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Outwood Academy Portland visit Year 6 - October 2013

This week Year 6 took part in a range of activities arranged by Outwood Academy Portland.  
On Monday Mr Dzuboku from Outwood Academy Portland came to do some maths with us! He started the lesson by telling us to give each other compliments to lift our spirits! We had to solve a problem organising countries into an Olympic medal table. We worked as a team and helped each other. Year 6 found it extremely fun and would love to do it again!!!
Ben, Isaac & Bella
On Tuesday students took part in a day of MFL (modern foreign languages). There were two language teachers and a number of students from Portland who ran the activities. The class worked in groups and each activity lasted for 15 Minutes and everyone had a go at each one. There was Bingo, matching pictures to words, throw and catch and snap - ALL being played in FRENCH!  We all got loads of stickers from each activity for getting things right - it was very, very, very great fun. It was the best French lesson I have had and we all had the time of our lives. Thank you from Sammie.
On Wednesday the head of science, Mr Southern, from Outwood Academy Portland visited year 6. Some of our parents came and joined us for the lesson. We listened to what Mr Southern told us about gravity on the moon and the earth. We held an experiment to test what Galileo and Aristotle, two very clever scientists, had said about gravity. Aristotle said “the heavier the object the faster it falls” and Galileo said “it doesn’t matter the weight of the object they will fall at the same time”. In groups of 2 we made 1g, 2g, 3g, 4g and 5g balls out of plasticine and made a mini parachute from paper and every table did different sized parachutes. We tested what the 2 scientists said. At the end we found out that Galileo was right and that it was the surface area that made a difference. Year 6 had a brilliant time and the parents behaved
themselves! We hope that we can do it again soon.
Jessica & Charlotte
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