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We all know that good attendance is essential for pupils to do their very best in school. We value the strong partnerships we have with our families which help to ensure that children have good and outstanding attendance at school.

School leaders will not authorise absence for holidays since the change in Government guidance. Absence will only be authorised in exceptional circumstances, please refer to the school’s Attendance policy for more details. The school works closely within our family of Schools in Worksop to agree and maintain a consistent approach to improving attendance from entering Reception to leaving Secondary Education. 


  • Excellent attendance 98% above (approx 8 sessions or 4 days missed)
  • Good attendance 95% - 97% (approx 20 sessions or 10 days missed)
  • Below average attendance 91% - 94% (approx 35-40 sessions or over 17-20 days missed)
  • Persistent Absentee - 90%- You will be invited to meet with the headteacher to see what further support can be given to improve attendance.
  • Cause for concern is 85% and below (approx 50-60 sessions or 25+ days missed). This may trigger a referral to The Targeted Support Service.

One week holiday’s absence = 97% attendance, plus one week’s illness = 94.7%

Two weeks’ holiday absence = 94.7%, plus one week’s illness = 92.2%

Children are expected to attend the school for the full 190 days of the academic year unless there is a good reason for absence. It is the responsibility of parents and carers to ensure their children attend school regularly and on time. Failure to do so is an offence under Section 444-1 of the Education Act 1996. We will support the process of encouraging good attendance, but ultimately it is the parent’s or carer’s responsibility to achieve it.

Please note registration begins at 8.50am and your child should be in school on time.  If your child is late you must report to the office and offer an acceptable reason for the lateness.  

If your child is absent from school for any reasons please contact the school on a daily basis to update us on the situation.  

You can call the school on 01909 473 223 and leave a message on the absence line or alternatively you could email the school -

Thank you.

Term Time Absence

A reminder to all.

Any child with less than 90% attendance, is now defined as a persistent absentee.

Once a child has 6 sessions (equal to 3 days) of unauthorised absence over a rolling 6-week period, the school can issue a warning letter stating that any further absence may result in the issuing of a Penalty Notice by the Local Authority. The duration of the warning letter will last 12-weeks from the date of issue.

If the unauthorised absence rises to 10 sessions (5 days) over a 6-week period, then the Local Authority can issue Penalty Notices and subsequent fines to the parents of the child in question.

If the child has been removed from school for a holiday during term time and the level of absence is above 6 sessions (3 days) in total over a 6-week rolling period, then the Authority will also issue Penalty Notices and fines to parents.