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School Council


The School Council plays an important role in our school.  We value the opinions of all the learners at St Anne's and the Council is the 'voice' of the children.

The Council comprises of two representatives from each class from Year 1 upwards.  An annual election is held for the appointment of the prime representatives for each class.  We consult with  the Councillors when policies are drawn up and decisions about the school are to be made.

Our school council for the year 2023- 2024 is -

  • Class 1 - Leo and Lilly
  • Class 2 - George and Catherine
  • Class 3 - Emily and Elsa
  • Class 4 - Isaac and Jensen
  • Class 5 - Amelia and Rosie
  • Class 6 - Tom and Lucy

Meet this years School Council !