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W/E: 21/06/24

Alex O: This week we have been learning about mini-beasts and finding out lots of information about them.  Alex has then made his own garden picture.  He has used a range of different materials to produce a grass collage.  He then drew and coloured his own grasshopper to make a 3D garden picture.

Amilia: This week Amilia has done some great work in Maths thinking about position.  She has been able to use a range of vocabulary to talk about behind, in front, between, next to and opposite.  Amilia could clearly describe where the objects were positioned and thought about how this might change, depending on where you are stood.

W/E: 14/06/24

Rebecca: We have been using our work on mini beasts to help us create some artwork. This week Rebecca has made a beautiful fingerprint print of the very hungry caterpillar in the sunshine.  She thought carefully about the colours she needed to use to make sure her picture was bright and colourful.  Well done Rebecca!

Teddy: This week Teddy has been working really hard on his letter formation.  He has been busy thinking about where he needs to start his letter and what they need to look like.  He has really impressed us with his name writing this week and is trying really hard to remember the letters he needs to use and the order he needs to write them in.  Well done Teddy!

W/E:  07/06/24

Anaika: This week in RE we have been thinking about the natural world around us. We have used our senses to discuss what we can see, hear, smell and touch.  Anaika has made some wonderful contributions talking about what she has observed, but also discussing why it is important to look after our world.  She was able to notice that some things were natural, such as the grass, clouds and flowers, but also that some of them were man-made, such as the school and play equipment.  She is showing a real focus in class and sits well, ready to join and ready to contribute.  Well done Anaika!

Eva Ann: This week we have been reading the story of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar,' to help us understand the process of the life-cycle of a butterfly.  Eva Ann did an amazing job of identifying the parts of the story that happened in the beginning, middle and end. She drew a lovely picture and wrote a small caption to explain her pictures.  Eva Ann was also able to describe the life-cycle and could confidently say the four stages.  Well Done Eva Ann!

W/E: 24/05/24

Archie: This week we have been thinking about instructions and pets.  Archie was able to talk about which animals make a good pet and which animals do not. He thought carefully about how we care for different animals and was able to write some fantastic instructions about how to look after a dog. Well done Archie!

Jack: This week we have been thinking about sharing and grouping.  Jack has been able to listen carefully to the instructions and to make, for example, 3 groups of 2 or 2 groups of 4.  He has been looking to see if the groups were equal, and has been thinking about how he could make them equal if they weren't. Well done Jack!

W/E: 17/05/24

Lily M: This week we have been thinking about how we can stay healthy.  Lily did an amazing job of listing all the different ways - including eating healthily, exercising (especially jumping), cleaning her teeth and getting enough sleep.  We have been learning to follow instructions and Lily was able to both give and follow instructions for washing her hands.  Well done Lily!

Oscar: This week in Maths we have been learning to share.  Oscar has been using vocabulary such as equal, share and fair.  He has shown that he can do some careful sharing and knows that he needs to give out the objects 1 at a time.  Oscar was able to say that we could share even numbers equally and that odd numbers had 1 left over.  Well done Oscar! 

W/E: 10/05/24

George: For been a absolute superstar all week. George is a fantastic role model and is always ready to learn and enthusiastically puts his hand up to answer questions and have a go.  When he is working with an adult he is eager to share his knowledge and always tries his best.  During busy time George is a wonderful friend and has a kind and empathic nature. He is always engaged and busy at an activity and once he has made something he loves to share it with an adult. Well done George!

Felicity: This week Felicity has blown us away in her English. She has been doing some super reading and it is lovely to hear her blending the sounds to read the words.  It has been great to see her confidence, and she shows a real enjoyment of books.  On the carpet, she has been sharing ways that she can stay healthy and has written a brilliant list of foods that she would feed Sid the cat - linked to our story Six Dinner Sid.  Well done Felicity!

W/E: 03/05/24

Hansel: has shown some wonderful work in phonics.  Hansel has been really looking at the sounds and using the actions to help him to remember them.  On the carpet he is enthusiastically listening to, and playing along with, our phonics games and wants to put his hand up and have a try.  Hansel did a super job of deciding if the words were real or made up in our treasure game. Well done Hansel!

Jack: for super work in maths. This week we have been thinking about adding.  Jack did a fantastic job of being able to say, for example, 'first we had 6, then we added 3, now we have 9'.  He is able to quickly recognise amounts without counting, and he can use this to help count on when adding.  Jack was also able to do some simple problem-solving and to work out how many objects had been added to the initial number. Well done Jack!

W/E: 19/04/24

Rowan: This week has been amazing in our Literacy lessons.  She has been enthusiastically learning to retell our new story 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'.  She was able to identify the settings in the story and think of some different words to the words used within the story to describe each setting.   She listened carefully as we learnt some facts about bears and shared her knowledge with the class.  Well done Rowan!

Anaika: has settled in wonderfully into Class Reception.  This week she has been trying really hard to learn the phonic sounds and actions.  On the carpet she has been joining in and really listening carefully for the sounds.  In reading Anaika is beginning to blend and it was a pleasure to share her book with her this week.  Well done Anaika! 

W/E: 22/03/24

Julien: For fantastic work in phonics and reading.  Every Monday,  when we are listening to readers, Julien always comes up and asks if it's his turn to read.  During the week when we are listening to readers, Julien will always take an opportunity to come and read a little bit extra.    He loves to share his story and has blown us away with his blending skills.  Julien is recognising lots of digraphs and many high-frequency words.  Well Done!

Lily: For amazing work this week in Maths.  This week we have been focusing on the numbers 9 and 10.  Lilly has done a super job of sorting the numbers by more than and less than.  She has also shown she is able to find 1 more and 1 less for numbers to 10.  Lilly always joins in enthusiastically in maths and loves to put her hand up to answer question. Well Done!

W/E: 15/03/24

Alex G: For fantastic work in Science all week.  Alex has demonstrated his fantastic knowledge about materials.  He was able to name the material, describe some of the properties and think about what we use different materials for.  During our science challenge afternoon, Alex used the materials available to build his own house for the Three Little Pigs.  He then helped his friends to build theirs.  He describe his house as strong because he couldn't blow it down and said that next time he would adapt it by making it longer. Well done Alex!

Betsy: For super work in phonics.  Betsy shows a real enjoyment in phonics and this is filtering down into her reading and writing.  It is always lovely to read with Betsy who loves to talk about the books. She is reading many high frequency words by sight and confidently blends the words she needs too. In phonics she is remembering lots of our digraphs and this week she worked well with her partner to compose and write her own sentence using the sound 'oa'.  Her sentence was 'the girl is on the boat' and we could see finger spaces and a full stop.  Well done Betsy! 

W/E: 08/03/24

Beatrix: demonstrated her wonderful knowledge in the planetarium.  Class Reception enjoyed a session learning about animals that we might see at night.  Beatrix was able to use the word nocturnal and named lots of nocturnal animals that we might see in Britian.  She was able to use her knowledge to discuss how nocturnal animals hunt and survive at night.  When we looked at the stars Beatrix was putting her hand up to answer questions and discuss what she could see. Well done Beatrix! 

Ollie: This week Ollie has been doing some wonderful writing.  He has been thinking about how to write sentences on his own in phonics.  Ollie showed that he was able to orally compose his sentence and can say the sentence so that he knows how many words he needs to write.  He remembered lots of the key features we have been learning about such as capital letters, finger spaces and full stops and is using his phonic knowledge.  Well done Ollie!"

W/E: 01/03/24

Charlotte: For fantastic contributions on the carpet all week.  This week we have been reading the story Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  Charlotte has been taking part in some fantastic discussions and has been giving some wonderful answers about what Goldilocks liked and disliked.  It has been lovely to see her growing confidence in having a go and her general love of stories.  Well done Charlotte.

Alex: This week Alex has been showing that he is becoming a fantastic writer when he wrote some sentences to describe what he could see in the forest.  He is able to compose his own sentences and knows that he needs finger spaces and a full stop.  Alex is doing some super sounding out and is beginning to use the digraphs we have been taught.  Well done Alex!

W/E: 23/02/24

James: For fantastic work in writing.  This week we have been describing Goldilocks.  James though of some super sentences and was able to remember his finger spaces and full stops.  He tried really hard with his handwriting to make sure that his letters weren't too big and were formed correctly.  James is really beginning to show love for writing and it has been lovely to see him writing independently about his bow and arrow in our provision.  Well done James! 

Kaydence: For super work in phonics.  This week Kaydence has blown us away with her fantastic listening skills in phonics. On the carpet she has been joining in and doing the actions to help her remember each sound.  She has shown her super listening skills when she was able to hear all the sounds in a cvc word so that she can then have a go at writing them down.  Well done Kaydence!

W/E: 02/02/24

Hansel: This week Hansel has done a super job in English. On the carpet he has been looking carefully at the sounds and really trying hard to pronounce each sound correctly.  He has been using our actions to help him remember them. Hansel then did a super job of listening for the initial sound to help him write the first letter of the animals met in the story of the Gingerbread Man. Well done Hansel!

Florence: In RE we have been thinking about special places.  Florence shared that her special place was the park because she gets to go with her dog.  Florence was then able to talk about why the church was a special place to Christians.  She impressed us when she was able to talk about features of a church and was able to sort the buildings into churches and not churches.  

W/E: 26/01/24

Alfie: For fantastic work in Maths.  This week we have been thinking about weight and how we can make something balance.  Alfie was able to make some super predictions about how many cubes he thought it would take to make the scales balance and then was able to check if he was correct.  On the carpet he has been ready to answer questions and is becoming more confident to have a go even when he isn't sure.  Well Done Alfie!

Amilia: For fantastic work in English.  This week we have learnt to retell the Gingerbread Man story using Talk For Writing.  Amilia is always enthusiastic and ready to join in with the words and actions.  In her writing she is beginning to understand we can combine words to write a sentence and did a super job of describing her Gingerbread Man.  Well Done Amilia!

W/E: 19/01/24

Eva Ann: This week Eva Ann has really stood out to both Mrs McKinnell and Miss Robinson in English.  She has really enjoyed taking part in our talk for writing story.  She has been confidently doing the actions and trying hard to retell the words.  In writing, she is listening for the sounds and when she spotted they all ended in 'at' she was able to use this  knowledge to write her own cvc (constant, vowel, constant) words e.g. Cat.

Jack: has such a lovely attitude in school.  On the carpet he is always ready to learn and is sitting listening and ready to take part.  He makes brilliant  contributions no matter which lesson we are doing.  He happily comes to work with an adult and always tries his best. Jack always has a smile on his face and demonstrates a real love for learning. Well Done Jack!

W/E: 15/12/23

Oscar: This week Oscar has done a fantastic job in his reading. He has been recognising the sounds we have learnt and practising his blending skills. Oscar always has a go, even when he is unsure. It's always lovely to read with Oscar as he really enjoys the stories he is reading and likes to talk about what is happening in the book.  Well Done Oscar!

Lily M: For fantastic writing.  Lily has been helping Miss Robinson write her list to Father Christmas.  She was able to say the word and then write the sounds she could hear.  She thought carefully about how to hold her pencil and how to form her letter.  Well done Lily!


Archie: Class Reception have been doing lots of work around People Who Help Us.  This week we have been thinking about what we would like to do when we grow up.  Archie came up with lots of different ideas of what he might like to be when he grew up.  He said he would maybe like to be a farmer like his daddy before finally deciding he  wanted to be a plumber because he would be able to fix pipes.  He drew a lovely picture and had a super go at labelling his picture. Well done Archie!

Alex G: This week Alex has really stood out for his listening skills and enthusiasm to have a go.  It has been lovely to see his confidence grow at putting his hand up and having a try.  In phonics Alex has been listening carefully and sharing his thoughts and ideas with the class especially when thinking about sh and ch words. Well done Alex!

W/E: 01/12/23

Felicity: As part of our topic 'People Who Help Us' we have been finding out about the emergency services and what they do to help us.  In our classroom we have our Police station and Felicity makes a Fantastic Police Officer.  She has shown what an amazing imagination she has, as she has been solving crimes in our classroom and keeping a log of them as she writes on the crime sheet. It has been lovely to watch her roleplay with her friends and use the props to help her. Well done Felicity!

Rowan: This week Rowan has been an all round superstar and role-model for her friends in class.  She is always listening and following  instructions. She always tries her best and looks after our classroom.  In phonics she is has done some lovely writing while listening to the 3 sounds, in maths she is joining in with counting and adding two small groups, and in the nativity practices she is singing enthusiastically.  For her all round enthusiasm for school a big well done Rowan!

W/E: 24/11/23

Rebecca: For fantastic work in gymnastic. This week she has shown great listening skills and super control while moving in different ways across the bench and practising her safe landing shapes.   This week Emma (Gymnastics Coach) said how proud she was of Rebecca for joining in and having a try especially while learning to do a tricky forward roll.   Well done Rebecca!

Jack F: for fantastic work in phonics.  This week we have been listening carefully to the sounds we can hear in different words.  Jack worked really hard to hear the 3 sounds and choose the correct grapheme card.  What really impressed us was when Jack checked his words he was quick to spot if he had chosen the wrong sound card and could then look again to find the correct sound.  Well done Jack!

W/E: 17/11/23

Charlotte: This week Charlotte has been a maths super star.  We have been  finding  out about 1 more.  Charlotte has shown us that she can do some careful counting to find out how many she has and then use her fingers to find the next number.  It was lovely to see how Charlotte didn't guess and was looking carefully at the objects she had to count.  Charlotte was enthusiastic and keen to put her hand up and have a go on the carpet.  Well done Charlotte!

George: This week George has shown us what an amazing reader he is becoming.  Over the last few weeks George has been learning to recognise more and more sounds and learning how we can blend them together to make a word.   During reading this week George demonstrated how confident he is becoming in doing this. It's always lovely to read with George as he is so enthusiastic and love to talk about the stories we read.  Well done George!

W/E: 10/11/23

Julien: This week Julien has been an all round super star in class.  Both Miss Robinson and Mrs McKinnell have noticed that he is always doing the right thing,  he is ready to listen and do his learning and, most importantly is always ready to have a try.  He has impressed us with his careful counting in maths, knowing his sounds in phonics and for his gymnastic work. Well done Julien!

Lily: This week Lilly has been a superstar in phonics.  She is listening carefully to the sounds and is beginning to hear the initial sound in words.  Lilly was able to sort the words by their initial sound.  In her writing Lilly used our actions to help know which sound she needed to write.  Well done Lilly!

W/E: 13/10/23

Teddy: This week we have been reading 'Oliver's Vegetables' and learning more about the vegetables we eat.  Teddy did an amazing job of being able to name lots of different vegetables.  Then he used the magnifying glass to look carefully at the vegetables we had in class and, described what he could see.  Teddy noticed things such as the colours, the size, the weight and the texture of the different vegetables.  Well done Teddy!

Ollie: This week in maths we have been thinking about recognising and continuing repeated patterns.  Ollie has done a fantastic job of recognising the pattern and then being able to use the correct colours to continue the pattern.  He was able to make his own pattern and could spot mistakes in other patterns.  It was lovely to see Ollie helping his friend continue their pattern.  Well done Ollie!

W/E: 06/10/23

Alex: This week we have been thinking about our families and who is important to us at home.  Alex drew some lovely pictures of his family and his pets.  He then used his phonic knowledge to listen to the sounds in their names and had a fantastic go at writing the initial sounds.

Noah: We have been looking at ourselves and painting our self-portraits.  Noah did a super job of looking in the mirror and seeing what his face looked like.  He talked about the colours he needed for his eyes and his hair and looked carefully at other features including eyebrows. 

WE: 29/09/23

Betsy: For fantastic work in Gymnastic - this week Betsy was noticed by Emma on numerous occasions for her super listening skills and gymnastics work. Two of the moves she did really well was a dish shape during her floor work and hula hooping. Betsy was able to listen carefully and follow the instructions given.  Well done Betsy!

Beatrix: For fantastic work in Maths.  This week we have been looking at the different ways we can sort groups of objects and spotting the rule that has been used.   Beatrix made some wonderful suggestions of how she could group her objects and was able to clearly explain the rule she had used.  She was able to spot if an object had been sorted into the wrong group and explain why.  Well done Beatrix!

W/E: 22/09/23

Florence: This week we have been reading the story Funny Bones.  We have learnt that it was set at night-time and we had to think about what we know about night.  Florence had a wealth of information that she confidently shared during carpet time.  She sat beautifully, put her hand up and also listened carefully to others.  She told us some of the things we do at night such as sleep, turn the lights on and have our tea.  She also shared some animals that we see at night. Well done Florence!

Amelia: This week we have been learning about our bodies and know that there are some parts on the outside and some parts on the inside.  Amelia has been able to name lots of different parts both on the inside and on the outside.  Amilia volunteered to have her body parts labelled and when children weren't sure, she was ready this is my elbow etc.  Well done Amilia!

W/E 15/09/23

Kaydence: This week we have been learning some of our new rules for St Anne's.  Kaydence has done a fantastic job of remembering them and trying her best to follow them.  She has been particularly good at helping to keep our classroom tidy.  She has been noticed by Both Miss Robinson and Mrs McKinnell tidying up at tidy up time.  Well done, Kaydence!

James: This week we have been reading the book 'It's Ok To Be Different'.  We have been thinking about all the different ways we are different to each other.  We know we have different names, like different things and have different interest.  James did a super job during our circle time activities of sharing the things he likes and dislikes and how he was good at noticing how he is different to others. Well done James!