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Parental Feedback

2023 -2024 Feedback

The Year 2 Maths Strategies Workshop gave an insight into how Maths is taught in school and information about the KS1 SATS.

Our parents/carers said:

Many thanks. It has been very helpful to know the way they learn it in school so that we can speak the same 'language' at home. I found the dienes really nice too!


Very useful, thank you. This will really help me support my child.


Really helpful with the 'language' of maths that the children are taught with. This will make homework much easier. Thank you!



The Phonics Parental workshop gave an insight into how Phonics is taught in the Early Years & Key Stage 1.

This is what some of our parents/carers said:

It was interesting to know how the assessments will be carried out and how relaxed it will be for the children. Reassuring that it seems straightforward and is not designed to confuse them. Thank you!

A good insight into the phonics screening. A good summary of the words in the test. The past screening example is good to know about too. Thank you!


Lovely and helpful presentation. Thank you!




Parental Feedback from the October 2023 Year 6 Residential said:

The whole process, it gave children happiness and they learnt new things as well as being able to enjoy as a group.






The Year 4 Maths Strategy Workshop gave information about the Multiplication Times Table Check (MTC).

Our parents/carers said:

Although I knew the methods that were discussed today, it was helpful to learn the 'terminology' used such as 'compact column addition.' Also good to know the format for the test in June.

Very useful, thank you! This will help support when we do homework together. The games and additional learning strategies were also very useful.


Useful for us a parents to understand the methods that are being used at school. Handouts were useful to take away.



The Accelerated Reader workshop in the Autumn term gave  an insight into how their children would be assessed in reading after joining KS2.

Our parents/carers said:

A very informative session, covered all questions I had regarding Accelerated Reader without me having to ask. Thank you x


It has been useful to know how the quizzes work and that the Star Tests are every half-term. Now that I know about the scoring, I may discuss choosing slightly higher banded books. Thank you!


Brilliant! Really helpful and gives me confidence as a parent.


A very informative session which enabled me to ensure my son is completing the Accelerated Reader quizzes correctly, and it gave me an insight into how to support him. Thank you for your time.