morning!  Getting into the swimming pool wasn't something she found easy. She felt very nervous when we first started going. On Monday, Victoria swam her first length of the big pool using a float, but then jumped in without one - twice because Mrs Smith missed it the first time! She is an 'always' child in the classroom, quiet, hardworking and polite.  Mrs Smith says ... Victoria, Mrs Wilkinson and I are so proud of you and are looking forward to seeing your swimming progress even more after the holidays. Well done!

Rosanna: We have seen such a change in attitude towards work from Rosanna since she started in year three. At first, she lacked self-belief and confidence - not anymore!  She listens so carefully on the carpet, is always willing to give it a go and share her thoughts on every area of learning. It has been fabulous to see her grow and the progress she has made this year. This week though, Mrs Smith chose Rosanna to share the start of her newspaper report, because she had used some fabulous descriptive language in her opening paragraph. Well done Rosanna, keep up all your hard work and keep smiling that wonderful smile. Your positivity is infectious. 

W/E: 17/05/24

Harriet R: is always keen to read and asks every day if she can share her book with staff.  If she picks up a book that she isn’t particularly enjoying, she perseveres reading, therefore widening the genres that she reads and can explain what it is she likes/dislikes about the book.  In Geography, she has thoroughly enjoyed researching about the capital of Italy, finding out about famous landmarks, language, currency and other interesting facts.  This week, in art she took time and care in creating her art work.  Taking time to build colours and texture using the acrylic paints on cloth.  Her attitude to maths has seen the biggest change this year, she no longer panics when faced with new concepts, adding and subtracting fractions this week has been a doddle. She carefully listened in teaching time and then applied what she had learnt independently, explaining to others that needed help.

She doesn’t just impress with her effort in lessons, we have watched her always being that caring and kind friend to others, looking for those around her that need support, encouragement and help.  She always a smiley, friendly face, she remembers her manners and will go above and beyond to help those around her however she can.  Thank you, Harriet for always making us smile, always helping us and being the perfect friend to all in Y3!  You are our star this week.

W/E: 10/05/24

Oscar: has been impressing the Year 3 team across the curriculum. In maths, he is listening really carefully on the carpet during lessons.  This is paying off because he is now working with much more independence and success during independent learning time and no longer waiting for us to check in to get started.  He is more focussed during reading time and reading more at home, he has been trying hard to remember to use the text to answer questions in reading lessons and his handwriting has made Mrs Smith nearly cry with pride and Mrs Wilkinson did a happy dance!  We are so proud of the increased effort he is making and hope this continues.  Keep it up Oscar you are our star this week.

W/E: 03/05/24

Edie: Our star this week has shown massive resilience over recent weeks and has been busy beavering away completing all her work and has been working hard on the presentation of her work.  This has continued this week and she has been taking time to ensure her handwriting is as neat as it possibly could be.  This has not gone unnoticed Edie!  So, for her resilience, enthusiasm for learning and working hard on her presentation this weeks star is Edie!

W/E: 19/04/24

Lily: has made a great start to the summer term. In recent weeks she has impressed Mrs Smith and Mrs Wilkinson with her confidence in the swimming pool, making fabulous progress with her swimming.  In the classroom she is always ready to learn, keen to help others and a fabulous learning partner who is a calming influence.  We have been particularly impressed this week with her confidence in maths with our fraction work and her eagerness to share her understanding.  Well done Lily, keep up the hard work!

Hugo: Our second star has wowed us with his confidence in the swimming pool.  When we first started swimming he didn’t want put his head/face in the water.  On Monday he swam underwater, through a hoop to pick up a sinky!  We were so impressed!  We cannot wait to see the progress he is going to make in the coming weeks.

W/E: 22/03/24

Phoebe: has impressed the year three team with her science knowledge, sharing what she knows about plans and what they need to survive.  Phoebe's reading has grown in confidence over the last six months.  She has grown in confidence and ability and is loving reading!  As a result of this developing love of books, she is making fantastic progress and was keen to share this weeks success with mum too!  Well done Phoebe you are a superstar!

Alexander: has shown fabulous skills in maths and is developing some wonderful problem-solving and reasoning skills as well as having great mathematical knowledge. He answers questions at super speed, he can explain how and why he has come to his answer and on his recent arithmetic paper dropped just two marks.  We love his sense of humour, the stories he tells and his great general knowledge.  Well done Alexander.

W/E: 15/03/24

Evan: We have been looking at the book 'Leon and the Places Between' in our English work.  Evan has impressed us with the language that he has used within his diary entry. He always takes great care with his work ensuring it is beautifully presented.  The content of this piece though, shows how well Evan reads at home. Reading is the window to everything as we know it and Evan's rich and ambitious vocabulary always feeds into his work in all subjects.  His diary entry was full of noun and adverb phrases (one of our focuses in this unit).  Well done Evan, we are looking forward to reading you magical adventure story when we start that next week. 

Emily: also produced a fabulous piece of work in English this week, using the text and the events brilliantly and capturing the moments in the story beautiful, written from the main characters perspective. The language she included created a fabulous picture of what had happened. Emily is also an avid reader and reads religiously every night at home, this results in fabulous work in all areas as her general knowledge and her vocabulary is extensive.  Well done Emily!

W/E: 08/03/24

Sam A: has impressed us in maths lessons.  In recent weeks it has been a pleasure to see him shine again, his times tables knowledge has allowed him to make excellent progress in our multiplication and division units and this week he has amazed us with the speed at which he can convert equivalent measurements.  On some occasions Mrs Smith had only just finished the question and he was ready with the answer. A huge well done to Sam.

Christina: has a smile that brightens up the room, she always gives a 100%.  She is always listening and focussed in lessons.  This means she makes a great learning partner to others.  This is something we have enjoyed watching recently, it doesn’t matter who she is working with she does so in a calm and caring manner, sharing her knowledge and listening to the opinions and ideas of others.  It is lovely watching as she grows in confidence and develops more and more friendships within the classroom.  Well done Christina!

W/E: 01/03/2024

Hugo: has impressed the team with his methodical approach in maths this week, he has followed all the steps and advice to successfully divide two digit numbers.  The children have been learning to do this using flexible partitioning, and Hugo has methodically used the approach to achieve great success. He also blew us away with the maths assessments this week, scoring full marks in both assessments on multiplication and division.  A huge well done Hugo!

W/E: 23/02/24

Elsa: shines brightly every single day, and can always been seen to be upholding the values of St Annes. This week she has continued to impress us with her attitude in all curriculum areas, her positive attitude means she is never phased, she just takes things in her stride, listening in learning time and taking any advice she is given onboard.  Keep up all the hard work Elsa, we notice every day how hard you work and how much effort you out into absolutely everything you do.

Emilia: has been impressing us all week with some fabulous singing in our music lessons, to her creativity in art, where this week she made a fabulous BFG sculpture.  She is working hard with her learning partners in maths, using Deines and base ten to flexibly partition numbers to complete division problems. Well done Emilia for all your hard work this week it has been lovely to see you really enjoying your learning. 

W/E: 02/02/24

Sam O: has been chosen for showing patience, perseverance and a positive attitude across the curriculum.  From a super “informal” letter in English to great participation in PE.  He had fantastic focus when trying to figure out how to complete the challenging Celtic knot collage.  Sam has risen to every challenge this week.  We are delighted with how hard he is working and he very much deserves this recognition.

W/E: 26/01/24

Casper: has impressed the team in many areas of the curriculum this week.  His enthusiasm for learning is always apparent and he is keen to expand his knowledge and share what he already knows - this extends to out-of-school too. His homework is usually one of the first books to be handed back in and last terms home learning project was fantastic.  This week he has been working hard in maths demonstrating his times tables knowledge, in English he has shown his understanding of the features of myths as we have looked at the  myth of the Oak and the Linden tree.  Casper did also surprise us with his amateur dramatic skills during our Roman workshop.

W/E: 19/01/24

Brieaa: has made a great start to her second term in Year 3. Since joining us she has taken things in her stride and works hard each day to be the best she can be. She works hard to complete homework tasks, reads regularly and thoroughly enjoys completing her learning log tasks. Brieaa also spends time on Times tables rock star and this is really helping her to develop her timetables knowledge. In the last week she rose to the challenge in art.  We began our new learning journey which was all about how artists respond and are inspired by text.  We looked at a Roald Dahl poem “The Three little pigs” and the children were asked to respond to a verse with a description of the wolf.  Using their imagination to illustrate from the text.  We have also looked at the illustrations of Quentin Blake and how he draws characters to emphasise a point by exaggerating parts of his illustrations.

W/E: 15/12/23

Rosanna and Cassie: This week’s year 3 stars have impressed us with their collaborative work this week. Mrs Smith has heard some lovely conversations taking place this week during learning time, sharing thoughts on sentence construction, on facts about the stone age and explanations in maths. They worked together to improve pieces when editing, changing the vocabulary used or adding in missing words.  Not only have they been working well with their own learning partners but they have helped each other and their friends on their table too. Sharing their thoughts and ideas and praising friends for their work. They both have a very gentle manner and are working hard on their positive outlooks and growth mindsets, challenging themselves to constantly improve their own work.  Well done to Rosanna and Cassie

W/E: 08/12/23

Georgiana: is someone who always tries her best, and understands about the importance of listening and applying, in order to move her learning forward. This half term we have seen Georgiana has grown in confidence and has developed her growth mindset - this has been evident at school and at home with homework. She is asking for help if she needs it from both those around her and the adults in the room.  We were very proud of her during our class assembly on Wednesday, confidently delivering her lines to a packed room and taking it all in her stride.  Well done Georgiana!

W/E: 01/12/23

Annie: has been impressing all of the Y3 team. She is always busy working away, concentrating on the task and ensuring she is doing her very best. This week Mrs Storrs was impressed with some very thoughtful answers in RE and PSHE lessons. This is something we see from Annie in all other areas of the curriculum too!  We have also seen more active participation in Maths lessons over the last few weeks, hand up answering questions more readily and her reading has also really improved too!  Keep up all the hard work Annie!

W/E: 24/11/23

Reggie: Year 3 this week have been writing as though they are the 'Stone Age Boy' from their class text 'The First Drawing.' The class have been learning how to use fronted adverbials to express time or place. As a class, the children came up with some incredible sentences about key events in the book. Reggie worked quietly and independently to come up with some fantastic sentences about the key events using some wonderful fronted adverbials which described the time or place the event was happening.

W/E: 16/11/23

Harrison: Year 3 this week have been looking at formal written addition and subtraction methods. This class member has demonstrated that simply by listening carefully in every lesson, joining in with the practice questions on the carpet and taking an active role in finding the answers they can then go away and take that learning into independent tasks.  Our star this week is doing this consistently. 

He has a “can do” attitude in school, even when something is challenging, he asks questions to help him deepen his understanding, if he makes a mistake he tries again and doesn’t let it bother him.  He has a “growth mindset” he always tries his best and is keen to impress staff with his enthusiasm for learning.  Well done Harrison.

W/E: 10/11/23

Harriet R: This week’s star has been impressing Mrs Smith and Mrs Wilkinson in many ways, she is always helpful and kind to everyone and works hard in all lessons but in particular she has shone in maths for having the most wonderful determination to succeed.  She has learnt how important it is to follow the steps, has had her mum and dad helping her practise at home, completing extra questions she asked Dad to set her alongside her homework to secure her understanding.  On Wednesday this week she demonstrated how that determination and hard work has paid off. Taking her learning in her stride and answering all questions accurately.  We are so impressed with the can do attitude and the perseverance she has shown. Well done Harriet!

W/E: 13/10/23

Flynn: This star always has a positive learning attitude.  He listens carefully during teaching time and then quickly focuses on any independent task he is given, ensuring his work is beautifully presented and meets the objectives and expectations of each lesson.  He is keen to ask questions and learn more and is always very supportive of his learning partner and this has been recognised by his peers too!   We have been particularly impressed by his change in attitude towards reading at home, whilst has yet achieved his 5 times for a remarkable reader prize we have seen a big improvement in his reading ability and this has impressed us.  He is also incredibly helpful around the classroom and if he sees something that needs doing he does it without being asked.  He has also impressed Mrs Dunicliffe by taking it up on himself to take back our crumpet and teacake tray each day.  Well done Flynn, you’ve made a great start to year 3 and we are very impressed with how hard you are working.

Oscar: This star has shown so much perseverance since joining year 3 he NEVER gives up.  His enthusiasm in English this week has stood out.  The children were asked to compose a postcard to send home about an adventure in the Stone Age, based on our book The Stone Age Boy.  He used all of his knowledge of the story and constructed some lovely sentences, working independently and was able to read his work back to Mrs Smith. The year 3 team were very proud of his determination to complete the task.

W/E: 06/10/23

Ewan: This star has impressed the class three team since joining us with his determination and enthusiasm for life in Key Stage 2.  This week he has impressed the team with his knowledge and desire to learn more especially in our History lessons.  On our trip he listened carefully, taking in the new knowledge and answering questions that were being asked.  He participated in all activities with gusto, working as part of a team to build a Stone Age tent, kill Bison to feed his tribe and learning how to start a fire to keep his community warm.  He is helpful and kind towards his friends in the classroom and this week has demonstrated this by helping his learning partner in maths; showing his own understanding and explaining things beautifully, demonstrating strategies to help them complete their learning.  He is choosing to work with his learning partners and making positive choices, pushing himself out of his comfort zone at times and challenging himself to do new things.  We are VERY proud of Ewan and all he has achieved since joining Year 3.

George: This star also impressed Mrs Wilkinson on our trip on Wednesday, he can be a quieter member of our class but is beginning to join in more with class discussions.  At Creswell Craggs he found his voice, listening carefully to the questions and information being shared.  He volunteered to answer questions with great enthusiasm and shared his knowledge from History lessons too.  He even took his learning home, reading a story “Cave Baby” to his sister and then bringing this book in to school to share with his class mates.  Well done George!

W/E: 28/09/23

Harriet FW and Heidi: This week Mrs Smith and Mrs Wilkinson have been wowed by the focus, determination and attitude to learning in all areas of learning by our two stars.  They have always have the right attitude for learning and are focused and on task immediately.  They join in with class discussions and are fabulous learning partners to whoever they are paired with each week. They are polite and well-mannered and excellent role models.  This week though they have particularly shone in English.  We have been competing our writing unit based on the book “How to wash a Woolly Mammoth.” The children have been asked to write a set of instructions that a time traveller could take back to the Stone Age.  Both girls have produced a high quality piece of writing.  Not only have they have remembered to include all the features of  the text type (imperative verbs, prepositions, number instructions…) but they presented it beautifully, taking care with handwriting and were keen to edit and improve at the end too, ensuing they referred back to the checklist!  The children are today producing their final pieces and we can’t wait to proudly display them in the classroom.

A huge well done to Harriet and Heidi!

W/E: 22/09/23

Troy: Class three’s star has impressed Mrs Smith and Mrs Wilkinson this week.  He bounces in every day with a huge beaming smile and spring in his step, he is always focussed and on task and as a result his contributions in class have been outstanding this week.  He is listening carefully, answering question with enthusiasm and sharing his opinion.  He asks for help if he needs it and then puts into practice the advice he is given, showing increasing independence in his learning.  We are blown away with his enthusiasm and eagerness to learn. (This individual has earnt his team so many team points this week!)  Well done Troy on a tremendous week, you are Class Three’s star of the week!

W/E: 15/09/23