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Class 4 – Mr Cafferata and Mrs Arnold

A very warm welcome to the Autumn term in Year 4 at St Anne’s!


Our topic this term is “Tribal Tales”:

“Take a moment to step outside and stand quietly and still. Turn off all your technology and try to forget the modern world. Imagine this place 5000 years ago. What would you have seen?

Head back to prehistoric times (it’s a long time ago) to gather berries and hunt down dinner. Unearth ancient objects and visit astonishing mystical monuments that reveal the secrets of an ancient time.

Learn how the people of Britain developed over thousands of years from the Stone Age to the Roman invasion.

What Tribal Tales will you have to tell?”


As part of our topic we will be paying a visit to Brackenhurst Outdoor Education Centre for a Stone Age Experience day.


Awe and Wonder Week

Awe and Wonder Week 1
Awe and Wonder Week 2
Awe and Wonder Week 3

Rolls Royce Visit

Rolls Royce Visit 1
Rolls Royce Visit 2

Make a cave homework

Make a cave homework 1
Make a cave homework 2

Maths and Science

Maths and Science 1
Maths and Science 2

Becoming Stone Age Hunter-Gatherers

Becoming Stone Age Hunter-Gatherers 1

Visit to Brackenhurst

Visit to Brackenhurst 1
Visit to Brackenhurst 2
Visit to Brackenhurst 3
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