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Parent Forum

St Anne’s C of E (A) Primary School Parent Forum 

The Parent Forum is a group of parent representatives who meet half termly to discuss school-related issues.
Regular, open communication and consultation with parents is really important to the school. A Parent Forum is a valuable way to listen to your ideas and concerns and seek your views, helping to make sure the needs of children and their families are met within our community.

Meetings are led by school staff and they are very informal and a genuine opportunity for open discussion. Examples of issues discussed include: - School development planning - Parking and safe routes to walk /cycle to school - Cost of school trips and events - Parents evenings - Views on school policies when they are updated e.g. Behaviour Policy Sharing the information....

Parents are encouraged to share information from the Parent Forum with parents of other children in their child’s class. Feedback is also included on school newsletters which are distributed to all parents.

Parents have the opportunity to ask their child's class parent representative to raise an issue or make a suggestion on their behalf at the Forum.

Please note that all issues, whether you raise them yourself or on behalf of other parents, should be general issues, not related to a specific child or incident. If you have specific concerns about your child your first point of contact should always be your child's class teacher. If you think that Parent Forum is something you would be interested in, then in the first instance please let me or the school office know directly.