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Virtual Take Five

In school we have been learning to use breathing exercises to help us build resilience, through a range of skills such as breathing, grounding and awareness.

Ask your children to tell you about it.

We should be developing our sessions further but in the current situation, we have been offered some virtual sessions instead. The sessions are only a few minutes long and can be done anywhere and by anyone. The children will be able to teach their adults how to take part too!

Give it a try and see if it benefits you and your family.

Maybe you could get a picture to send into school so we can see how the adults are getting on in their lessons too.

Children are now able to access Take 5 Breathing exercises by following the link below to the lessons. You will need to use the password that will be sent by text to take part.

This password is only to be used by our children and families. Please do not share with anyone else.

Each week we will upload new lessons and send you details of that week's password.