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Playground Peacemakers

In school we run a  Playground Peacemakers and Play Buddy Programme.  We use the Playground Peacemakers approach to peacefully resolve conflict on the playgrounds. Playground Peacemakers and Play Buddies work well in our school as the older children support the younger ones during playtimes. Children from Years 5 and 6 take on the responsibility of Playground Peacemakers / Play Buddies and work in teams to monitor the playground.

The Peacemakers are encouraged to play with the children while on duty but are aware of their responsibility when a problem arises. The Peacemakers are aware of issues to look out for and understand their role is to help others who have fallen out to go through the process of letting each side have their chance to voice their views. 

The club often meet and take part in training opportunities and activities to help them to develop their skills. The club is currently run by Mrs Pearson.