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Class 2 – Mrs Tyrrell

Welcome to Year 2

from Mrs Tyrrell and Mrs Askwith (your class teachers)

and Mrs Pearson and Mrs Knowles (your teaching assistants)


We also welcome Miss Whittaker to Y2 this term.


This term's topic is...


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This topic has a history and Geography focus. The children will be:


  • Learning about Grace Darling
  • Comparing seasides from the past to seasides today
  • Examining UK coastlines


In English we be teaching Literacy skills including; handwriting, spelling, punctuation and grammar through a range of media and genres. In the first half term we will be using Gracie the Lighthouse Cat by Ruth Brown to inspire us to write our own innovated stories. We will also be writing diary entries as though we are a ship wreck survivor saved by Grace Darling.


In Maths we will be securing our understanding of the 4 operations, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, using this understanding to solve problems and continuing to develop our knowledge of shape, space and measure including telling the time. Y2 will begin to identify and record fractions of shape and number.


What Happens When?

Monday is when we will check if you are a Remarkable Reader - Remember 5 'Remarkable Reads' means a PRIZE!

Monday You will have the opportunity to change your school library book. This is a book that you read purely for enjoyment, either yourself or ask a family member to read it to you.

Monday Spelling tests are on Mondays.

Tuesday Learning Logs are due in on Tuesday.

Thursday Gym with Emma - have your kit in school please.

Friday  New Learning Logs come home.

Friday  Star of the Week is on Friday. Have you been a star this week?




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Picture 2 Animal Kingdom - Our Fantastic Homework Projects
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