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Class 2 – Mrs Tyrrell

Welcome to Year 2!

From Mrs Tyrrell, Mrs Askwith and Mrs Smith


We hope you have all had a fabulous Easter break and are ready for your LAST term in Year 2!


Our topic this term is

All Things Wild and Wonderful


Class 2 information

This term our topic is All Things Wild and Wonderful. For the first half term we will be learning about English Woodlands and thinking about what lives and grows in this habitat. We be looking at artists who have used nature to inspire them and using similar inspiration to create our own artwork.


In the second half of the term we will be using our knowledge of English Woodlands to compare them with a contrasting environment, the Amazon Rainforest! We will be developing our geographical knowledge by using maps, identifying the similarities and differences of a UK woodland and the Amazon Rainforest by studying the human and physical geography of each location and comparing the weather pattern of each place.


In English we will use film, picture books and real life events to inspire writing for different purposes including reports, letters and stories linking our writing to our topic whenever possible.


We will continue to use phonics, spelling rules and mnemonics to help us spell more accurately, this will be a BIG focus for some of us this term! Our weekly spelling tests will continue to be on a Monday (or Tuesday in the event of a Bank Holiday).


We will continue to apply and build our grammatical knowledge and there will be an expectation that we see more of these features being used accurately in our writing e.g. using adjectives to write expanded noun phrases, using apostrophes for contractions, punctuating different sentences correctly including questions and exclamations and extending our sentences using a range of conjunctions such as then, because, if, or, but.


In Maths we will continue to learn strategies for the four main operations and use them with increasing confidence and independence. We will continue to develop our mental arithmetic in a variety of ways including minute maths, which will step up a gear this term! We will also be learning to use rounding to make check if calculations are reasonable, use different coins to make the same amount of money, tell the time to the quarter hours and 5 minutes, read scales and describe and compare the properties of 2d and 3d shape.


What a busy final term we have ahead of us!



Reading - To promote independence the children are encouraged to change their reading book when they are ready each week. To support your child at home we encourage that they read with you at least 3 times a week.  Each week we will look in their home diary and if they have read 3 times at home they will get a remarkable reader sticker on the class chart and in their diaries.

Please sign your name (mum/dad/grandma will do) so it is obvious which are home reads and which are school reads.

There is an expectation that children in Y2 have good pace and stamina when reading. As a guide they are expected to be able to read 90 words per minute without overt sounding out and blending. Reading aloud and modelling fluent reading is vitally important, particularly if your child finds reading more difficult.


PE - PE times are currently subject to change. Please make sure you have your PE lit in school every day.


Homework - Each week on a Friday the children will be set a Learning Log Task which needs to be handed in on the following Tuesday for marking. If it is handed in after this date it will not be marked until the following week.  The task may be either be a Maths, English or topic based and should be an activity that your child can achieve as we will have discussed it during the week.


Spellings – Your child will have a weekly spelling test that will be linked to the week’s teaching and the CEW (common exception words). 


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